Spasenie: how can visiting a hamam save you from depression?

During the cold winter season, we need a reboot more than ever. No wonder November and December are recognized as some of the most stressful months. It is necessary to complete all the work before the New Year, and there is nowhere to draw strength and vitamins. In general, we spin like squirrels in a wheel. And in order to recharge with energy, you need to be able to properly recover. Fortunately, we have not been limited in the choice of procedures and methods for relaxation for a long time.

Spasenie: how can visiting a hamam save you from depression?

Photo: Valeria Shugurina, Championship

How can you recover?


You don't have to sit in the lotus position to relax. Physical inconvenience can join the tireless train of thoughts in your head and you will definitely stop thinking about recovery.
Therefore, you can meditate lying on the couch or sitting on a comfortable armchair or chair with a back, so as not to strain the muscles of the back and spine, but always with pleasant music in the background.

Low-intensity workouts (yoga , stretching, barre)

It is not necessary to tie your legs in a knot and try to have time to repeat all the exercises after the trainer. There is a special relaxation yoga that includes breathing practices and meditation. Such workouts will help you get rid of muscle pain, relax your body and properly ventilate your head.

Spasenie: how can visiting a hamam save you from depression?

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Because it is at least very beautiful.


This method is unlikely can be excluded from the list, because getting enough sleep has a positive effect on our well-being. After a full eight hours of rest, we feel much better. But you can't get enough sleep for the future, so don't overdo it. Prolonged sleep can, on the contrary, lead to various disorders in the body and lethargy.

Spasenie: how can visiting a hamam save you from depression?

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How much sleep do you need and how does sleep affect your productivity?


Definitely the best relaxation option, therefore In our series of materials # Spa we will tell you how to recharge with a spa, where to go for the best service and what treatments are really worth the money.

Why visit the spa ?

The spa today is not so much a cosmetic procedure as a whole ritual aimed at getting rid of toxins, rejuvenating and improving the condition of the skin, activating metabolic processes in the body as a whole.

There is a wide variety of spas -procedures. This is hair, body, face care, massage, and body wrap. Many salons offer comprehensive programs, after which you can become a completely new person.

Spasenie: how can visiting a hamam save you from depression?



Cleanliness is a guarantee of health, oriental people believe, thereforebathing has become a special ritual for them. Since ancient times, hammam has been used to put your body and soul in order, to cleanse and be reborn.

Hamam is a must try, even if you don't like to steam in the sauna. the difference between the Turkish steam room and the Russian one is associated with a special temperature regime, since the value is in the range of 30-50 ° C. In addition, the hammam is entirely composed of tiles and stones.

During intense sports training, the muscle corset receives a load, so many suffer from dizziness and other discomfort the next day. For a relaxing treatment, visit the hamam after your workout. The steam room helps to restore blood circulation, relieve inflammation, improve or restore body tone and elasticity to muscles.
In addition to vaping, accompanying procedures that will help cleanse the skin, remove dead cells, maintain tone and healthy appearance are ideal relaxation options.

We went to Crocus Fitness SPA to find out which hammam procedures are worth spending our money and time on, and we want to tell you about two procedures that, despite the stereotypes, are suitable for both men and women. Still, in the XXI century people of all genders and ages want to look healthy and rested.

Spasenie: how can visiting a hamam save you from depression?

Photo: Valeria Shugurina, Championship

Hamam, peeling + wrap

Procedure duration: 2.5 hours.

Cost: from 5 thousand rubles.

Valeria Barinova, photo service of the Lifestyle section : This was the first time I attended such a procedure. Now I only regret why I didn't try it earlier. The feeling of lightness and peace both during and after it did not leave me. After I changed my clothes, I was immediately taken to the rest room, where I could drink tea and lie on the couch while waiting for the procedure to begin.

Peeling in the hammam turned out to be a very pleasant ritual. First, you are washed with warm water, then the entire surface of your body is smoothly scrubbed with a special mitten. The whole procedure lasted about 30 minutes. The wrap is the perfect continuation of the hamam. I chose chocolate, so I enjoyed the sweet aroma for another 30-40 minutes. Men, of course, may doubt that they need a chocolate wrap, but they have the opportunity to choose less cloying options - seaweed, clay, jasmine and even pepper.

This is interesting: Wraps tighten, smooth and rejuvenate the skin, improving lymph flow and nourishing skin cells. Hot wraps promote vasodilation and increased blood circulation, thereby creating a warm effect. In the process, the pores expand well through which all the harmful toxins and toxins that poison our body come out. The cold type of wrapping is designed to tone up flaccid and flabby skin, eliminate stretch marks, swelling, remove excess fluid from the body.

Spasenie: how can visiting a hamam save you from depression?

Photo : INAleria Shugurina, Championship

Hamam, peeling + foam massage

Procedure duration: 2.5 hours.

Cost: from 5000 rubles.

Maya Jamaiskaya, editor of the Lifestyle section: For me, spa has always been a way to escape Groundhog Day “, make time for yourself and your body. But it should be noted that I was skeptical about the procedures in the hamam. Judge for yourself, it's one thing to run into a hammam, heated to a temperature of 40-50 ° C, for a couple of minutes after an intense workout. It is quite another to spend about two hours in such a temperature regime.

But my fears were unnecessary, at the very beginning of the procedure they select and set a comfortable temperature for you. And in between peeling and foam massage, you spend time in the relaxation zone, where you can take a break and replenish the water-salt balance. But more about everything.

First, you go to the hamam, where you warm up your body. I spent about 10 minutes in the steam room. Then, when the body has already warmed up enough, thanks to the humid air vapor in the hamam, the pores on the skin began to open, which means it’s time to start a procedure called peeling. For those who have never heard this name, I will tell you that the peeling itself is the exfoliation of dead cells. A professional massage therapist does this with a special mitten made of rough natural material. The result is renewed, smooth and toned skin.

This is interesting: if peeling is absolutely unfairly considered by many to be a purely female procedure, then representatives of the strong half of humanity can hardly resist the foam massage. The fact is that due to the increased temperature in the hamam, your muscles become much more pliable, in other words: they relax as much as possible. Thanks to this masseur, it is much easier to work out all the most problematic areas and relieve you of pain in the lower back, back and neck. '

Pleasure as a gift

Surprisingly, but certificates in spa gifts in Russia are not very popular. But in vain! After all, what could be better than giving loved ones a day of absolute harmony with themselves and relaxation. We think that this is one of those things that you will not always allow yourself (which is also a big mistake), and getting it as a gift is just perfect. So dare, take advantage of the excellent opportunity to pamper your loved ones, regardless of gender and age. Now is the time.

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