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Snowboarding: photo hunt for a good shot

It is impossible to imagine action sports without effective photos and spectacular rider profiles. In our new column In detail, cult extreme photographers continue to reveal all the magic of non-random shots.

Snowboarding: photo hunt for a good shot

Surfing: Balinese waves under the gun of photographer Alexei Yezhelova

Photos in detail. Classic surf photography and unconventional views of the ocean, reef pipes and massive beach breaks.

See more work from action photography gurus from the world of surfing, snowboarding and skateboarding. anyone attending S-Fest from 10 to 19 November. In addition to photographs by world-famous authors, visitors to the exhibition will be able to see video premieres, master classes and open lectures.

In preparing this material, an expert, extreme photographer, semi-finalist of Redbull Illume, winner of several Best Of Russia competitions Maxim Balakhovsky answered our questions .

: Snowboarding

Photographer : Maxim Balakhovsky

Snowboarding: photo hunt for a good shot

Photo: Maxim Balakhovsky

In the photo : we often invite professional riders to our tourist trips. This time we were visited by J.P. Solberg, rider and co-owner of Yes Snowboards. We have been shooting with this rider for a long time in different regions - Kamchatka, Canada, India, Chile.

Snowboarding: photo hunt for a good shot

J.P. Solberg. Photo in detail

Photo: Maxim Balakhovsky

Features of the location

The shot was taken in the Indian Himalayas, in the Himachal area Pradesh. In February 2015. Our company Helipro has been organizing skiing in this area for many years. Usually the main season in this region is February-early March. Skiing in the largest mountains of the planet - the Himalayas is an event in itself. Large elevation changes, continental dry snow, variable relief, highlands, alpine meadows. Plus, the unique flavor of India and especially the Manali region.

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Technical side

Now I use SONY A7RII, A99II cameras, also LEICA SL and GOPRO 5 BLACK.

Photo trick

In this photo, J.P. makes a frontside turn with a spectacular train on the very first descent of this ride. In a split second, his train will fly into me, falling asleep including the camera. Sometimes for the sake of a good shot you have to make sacrifices (smiles). I love filming turns, especially by people who can do it. Despite the seeming simplicity, not all professional riders do it well.

How to make a photo perfect. Experimenting with angles

Get ready to shoot, have spare batteries and memory cards, keep optics and sensors cleanand. While shooting, try to experiment with camera angles, discuss the planned trick with the rider in advance.

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