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Shocked cows: why do girls order coffee with vegetable milk?

Not so long ago, a very interesting story happened to me: I ordered coffee in a cafe. With regular milk. The curtain. Naturally, the waiter asked me exactly three times, offering me soy, coconut, and oatmeal as an addition to the fried grains. But I just as insistently demanded the most ordinary, not very fatty, cow's milk. Because coffee on vegetable reminds me of an Americano with a lot of water.

But what is this trend, so recently, but so persistently burst into our lives: drinking coffee on vegetable milk, excluding foods containing lactose from the diet , confidently throw out packs of cottage cheese and kefir from the refrigerator (until recently related to proper nutrition)? Is this very lactose dangerous and what symptoms can actually make you stop drinking milk?

Shocked cows: why do girls order coffee with vegetable milk?


Remove milk from the diet

First, and it seems incredibly important to me to dwell on this point, no sensible and competent nutritionist will simply delete dairy products from your diet So. For no good reason. All of them will definitely try to convince you that you need to listen to your body, and if it is used (and a habit is also a big deal) to the use of animal protein, then the sharp exclusion of dairy products may not lead to the results you dream about. / p>

Our body does not assimilate milk

Secondly, if your significant other starts to talk about the fact that cow's milk is not assimilated in the body, do not believe her. This is the very blatant and outright lie that bloggers, tabloids and not the most competent media have imposed on the masses. The wording about the fact that milk is not assimilated in the body is fashionable, but subjective and the research results differ greatly to make a hundred percent conclusion.

Well, personally, it is very difficult for me to deny the fact that our ancestors for many centuries in a row believed that milk from under a cow is health, they happily tucked fat country cottage cheese, sour cream and cream on both cheeks, and had good health and excellent physique. Of course, it is possible that the whole point is in a combination of factors and in the fact that then the trees were greener and the water was cleaner.

Shocked cows: why do girls order coffee with vegetable milk?


Five reasons why your significant other stopped drinking milk

  • Your girlfriend went vegan

And this means vegetable milk is the lesser of evils, and very soon sausage and butter will be punished in the refrigerator, and many more that are not very useful. Depending on the depth of her veganism, she may also opt out of a number of other foods. What is already there, shake it off and remember that fruitorians and raw foodists are still walking around the world. The first are those who eat only fruit. The second are those who eat only thermally unprocessed foods, well, in other words, products in their original form, raw. They do this for various reasons, but they all seem to me somehow dubious (with the exception of religious austerities) in order to limit themselves so much.

  • Your girlfriend is fighting for animal rights

Okay, as you already figured, it's not as bad as having only kiwi, bananas and grapefruits in your fridge. I personally also support most of the principles of sustainability. For example, I sincerely do not like circuses and the exploitation of animals in unnatural conditions for them, I have a negative attitude towards tests of vaccines and cosmetics on unfortunate animals and sincerely do not welcome poaching.

At the same time, I think it is absolutely reasonable that some animals, birds and fish are bred in natural and close to them conditions in order to then get to our counters and subsequently to the table. Yes, it may sound blasphemous and inhuman, but this is as close as possible to the realities of our life. A person had, is and will need to eat meat, fish or chicken, milk and eggs. These are some of the most natural and familiar sources of protein and micronutrients. This is our nature and it is very difficult to go against it. (I hope there won't be a picket of greens at my house by morning.)

Shocked cows: why do girls order coffee with vegetable milk?


  • Lactose intolerance or milk allergy

Reason three and, in my opinion, the most serious: lactose intolerance or milk allergy ...
Just understand that any of these diagnoses should be based on a blood test and a doctor's opinion. It is very difficult not to know about lactose tolerance. Intolerance is not when you don't feel like milk, but when you really feel bad after drinking it. It is a process with a chain of outgoing symptoms including indigestion. Milk allergies can cause itching, swelling and breakouts.

  • She loses weight

Just exhale and wait, someday she will stop counting calories and, most likely, everything will return to normal.

  • Dairy products spoil the skin

Here, by the way , everything is pretty reasonable. Indeed, some researchers have established a link between the appearance of rashes and the regular inclusion of milk in the diet. The fact is that the hormones contained in milk increase the level of testosterone in the human body. Because of this, the production of sebum increases, which clogs the follicles.

But there can be many reasons, and they can be hidden not only in the constant consumption of dairy products. Therefore, before once and for all cross out yoghurts, cottage cheese and kefir from your life, we recommend that you get tested and consult a dermatologist.

In addition, you should not dive into the pool with your head and refuse from all dairy products. Even if milk and ice cream aggravate inflammation, natural yogurt or cheesemay not affect the skin condition in any way. Be reasonable!

Not fashion for the sake of

In general, to sum up, I see not many reasonable reasons for switching to plant-based milk. The main thing is that this transition does not occur, because it is fashionable. Don't be fooled by the crowd and listen to your body's sensations. No one can tell you better.

Perhaps you are really comfortable giving up meat or milk. But to refuse, this does not mean maniacally looking towards glazed curds or steak in anticipation of a breakdown, which will surely occur, but completely calmly and consciously decide not to eat this or that product. That is why I have so much respect for those who do not eat what they do not want absolutely calmly and call themselves whatever they like: vegan, vegetarian, fruitarian or raw foodist. And I absolutely do not understand those who do not understand why they need this latte on soybeans, drink it, feel sad, but continue to drink.

In general, I am for reasonable consumption, which is what I wish for you. Don't make a cult out of food, but enjoy it and get the energy you need from it!

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