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Sonya Nex: This is my way out of my comfort zone. Challenge. I've never done this

It is not so easy to draw inspiration and motivation from everything that surrounds us, but the main thing is to start. Going out for a run after a hard day's work and a banal viewing of the Instagram feed will help you here. One of the few people who have long been helping me to light up and tune in to a productive and active day was, is and, I am sure, will be (!) A charming fitness mom, blogger, trainer and mentor Sonya Nex .

More recently, her list of accomplishments has been expanded with the finish line of the incredibly atmospheric London Marathon. Then we met to discuss how she decided to overcome such a difficult distance, fell in love with running and became a New Balance ambassador.

- Sonya, tell me, did you think a year ago that in April will you run a marathon and the Queen of England and a medal will be waiting for you at the finish line?
- Of course not! A year ago, I just started running, and it was very difficult for me, to be honest: I hated running ( laughs ). Although I have been in sports all my life, for some reason it was with running that the relationship was initially tense. Even when I was preparing to participate in a fitness bikini, my cardio was everything but running. I kept thinking that my knee hurts or something else. I thought that running gave birth to legs and calves.

- What happened then?
- Then Eve was born. And after giving birth, I don't know what convinced me, five months passed, and for some reason I felt hurt: why am I not able to run? I got dressed, put on my regular trainers, not running shoes, and ran the first 3 km, stopping twice and out of breath. I was offended that I had such a terrible breath and stamina, as if it were not at all.

And then everything started spinning, I was offered to run my first official race. I myself prepared for it, as I knew and as best I could. 5 km was a lot for me then. Even before the race, I ran these 5 km once and felt like a hero, because I was able to overcome myself. I told everyone that those who run marathons do it anyway with some kind of doping, because it's unrealistic.

- How was your first race?
- When I ran my first 5 km, I limped because I had non-running shoes. So, I ran, limped, my periosteum hurt, but I did not pay attention. I ran in 34 minutes. I was terribly proud of myself, but my legs hurt so much that I even thought that I’d quit running with the idea, probably, it’s not all of mine.

But then I was drawn to a running store, I thought I needed to buy myself sneakers ... In general, they tested me on the track, picked up the sneakers. Then I realized that the choice of running shoes is the most important point, otherwise you can say goodbye to knees or feet.

- Did you come to the idea of ​​a marathon right away?
- Oh, it was still a long way off ( laughs ). Then I ran short distances of 5-10 km, just morning runs were 3 km each, I did not plan to run longer. But I had many friends who ran half marathons - for me they were demigods, because I did not understand how they run for so long? I admired them, but I myself knew that I could not, for some reason I had the feeling that this requires some kind of special preparation. I even wanted to hire a trainer or go to a running club, but I never went to anyone. I ran many 10 km races, but they were given to me right next to each other: I thought that 10 km was the limit for me.

- Tell me how you became a New Balance ambassador and got involved in such an adventure like the London Marathon?
- In December I received a letter: would I like to run a marathon in London? And I felt as if something skipped a beat: how can I not? I want to! Marathon, New Balance - everything sounded so cool, so I answered shortly: Yes, I want to. I didn’t immediately believe that this was a really serious invitation, and even after we signed off, there was some lull.

After the New Year, the whole story surfaced again: I found a letter, registered for the race, went to the office, met with the officials and realized that this was not a joke, it was a challenge for me. But I was allowed to run 21 km, because they thought that a person who did not run a half marathon would not run a marathon. Because you don't know how your body, your body will behave. In order to have this understanding, you need to run at least halves, but I did not have time for this. The maximum distance to the marathon for me was 15 km.

- Was it some kind of competition?
- Almost ( smiles ), it's me ran out of the entrance and just decided to go for a run. And to be honest, 15 km was a lot for me.

- How was your training process organized? After all, from New Year to April there were only three months left.
- I was appointed a coach, master of sports in athletics, I conscientiously attended classes, did not miss. In addition to classes in the arena, I had independent training. And I realized that over time it becomes easier for me to run, the body gets used to it. I was told how to run correctly: how to run according to the pulse without forcing the body, there were also speed training - all this together gives its results.

Later I recalled all these trainings at the 39th kilometer. I am such a person that if I understand what I can do, then it is important not to give it up.

As a result, even the coaches did not know if I would run this distance. They drew me a plan for the half-distance, I stuck to it and, in principle, ran the half marathon in about two hours. And then I already understood that if I stopped, it would be the same freebie for me. I just realized that at 21 km the wholethis euphoria, I would not forgive myself if I stopped. I felt absolutely normal physically and mentally.

- What happened there after those 21.5 kilometers?
- The most interesting thing is that the marathon had an application for any fan could follow every runner. Many of my friends, guys from New Balance, my brother followed me on the map. My brother lives in London, he thought that I would crawl 6-7 hours to the finish line. But when he saw that I was already at the 30th kilometer, he ran out of the house at a run in order to reach the finish line and meet me.

- Cool! Can the goal be considered achieved?
- Inexpressible emotions from the marathon, with nothing to compare, it was some kind of victory over oneself. I didn't have a goal to do for a while. Later, many wrote to me: Oh, what have you been running for five hours? Something long ... Well sorry ( laughs )! I ran for the first time, did not know how my body would react after the 30th kilometer - what if I got overwhelmed? Running out at top speed would be absurd. I ran not for the result, but to run, and I achieved this goal.

- Tell us about the distance, what was the atmosphere of the marathon?
- There was some unreal support and energy at the London marathon. When I went to the start, I was already tired, because I had walked five kilometers uphill: there in Greenwich we walked with our things under the sun. It was hot, the temperature uncomfortable for running, but everything was so well organized there: there were showers, water from hoses, you could drink almost every kilometer. I doused my legs, drank two sips, doused myself all over. I tried to run uphill, although after the 30th kilometer I began to realize that my body was already giving up, but in the end I managed to distribute myself.

Many people left after the 30th km. Before the half marathon, many ran, limped, but tolerated, but after that many began to take a step. I once switched to a step, after the 30th km, when it seemed to me that it was better to stop: the pulse was high, and the pace was low, not like at the beginning. I tried to move to a step, but it was even worse, because my body got used to running, my whole body began to ache, my legs became numb. If I walk, I will walk for 10 hours, I could run better. I walked 500 meters, but there people screamed so loudly, supported me that I could no longer walk, continued to run.

I had different thoughts, it happened that I would withdraw into myself, and km slipped past unnoticed, it happened that I read the inscriptions on T-shirts, looked at people - caught the energy. And at the start I almost burst into tears, because I could not believe that I was there. All of London was on the streets. In other circumstances, I might not have run.

- What was that morning before the start when you woke up? How did you psychologically adjust yourself?
- I didn’t know what I was going for, I was worried about the poet, but I couldn’t really understand what would happen. This can be compared to childbirth - you also do not know what lies ahead when you give birth for the first time.th ( laughs ). You seem to be afraid, but it seems interesting. It was very important for me that I eat, they forbid drinking coffee - I followed the advice.

- Did you undergo any medical research before the trip?
- No running, but I was tested, I know that I have a good athletic heart. I ran with a heart rate monitor, constantly monitoring the readings: as soon as the heart rate slightly exceeded the norm, I slowed down. I did not run in the danger zone, my heart rate was from 150 to 170 beats per minute, I never accelerated to any danger zone, I saved resources to reach.

- Have you had treadmill workouts?
- No, runners versus treadmills, because it's not one and the same as compared to the pavement in the arena or asphalt. It's hard for me even now to run 10 minutes on the track, you feel like a hamster in a cage ( laughs ). I'd rather run in rain, snow than on a simulator. It improved both my running skills and my willpower.

I'm glad I didn't disappoint New Balance, ran a marathon, no matter what they say.

Has the marathon become a new benchmark for you?
- Every year I write my wishlist, what would I like reach this year. And my wishes always come true. I wrote a marathon in London. If fate, it will work out. And everything worked out!

- Listen to the body at the marathon? What can he say?
- If you run and your knees hurt, you understand that these are ligaments, an old injury, it hurts, then perhaps this is a sign that you need to stop. I myself was afraid of this, because I have an old injury, my meniscus was torn from the dance times. But I healed it myself in the gym, without any operations: when running, I don’t feel it at all, and sometimes it gives away at dancing. I was afraid that after the 30th kilometer the injury might remind of itself. But no, the ligaments are nothing, only the muscles were clogged. I decided that as long as I can, I will run, I must, that means I must.

When the athletes felt really bad, they lay down flat and were taken away. Many stopped for a while, and then continued running again. Newcomers were visible: they ran quickly for the first kilometers, and then were blown away. But there was still a hill at the 35th kilometer ahead, although when you get there, you don't care.

- How did you recover after the finish?
- I, to be honest, shocked by how quickly I recovered. Many marathon runners told me that you need to take a week to recover, everything will hurt. In the evening after the race, my legs ached, it seemed that I had pumped them over. But after the finish I also decided that I urgently needed Louis Vuitton sandals, went to the boutique in running gear and with a medal, amused the consultants.

And then I went to the sauna and drank BCAA. I got upaThe pressure was probably due to such a load. For the first time in a month, I ate protein food - seafood. Because before the start, I decided to make life easier for my body so that it does not waste energy on digesting meat. In addition, the weight has dropped a little: the less weight, the easier it is to run. I drank some red wine - it was great, my blood pressure returned to normal. In the morning everything ached a little, but it did not interfere with walking.

- What motivates you?
- This is my way of life. I like looking good, achieving my goals. And when it is connected with travel, with something new for me, I just light up. I allow myself to make mistakes and give up slack, but often I want and do, I remain strict with myself. Plus I have a large audience: when thousands of people write to you: You can do it, don't give up, it's really a shame to retreat, this support gives you strength. A lot helped me to run.

Running is a sport in which the result depends on you, not on the judges, as, for example, in a fitness bikini, where you were given third place, because that your hair is 5 cm shorter than that of your rival. In running, you get ready, prepared, walk, do and get the result. At a certain kilometer, you do not notice that you are running, your legs are carrying you, and sometimes thoughts come to mind that do not appear in her even in a calm state.

- What helps you to remain such a beauty?
- Recently, my only workload is running. I was scared to hammer my body with force, because when I sway, I feel uncomfortable running. In the last month, I ruled out everything except running, pumped the abs as much as possible, stood in a bar, strained my arms - elementary complexes that help in running. You can't just run and do nothing, you need everything to work and develop. Stretching is a must! I think stretching after the marathon took away all the unpleasant sensations in the muscles. The sooner you run after the marathon: the next day or the next day, the faster the sore throat will go away.

- If in the future you wrote a book or made a film about yourself, how would you describe this period of life?
- Fighting with yourself and leaving your comfort zone. Challenge. I've never done that.

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