Skirt Terminator: Linda Hamilton is 63 and she's still saving the world from robots

In 1984, director James Cameron gave the world the legendary action movie Terminator. After 35 years, a new part of the franchise, Terminator: Dark Fate, is being released on cinemas. Most of the fans who enjoyed playing Arnold Schwarzenegger as a child have matured significantly, as have the actors themselves. Of course, viewers understand that the incredible Terminator turned 72 this summer, and the stunning Sarah Connor - 63. Linda Hamilton, who plays Sarah, also amazes viewers with excellent physical shape, despite her age. How does the actress manage to look so irresistible on screens?

James Cameron's invitation and motivation to workout

A year before filming of the first film, Linda Hamilton gave birth to a baby. This significantly affected her appearance: during pregnancy, the girl gained 20 kg. It was then that the Hollywood director was engaged in the selection of actors for the future action movie. Sigourney Weaver and Kim Basinger auditioned for the role of the main character, but in the end, little-known Linda got a chance.

This event was a great motivation for Hamilton. The girl began to diligently prepare for the start of filming. The actress made a titanic effort to find the form necessary for the role. She kept a tight schedule and spent several hours a day in the gym.

The result was absolutely justified. The audience saw on the screens a warrior woman, cold-blooded, with excellent endurance and a difficult character. Her muscular muscles and sculpted body have become the admiration of many moviegoers. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger himself was delighted with Linda's fruitful work.

Linda Hamilton's impressive parameters

Now Linda weighs 60 kg with a height of 168 cm. Her parameters are close to ideal: 89-65-94 cm. It should be said that out of 60 kg, the majority are muscles. Linda's body fat is only 10-12%. These are fantastic numbers when you consider that professional athletes have the same indicators at the peak of their careers.

Linda's diet in preparation for the role becomes extremely curtailed and even meager. It mainly consists of oatmeal, chicken and dry salads. In addition, Hamilton monitors the water-salt balance, so he drinks plenty of water every day.

Skirt Terminator: Linda Hamilton is 63 and she's still saving the world from robots

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Hellish preparation for the Terminator

In preparation for one of the films, Linda went in for sports for 13 weekshard mode. The training plan included strength and cardio training, weapon work and judo - all of which were her daily routine. Hamilton had to hone his military skills, because the shooting of an action movie was on the nose. To do this, Linda worked with a specialist who served in the ranks of the Israeli commandos - an elite special forces unit. The man helped the actress understand how to work with weapons, taught her how to handle them correctly, change and reload the clip.

Hamilton felt that her work was becoming unbearable. But Linda's coach disagreed. Each time he seemed to be unhappy with her progress.

Still, the actress's aspiration and tenacity deserve respect. She went through a real school of survival and in three months found the necessary form for the coveted role.

Skirt Terminator: Linda Hamilton is 63 and she's still saving the world from robots

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At this age, many prefer a quiet life away from the hustle and bustle. The same cannot be said about Linda Hamilton. The celebrity does not stop acting in blockbusters and boldly agrees to new roles, including in Terminator.

James Cameron's paintings do not allow the actress to lose her fit. Hamilton still regularly goes to the gym and spends 3-4 hours four times a week in it. Her diet has remained the same strict, excluding flour and fried foods.

Linda Hamilton is a great example of proving that age is just numbers. You need to believe in your success and work hard to achieve your goal - then all obstacles will be left behind.

Skirt Terminator: Linda Hamilton is 63 and she's still saving the world from robots

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Skirt Terminator: Linda Hamilton is 63 and she's still saving the world from robots

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