Americans Try Russian Holiday Food

So tasty: what do foreigners eat in Russia?

Having arrived in another country, we try to try as many local dishes as possible. This allows you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of another land. Today, Russia has a unique situation - the guests of the 2018 World Cup have the opportunity to taste the national cuisines of 32 countries. In the meantime, football fans are exchanging recipes, we have compiled the top 8 best Russian dishes, according to foreign fans.


Foreigners compare pancakes with more famous for them pancakes. But while pancakes are eaten with honey, berries or sweet syrup, pancakes can be not only sweet, but also with herbs, salted fish, caviar or cheese. The guests of our country appreciated just such a presentation.


Fans enjoy this dish with great pleasure and even try to sculpt them themselves. Dumplings are especially popular in restaurants now as an opportunity to try several different types of dumplings or dumplings.

Beef Stroganoff

Another dish in the top orders in restaurants. Beef stroganoff is very fond of foreigners because of the simplicity and delicate combination of beef and hot sour cream sauce.


Newcomers call donuts Russian donuts, but this is not entirely true. The Polish word for donut most often refers to a sweet pastry with a hole in the middle, which implies a filling in the form of jam, jam or jam. The filling is not put into the donut, usually the product is simply sprinkled with powdered sugar on top.


Hot thick soups have never been popular abroad. In other countries, light vegetable broths or pureed soups are more often prepared. Tourists were conquered by this dish with its rich red color and a variety of ingredients.


Ukha is very popular in food trucks at the 2018 World Cup. Among its many varieties, football fans prefer to eat this dish in the form of a cream soup with cream and bread.

Herbal tea

Foreigners are well aware of the native Russian forest teas made from herbs with the addition of berries. Ivan tea and drinks based on currant and strawberry leaves are especially popular.


Squash caviar, tomatoes with cheese, pickles, beets and herring, surprisingly, were also very popular among the guests of the World Cup. But they did not appreciate the jellied meat, because they sincerely do not understand why they make jelly unsweetened and useUse meat to cook it.

Americans Try Bizarre Russian Foods For The First Time

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