Tom Holland Attempts The ‘Impossible Challenge’ Of Putting a Shirt On While Doing a Handstand

Spiderman Challenge. Who can put on the shirt while standing on their hands?

It's no secret that celebrities had to change their usual way of life in self-isolation. Now celebrities are having fun on social networks, inventing more and more new activities for themselves. For example, recently the British actor who played the role of Spider-Man Tom Holland launched a truly spider-man challenge. He was immediately picked up by American Jake Gyllenhaal, and it seems that soon other famous personalities will join the battle.

What is the essence of the Spider-Man challenge?

It's simple, but only in words ... Task: stand on your hands facing the wall, leaning your feet on it and put on a T-shirt. In fact, the mission turns out to be almost impossible, but both actors have a hard time, but they do well.

By the way, Gyllenhaal seems to have found the challenge a little easier. Perhaps this is due to the fact that Jake prudently turned off the sound, and we do not hear his moans and exclamations, as in the case of Tom.

Who else will participate?

Holland handed over the baton not only to Gyllenhaal, but also to Ryan Reynolds, who, in turn , refused to participate.

But Jake sent the assignment further, and challenged Hugh Jackman, 50 Cent and sister actress Maggie Gyllenhaal. And how does he imagine it?

Although, the challenge was quickly picked up by ordinary netizens. The participating girls did their best.

Jake Gyllenhaal & Tom Holland Flex Muscles In Upside-Down Shirtless Strength Challenge

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