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In any Russian school, be it in Moscow or a small town in the region, besides smartphones, slimes are one of the most popular types of entertainment among teenagers. What it is? Previously, they were better known as slimes. Toys made of viscous liquid that can be crumpled, pulled, thrown, poked with, left to flow on the table, and then reshaped.

What is a slime and why is it needed?

If directly translated from English, then slime is slime. That's just not the classic nasty slime like jellyfish. A completely non-classical, with the properties of a non-Newtonian liquid, which can stick to a vertical surface and does not leave traces. It is also silky, soft and pleasant to the touch.

You can do almost anything with slime slimes. However, if you pull them too hard in different directions, they can break. But if the slime is done correctly, this happens very rarely. Why not antistress? He poked his finger, threw it at the wall, struck with all his might with his fist - let off steam and calmed down.

Lizunov can be used as a dust collector. This is generally a natural process for such a toy, but many people use them to collect dust on purpose - they clean the surface of a table or keyboard. Of course, after such manipulations, slimes do not last long.

Children generally just crumple, pulling or simply ironing slimes. But most importantly, they can make them with their own hands.

Where did slimes come from?

Slimes were born in 1976. The first slime was bright green in color as it consisted of guar gum. But in the 20th century, they never became popular. Either due to the fact that the Internet and advertising technologies were not so developed, or people were exposed to less stress.

Slimes experienced a real boom in the 21st century. Today they can be made from the most common ingredients: water, PVA glue, sodium tetraborate, boric acid, contact lens solutions. You can use toothpaste, shampoo, liquid soap, glitter, starch, salt, even oil and hand cream! Chemistry experiments at home sometimes produce masterpieces.

There are real masters among adolescents and adults who make slimes and make money on it. And everything that you can earn on is popular nowadays. Ready-made kits for slimes are also on sale, but, as already mentioned, you can use those components that are at hand.

Slimes are of different types: fluffy, butter, glitter, galaxy, iceberg and all others. Some shine beautifully, others resemble oil - they can literally be smeared, a distinctive feature of the third is a crust on the surface.

Are slimes safe?

Slime manufacturers put on packages the marking is safe to use. Film And This Is Really So. If you do not take slimes in your mouth, do not bite them and do not try to squeeze the whole inside out of them.

But these toys have one feature. As an activator - a necessary component for creating slime - compounds containing boron are usually used. And this can lead to contact dermatitis on the hands and more. Perhaps this problem occurs for those who are susceptible to allergies in any of their manifestations.

It is hardly possible to argue that slimes are absolutely safe or, on the contrary, pose a danger to children and adults. The truth, as usual, is in the middle. Indeed, on any goods, especially those related to toys, the permissible age and precautions are indicated. If everything is observed, there will be no danger. Compliance with all measures is the responsibility of adults.

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