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Sign me up to the Section. We master unusual sports in a cool company

The founder of the project Sports section Igor Sayfullin told the Championship about how to stop doubting your abilities, get into the company of like-minded people and master a new sport in a month.

Sign me up to the Section. We master unusual sports in a cool company

Igor Sayfullin

Photo: Sports section

- How did you get an idea for the Sports Section project?

- At the beginning there was a question: how to keep yourself, your friends and colleagues busy in your free time. That is, the idea did not claim any scope. It was such an inner story. My friends and I have our own agency, video production, where our friend Elena Vlasova works as a producer. Actually, we once sat with her and thought that it would be great to refresh our work process, come up with some new forms of interaction with colleagues and our partners, and cheer up. Lena herself is a certified teacher, yogi, shortly before this conversation, on one of our projects, in between filming, she showed everyone on the set some poses, asanas, and everyone really liked it. Six months later, we remembered this again and thought that it would be cool if Lena continued to teach us yoga. We began to remember who else from our friends and colleagues is fond of what, and to think who could teach us what.

- What happened next?

- We came up with this story and started making it. It was not possible to implement the idea directly in this form. Still, not so many athletes were surrounded by us, and they also had little time to adjust to our schedule. So we just started looking for cool coaches and different sites and non-stop trainings there.

- What was the very first workout?

- The very first workout - it was just yoga on the roof of the Narkomfin building. It was summer, the weather was very cool, early July. We all got together early in the morning and had this starting lesson. And then everything spun with some incredible speed. We made a Facebook group as a platform, added 40-50 of our closest people there and gave them the opportunity to invite their friends. True, very soon the group became closed and it became possible to get into it only on a written recommendation.

Well, it started spinning: photos, videos, cool people who began to unite. As a result, by the end of the year we were already friends with the Puma company, we started making cool parties for the participants, looking for new venues. In general, the initiative for itself spilled out into the outside world and began to move and control us by itself.

Sign me up to the Section. We master unusual sports in a cool company

Photo: Sports section

- When did the first training session appear on the site and what was it?

- What appeared on the site and became available in a wide segment is already slightly different product and different format. The format, where each time the participant was waiting for a new training in a new sport, remained with us in a closed community. ANDwhat has gone outside and what has become possible to acquire is the courses of the sports section. It's fun to try everything, but in order to buy something, you need to clearly understand what it will give you, see the consistency and your specific goal. We still think trying is great, you just need to let people try something deeply.

- What's the main message of your project?

- Our mission: to provide an easy threshold for anyone to enter any strange sport. Eliminate fear and social barrier as much as possible. To make the person comfortable and easy and all that was required of him was to take it and try it. To be surrounded by cool people, pleasant company, so that he does not need to bother with equipment, a platform, and so on. It was important for us that a person would receive a ready-made story by pressing one button. Otherwise, if he is not sure enough, how to start trying something?

- How long is the course?

- Almost all the courses in the section run a month. Almost all of them consist of eight sessions, in exceptional cases there are a little more. For example, we have a boxing + ballet course, which consists of 12 lessons (8 boxing and 4 ballet). And rock climbing until recently consisted of 10 lessons.

- How many people are in the group usually?

- There are 8-10 people in a group. It seems to us that this is the most comfortable number of people in the group in order to give everyone their due attention. In such a group, it is convenient for everyone to meet and remember everyone. If it is a solo sport, then there is usually one coach, if it is a doubles, then two.

- What courses that were presented on the site are currently not available for purchase?

- We have temporarily frozen the gymnastics and cheerleading courses. And we had a trial course, which, I think, will never come back, since it was some kind of experiment - cycling + yoga. The idea was to combine an active cyclic sport with stretching and relaxation. The course's strong focus was on recovery from active workouts.

Sign me up to the Section. We master unusual sports in a cool company

Photo: Sports section

- What is the most popular course in the history of the Sports Section?

- Fencing. This was the first course on which we tested the hypothesis. Because from the very beginning we were not sure that this story would come down and be in demand. Therefore, we put together a website on our knees, by the way, this knee version is still functioning successfully ( smiles ).

- Why fencing?

- Fencing was at that moment the easiest to assemble. Because we already had all the resources on hand: a great coach - Anya Anstal, with whom we had already conducted many trainings in our closed group at that moment, the platform andGet all the necessary fencing equipment quickly. The first course was bought very quickly, in just a couple of days on social media reposts.

- What do you need to carry with you when going to class?

- Nothing is needed. As I said. It is very important for us that the person who bought the course from us does not need to do anything else. Just come with a basic shape and that's it. Receive all equipment on site.

- Does the section have a motto?

- Perhaps yes. Try not try!

You can become a part of the section now.

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