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Skateboarding: the story of a photo

Every photo is a work of art, every action photo is the art of the moment. In our new column In Detail, cult extreme photographers continue to uncover the magic of non-random shots, and they never tire of giving advice and helping to choose the right equipment for every shoot.

Skateboarding: the story of a photo

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Anyone can see more works from the action photography guru from the world of surfing, snowboarding and skateboarding. S-Fest from 10 to 19 November. In addition to photographs by world-famous authors, visitors to the exhibition will have video premieres, master classes and open lecture halls.

The picture that we will consider today in our In Detail section is the result of the work of the tandem of extreme photographer Daniil Kolodin and rider Red Bull team Maxim Kruglov.

Category : skateboarding

Photographer : Daniil Kolodin, Fun'Da'Mental agency superhero, F ambassador -Stop, Profoto, Manfrotto.

Skateboarding: the story of a photo

Photo: Daniil Kolodin

Location : Russia, Moscow, exit from the Strogino metro station.

In the photo : Max Kruglov. I didn’t choose Ryder for this photo, somehow it all came together. Maxim and I have been working for a long time, almost all the time that he is in the RedBull team. I often meet him at summer and winter events, and that day I was just walking with my daughter. Max called me and said there was a spot and a good idea for a photo. Alice and I rushed to Strogino a few hours later and quickly got the job done. In general, I like working with Maxim, he is a strong, creative rider, we coincide with him in our approach to work, and he also likes to take difficult tricks the first time.

Skateboarding: the story of a photo

Photo: Daniil Kolodin

When were the photos taken?

This photo was taken in the summer, in July. Skate is mainly a summer sport. In winter, riders ride in indoor parks. In summer, as you can see from the photos, there are much more locations for skiing and shooting.

The technical side of the issue

I use the equipment and equipment of the brands I work with: Nikon cameras and lenses, F-Stop backpacks , ProFoto flashes, Manfrotto tripods and stands. Every shooting certainly has its features. This time I didn’t see the spot in advance and didn’t know what to be ready for. When shooting a skateboard, I often like to use light (external flashes) to highlight the rider or correctly place accents in the picture, so I brought my ProFoto B1 on duty with me. True, this time he was not needed, because it would be difficult and long to put the light on the roof, besides, the day was sunny, and the roof on which Max was riding reflected the light and perfectly illuminatedooze his face.

Trick in the photo

Kick flip. This is one of the basic skateboarding tricks, but in this photo the place WHERE Max does it is more important. This is the complexity of this particular kickflip for the rider and the spectacularity of photography. As such, I do not have a favorite trick. In general, skateboarding is not the easiest discipline to shoot. It's a pretty fast sport in terms of photography. You need to be able to catch the right moment so that one photo shows the rotation of the board in several planes at once.

How to make a photo perfect. Correct angle

The main mistakes are not charged batteries and forgotten flash drives, as a rule ( smiles ). Just kidding, I'll try to mark a few, or rather, I'd rather give a couple of tips on how to avoid these mistakes. Talk to the rider. The photo is your joint product, so discuss how you want to shoot and what the athlete thinks about it. Get ready to shoot. Check out the photos of colleagues that other photographers have taken before you. It is important to be able to catch the right moment, the right phase of the stunt, whether it be skate, snowboarding or another extreme sport discipline. Location check. Look at the place where you will be filming in advance, if possible. Then during shooting it will be easier to navigate the terrain, this is especially important if shooting takes place without permission, sometimes there is very little time.

Video tutorials on action photography from Daniil Kolodin can be viewed in our material.

Skateboarding: the story of a photo

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Skate Photography *Episode One*

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