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Sitting Well: 5 Exercises for Home Chair Workout

You don't have to buy a gym membership to keep fit. You don't even need to purchase dumbbells, exercise machines and other sports equipment! All you need for this home workout is a regular chair.

A video of the technique can be viewed below.

Sitting Well: 5 Exercises for Home Chair Workout

Maximum efficiency in minimum time: fast workout in 30 minutes

You can work all muscles for half an hour a day.

Raising legs alternately to the chest

Stand with your back to the chair and lean your arms on it. Straighten your body so that the angle between your straight legs and the floor is about 45 degrees. From this position, alternately raise your legs as close to your chest as possible.

Sitting Well: 5 Exercises for Home Chair Workout


Elbow to knee

Sitting on a chair, spread your knees wide. Raise your arms to your head so that your elbows are also looking in different directions. You need to alternately reach out with your right elbow to your right knee and your left elbow to your left knee.

Sitting Well: 5 Exercises for Home Chair Workout

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You don't have to go to the gym or have a specially equipped room to exercise.

Seated Leg Swings

Sit on a chair with the angle between your knees 90 degrees, feet shoulder-width apart, back straight. Stretch your arms straight out in front of you. Now lift your right leg to your left arm and your left leg to your right arm.

Sitting Well: 5 Exercises for Home Chair Workout


Steps in different directions

Place a chair in front of you and lean on it with outstretched arms. Now you need to alternately raise the bent legs and try to take them to the side so that they touch the outside of the arms.

Sitting Well: 5 Exercises for Home Chair Workout

The opposite effect: harmful exercises for female figure

Feel free to send them to the blacklist!

Rest on the hands behind the back

Stand with your back to a chair, put your outstretched arms on it and lean on them. In this case, the knees should be bent at an angle of 90 degrees. Do squats, but note that the arm angle during flexion is also 90 degrees, and the glutes are not in contact with the floor.

Sitting Well: 5 Exercises for Home Chair Workout


Exercises can be performed in any order in 3-4 sets with a rest of no more than a minute.

The number of repetitions is determined by the level of physical fitness. For beginners, it is enough to perform each exercise 10 times. Those who already have experience in training should increase the number of repetitions to 15. And those who train regularly - to 18-20.

The technique of performing the exercises can also be viewed on the video in the carousel.

Do not forget that even before a seemingly harmless home workout, you should definitely do a warm-up. This will warm up the muscles and reduce the risk of injuries and sprains. In addition, a high-quality warm-up will speed up the recovery period after exercise.

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