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Special editorial project: 150 days before my first triathlon start

Is 150 days a lot or a little? Is it possible to change yourself, your body, your thoughts and habits in 150 days? The question is philosophical, and for the most part everything depends on the person. Is it possible in 150 days to learn to run and not choke after the third lap, to crawl not “for the soul”, but “for speed”, sit on a road bike, hook your feet to the pedals and go without panic and fear for your own life? The question is much more real, and we are one hundred percent sure that this is possible.

Special editorial project: 150 days before my first triathlon start

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, Championship

Every week within the framework of our special project “150 days before my first triathlon start” we will publish here one very useful and informative article on the subject of triathlon. We will tell you how to choose a trainer, balance your training regime, decide on the start and distance, save on equipment purchases, choose the most useful smartwatch and immerse yourself in the world of “harmony-dependent”, successful and “steel” people. But before we start, we want you to be charged with motivation and, who knows, maybe you would dare to walk this path with us. In the first article in the series, we propose to understand what a “triathlon” is and why thousands of people around the world choose this difficult, “iron” path every day.

Triathlon is more than IRONMAN

Many people hear “triathlon” and immediately remember IRONMAN, and then say “this is not for me” or “I cannot do that”. But triathlon is not only IRONMAN, triathlon is a path, a culture of sports behavior, if you like, even a philosophy. And IRONMAN is just a point, a checkpoint for measuring your capabilities, or the most incredible challenge you can arrange for yourself.

IRONMAN is a long distance triathlon series run by the World Triathlon Corporation (WTC). Each individual race in the series consists of three stages, held in the following order without interruption: open water swim - 3.86 km, bike ride on the highway - 180.25 km and marathon - 42.195 km.

Much more important and interesting are the opportunities and qualities that this sport develops, the process itself and the road to the start are much more important. Perhaps you will never run this “iron distance”, but make your goal the fastest overcoming of a sprint or an Olympic distance, but you definitely realize that your whole life will be divided into “before” and “after” the first training session.

Trial triathlon training is a reflection of your life

At her first triathlon training, my mentor, five-time IRONMAN Vika Shubina , told me that it was enough for her to look at one a trial start of a person in order to tell him why something is going wrong in his life. I was very surprised then, after all, a coach is a coach, not a psychologist or spiritual coach.

Special editorial project: 150 days before my first triathlon start

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, Championship

But everything turned out to be much simpler, our body and our brain really work and make decisions exactly the same, even in those dissimilar cases when we need overcome a sports distance or conclude a profitable job deal. The question is in approach, endurance and the ability to distribute your strength. Do you know how it happens: you make a deal or start a project, put all your physical and emotional strength into it, and at the very final point of agreements or implementation, something starts to go wrong? So this is seen better than ever during the most ordinary hour-long start in INDOOR conditions.

Special editorial project: 150 days before my first triathlon start

The editors are trying: getting ready for the first triathlon start

Under the heading #editorial_trying to tell the whole truth about triathlon in a gym.

I remember that then, in April, the whole peak of my activity fell in the middle, leaving from the pool, I unscrewed the bike, as Vika says: “for all the money,” and then I almost went crazy with the thought that I still have twenty hellish minutes on the track. At that very workout, Vika pressed the speed of nine to me on the track, and all I could say then was that I would not run like this for more than two minutes. I ran, it seems, at six or seven km / h (well, as I ran, I would say more precisely: I walked).

Changing life through the philosophy of triathlon training

Since then, a lot has changed , now I know for sure that finishing a workout at the peak is a pure thrill. And so in everything: to finish a project on a positive note or a meeting, or a banal end of the working day. This is the principle behind triathlon training. You will never overcome IRONMAN if you cannot calculate forces, distribute yourself over a distance. When I watched the broadcast from the Triathlon World Championship from Kona, I saw people running to the finish line. You see, they are running at a decent speed, smiling, and behind each of them is not just 42 km of marathon, but also water and 180 km on a bike. And they run, can you imagine? It's an incredible feeling, even when you're on the other side of the computer screen, goosebumps still creep.

Special editorial project: 150 days before my first triathlon start

Kon is at stake: how not to lose to yourself?

A selection of photos from the most difficult and unpredictable IRONMAN endurance race.

At such moments you understand that maybe I did not come to triathlon for “ iron ”finish in Kona, but I came to the triathlon to change the quality of my life and transform my thoughts, approach to business, to start making plans come true and implemented, and not fall into the far drawer of my desktop. The most interesting thing is that this transformation begins to occur by itself, it is something like an instinct for self-preservation, when the body teaches the brain to distribute itself by itself, this is magic.

Triathlon is you and what is behind you

In addition to all of the above, trIathlon is about people and friendship. Yes, someone can say that the race and the distance are held in complete unity with themselves and their thoughts, but behind each triathlete's result there is a competent coach, reliable teammates and a very understanding family: wives who know that their husbands in the evenings indeed, they can ride a bike for three hours in a fitness club and husbands who are proud of the successes of their "iron" girls buy Garmin watches, bicycle uniforms and Hoka sneakers on March 8th, because it is necessary. And in the end, when you think about all this, you see the sport of conformists and individual farmers in a completely different light.

Special editorial project: 150 days before my first triathlon start

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, Championship

And also, speaking about myself, I really like to train in a team. We sometimes come to training after hard working days or early Saturday morning, look at each other with the girls and understand that if it were not for the team, we would not have reached the gym. Well, or how can you not work on your running technique when your colleague-teammate Nastya is running alongside on a mechanical track and, judging by the sound and speed, a little more and we will all take off. People in a team and a good coach are the best that can happen to you in sports.

Triathlon is diversity

And not to say otherwise, and this diversity is in everything. In choosing a location for your first start: Monaco, USA, or maybe the coast of Abkhazia? In a choice of beautiful training equipment, a starter suit, a road bike or a wetsuit for open water swimming. But the most important and important variety for me is that the body does not get used to training. Yesterday you had a functional training, today you run in a snow-covered park because you have homework (we still have such things), and tomorrow you swim and learn to put your crawl technique in the pool, oh yes, on Sunday there is still yoga or interval training on bikes, or something new. So it turns out that it is precisely such a variety in the training process that leads you to the achievement of the main goals, and also helps the body to develop correctly and organically. For me, triathlon, like for many people who started doing this particular sport, is something very personal. Since August, I have lost 6 kilograms, learned to get enough sleep and disciplined to get up in the morning with an incredible desire to redo a bunch of things. Everyone will certainly find something of their own in this, you just have to start.

Special editorial project: 150 days before my first triathlon start

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, Championship

I see the goal, I go to it

Now my goal is to prepare for the first distance and the first start in May, I promise that within the framework of the project we will lay out all the details and figure out all the intricacies, together we will register for the start, pack a suitcase for the trip, select gel and isotonic for a distance and, at least, come up with a couple of motivating posts for Instagram.

Any girl who understands that triathlon is what she needs can get into our Iron Babes by World Class team. Under the coaching leadership of Vika Shubina, there is also a men's group that trains in the morning. In addition, absolutely anyone can take part in the intensive triathlon, which will take place on December 9 and 10. Details in the trainer's account -

Every 10 days here in the section we will publish new material, there will be many insiders, webinars, training plans and opportunities to find out all the information from the original source. Every day something new and useful will appear on our Telegram channel (unless we interrupt for the New Year holidays). Subscribe and send your questions, we are interested to know what you will be interested in reading about.

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