She went on a hunger strike: how Anna Semenovich lost weight after self-isolation

The coronavirus pandemic has affected everyone in different ways. Someone began to read more and gain new knowledge, someone - to train hard at home, and someone went crazy within four walls. Singer and actress Anna Semenovich self-isolation was not easy: she was experiencing severe stress, which is why she began to eat uncontrollably and recover rapidly. The artist told her followers on Instagram about her experiences and further weight loss.

She went on a hunger strike: how Anna Semenovich lost weight after self-isolation

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Fasting is a good anti-stress

At the end of May, Semenovich admitted to her subscribers that months of self-isolation were not easy for her. As the singer said, this is due not only to the pandemic, but also to difficult events in her personal life. Since the end of February, I found myself in some strange whirlpool of events - I almost lost a loved one, lost several work contracts, and all my plans for the spring vanished and remained dreams, she wrote. The former skater admitted that she always stuck to stress with food, but usually it did not affect the figure. The breakdowns did not last long, and after a few days she regained control.

It was not possible to stop in time this spring. Only at the end of May did Semenovich decide that it was time to return the former figure. She chose the extreme weight loss scheme, but, as it turned out, effective - fasting. It turned out that Anna is not practicing this for the first time: I have been starving for a long time (I understand, it is not visible on my cheeks) and I do it for the good of my health. Fasting is very useful in cleansing the body; during fasting, ketone bodies are released from the fat cell, which have a very beneficial effect on the brain. Fasting is a good anti-stress.

Semenovich notes that refusal to eat is not suitable for everyone, and before resorting to such a harsh method, you should consult your doctor. Without medical supervision, she advises fasting for no more than two days, as well as paying particular attention to returning to a normal diet. According to the singer, on the first day after the hunger strike, one should refrain from rough food (including meat and fish). Instead, opt for cereals, stews (raw vegetables will irritate the stomach) and baked fruits like apples.

She went on a hunger strike: how Anna Semenovich lost weight after self-isolation

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Minus 3 kg in 4 days

Under the supervision of doctors, Semenovich began a five-day hunger strike, which was eventually reduced to four days for medical reasons. The first results of a hundredAre they noticeable immediately - minus 3 kg in 4 days!

The artist got down to business seriously - at first she greatly reduced the amount of calories consumed and began to work hard on special simulators. Today is a very active day, little food and many procedures, I am preparing my body for fasting. The morning began with training on the simulator, the suit tightens tightly on the body, forming a vacuum, the body simultaneously sweats and removes toxins. Excellent cleaning, - wrote the singer.

I survived four days of hunger, yesterday was the most difficult day, and my doctor made a decision today to take me out of hunger for diet food! - said energetic Semenovich in early June. The girl noted that in addition to her waist, her stomach, stretched out after months of overeating, also decreased. She also began to taste fresh food again. In the morning they gave me oatmeal jelly without sugar, just on water, and it seemed to me the most delicious food in the world. I feel like my taste buds have calmed down, now food without salt and seasonings seems to me very tasty, - the singer admitted.

Semenovich is a big lover of salty foods, and such food retains fluid in the body, leads to edema and excess weight. The singer set a goal not only to lose weight, but also to change her taste habits - for this she gave herself three weeks. Fasting gave me a sharp kick, and I will keep going towards my goal. My result is excellent - already 3 kg for four days of fasting, we continue to slim further, - wrote the artist.

She went on a hunger strike: how Anna Semenovich lost weight after self-isolation

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The hunger strike was replaced by a strict diet, and over the next 10 days Semenovich lost weight another one and a half kilograms. The singer noted that her figure began to look more toned, and her body decreased in volume. I am almost in the form I dreamed about, until the full buzz I have to remove 2 kg, - the girl admitted. It seems that she managed to bring her plans to life - in early July, the renewed and thinner Semenovich flew to Sochi to rest.

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