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So we have never been wrong. Results of the editorial special project

So we have never been wrong. Results of the editorial special project

Get in shape in 30 days. Special editorial project

Individual meal plans and training for every taste and budget - we prepare together with our heroes for the beach season.

For 30 days, the members of the editorial special project were getting in shape lose weight, gain muscle mass, and monitor their diet. We have prepared for you a compilation material in which we decided to debunk the most important myths and stereotypes that arise in front of all newcomers entering the long and thorny path of healthy lifestyle.

Maxim Syreishikov - Managing Director of the Championship

Goal: family and work now take up almost all the free time that I have, so I'm not ready to spend a lot of time in the gym and it is important for me to make every workout as effective as possible. Therefore, if we talk about my goal for the project, then I would like to improve the quality of my body, my physical condition and focus on working out individual zones.

3 training sessions per week for a month with personal trainer Vladimir Bardin in Vlasov's World Class. The goal is achieved.

Myth 1. Stretching is not important.

First of all, I was surprised that the process of achieving stretching takes much longer than I assumed, and that my stretch for 15 years of football turned out to be no stretch at all. That is, I used to pull only two out of 10 muscles. This is the first amazing moment of individual training with a coach.

So we have never been wrong. Results of the editorial special project

Photo: Polina Inozemtseva, Championship

Myth 2. A fitness room is a place where pitching gathers.

All my childhood I played football in the gym, and there was a rocking chair. In the same halls, by the way, the former striker of the Russian national team Pasha Pogrebnyak and his brothers were engaged. And there, of course, there was such a rocking chair that the pancakes were ringing, the men walk round with voices like the Italian singers in the Renaissance. And here it is quite different. A bunch of runners, cyclists, all training for health, stretching, preparing for the races. And if there are pitching, then they, rather, command respect. At least they are not the opposite of the ideal that you yourself strive for.

Myth 3. On a treadmill you need to run with all your might to achieve a result.

In terms of cardio, I went to workout as a person, to put it mildly, prepared for running loads. But then I realized that I can run a lot in my mode, rhythm, with respite, and to run three kilometers without stopping at a speed of 20 km / h - this is already a little bordering on my maximum. It was fun to just walk on the treadmill. When you walk, you sweat a lot more, the heart rate zone holds, and you feel how all the toxins come out of you at this moment, unlike running. This is because the faster you run in running, the easier it actually becomes for you. Well, me at least. Fast shootingI went and left.

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Polina Sycheva - journalist, freelancer

Purpose: to get in shape. Lose weight by five kilograms, but more importantly - improve the quality of your body and reduce the volume.

Result: minus 5 kg per month. The goal has been achieved.

Myth 1. Training in the gym does not change your lifestyle.

First of all, I realized that training is not just the time you spend doing some kind of activity. It doesn't happen that you train three or four times a week for two hours, and the rest of the time you live at your usual pace. When you start practicing and really want to achieve a result, your whole life obeys it. You think about your diet, about sleep, about how to build a regime so as not to come to workout tired, how to postpone and reschedule things so as not to miss a lesson. It becomes not just something that you spend time on, but a way of life.

So we have never been wrong. Results of the editorial special project

Photo: From the personal archive of Polina Sycheva

Myth 2. Variety in training is a must.

At the very beginning, I thought that I need to change the type of activity every time so that it does not get tired and it didn't become boring to study. It turns out I was wrong. Now I am sure that any kind of sport contains thousands of subtleties that are very interesting to study and master. Trying new things is always interesting, but perfecting yourself in something specific turned out to be much more fun.

Myth 3. Observing proper nutrition is easy.

It seemed that eating right is very easy. You understand what is allowed, what is not, what the consequences can be, and you just follow this vector. But in fact, even realizing that I myself am responsible for the results, it is quite difficult not to eat some chocolate that I really want. They came to the rescue with useful, but no less tasty products, which, unfortunately, I did not know about before. So the world of proper nutrition is also something fantastic!

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Nikita Kuzin is a journalist

Goal: to lose weight by transferring all excess to muscles.

Result: minus 4 kg. The goal has been achieved.

Myth 1. Training in the gym is boring.

I never liked the gym, I always preferred outdoor training to it. The project made me reconsider my views. I just fell in love with iron. Choose a fitness club near your office. World Class Tulskaya in the middle of a working day is a very cool feeling. Going in the morning is a charge for the whole day. Going out in the evening is the perfect end to a working day. Sometimes I was even upset that the entire volume for the day had already been completed.

So we have never been wrong. Results of the editorial special project

Photo: From the personal archive of Nikita Kuzin

Myth 2. To lose weight, you need to eat little and only vegetables and cereals.

It turns out that in order to lose weight, it is not necessary to eat only vegetables and cereals. The meal plan that a professional nutritionist put together for me was very varied. And most importantly, I could eat meat, soups, fish and many other foods. Losing weight is delicious ...

Myth 3. Compliance with the diet is easy.

The most difficult task was to comply with the diet. I work as a journalist and my schedule is very unregulated. Eating six times a day at a certain time - is it even possible? Cooking at home for a day or two ahead, and even after a 13-hour day? Tom Cruise's character in Mission: Impossible is a pitiful amateur. For me it became the most difficult element of the special project.

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Dayana Mukhametzhanova - student

Goal: to lose 5 kg.

Result: minus 3.5 kg. The goal was not achieved.

Myth 1. Proper nutrition is not tasty.

The most important discovery for me was that healthy food is not only boiled chicken and buckwheat. It always seemed to me that in order to switch to proper nutrition, you need to exclude all the most delicious from your diet and in the end there will be only fresh food. In fact, it turned out that there are thousands of different ways to cook the same chicken, and it will taste different every time. But besides this, it turned out that there are a huge variety of tasty and at the same time useful products that I did not know about before.

So we have never been wrong. Results of the editorial special project

Photo: From personal archive of Dayana Mukhametzhanova

Myth 2. Training causes fatigue.

Thanks to participation in a special project, I learned that during training, serotonin is produced - a chemical a substance that is often called the hormone of joy. Indeed, having started to play sports on an ongoing basis, I noticed how much my mood changed for the better. So sports turned out to be the most effective way to maintain vitality and not feel tired at the end of the day.

Myth 3. Without a personal trainer, nothing will work.

The most the main fear at the beginning of my studies was the fear of not coping on my own. I was sure that without a gym and a personal trainer, nothing would work for me. But I discovered the wonderful world of modern technologies that help those who do not even know where to start. I found programs on the Internet that calculate how many steps you have walked in a day, remind you that now is the time to replenish the water balance in the body, calculate KBZHU for you and much more. Moreover, Instagram is now an endless number of pages on which people share recipes for preparing the right food for free, and also upload photos and videos of training for all muscle groups with detailed descriptions. Thanks to all this, anyone can be independentIt is effective and quite successful to play sports.

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