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She has a beard. Patricio Manuel is a transgender professional boxer

The path to a professional fight in the men's ring for Patricio Manuel was not easy. He started boxing when he was still a girl - at the age of 17. During that period, he won five amateur national championships, and even was in the qualifying stage of the 2012 Olympic Games in London, but due to injury he was unable to take part in the competition itself. Apparently, it was this “defeat” that became the starting point in making the decision to change sex.

How did the sex change go?

Since childhood, he thought of himself as a boy, finally during rehabilitation, he decided to stop living a “false life” and began a process that radically changed his fate.

2013 was the beginning of the transformation. Operations and hormone therapy, - Manuel did all the procedures that are necessary for a full gender reassignment. Such a dream costs about $ 6 thousand. Relatives helped him pay for the operation and did not regret it, because after that Patricio's professional career went up the hill and paid back the costs.

However, the boxer immediately ran into problems. He lost his coach, club and two jobs. The athlete was not allowed to compete in the men's ring until he received a license, and for this it was necessary to pass a huge number of tests. He took hormones for several months until the indicators became identical to an adult man. But even the license did not give a guarantee for the fight, because many rivals refused to meet in the ring with a transgender person. Apparently because they were afraid to lose.

In addition, to compete in the professional ring, one more round sum was needed. This time, the money helped to raise LGBT communities through crowdfunding.

Only in December 2018, Patricio first entered the professional ring against a man and won.

She has a beard. Patricio Manuel is a transgender professional boxer

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First fight in a male body

The fight took place in the American city of Indio. The promoter is Golden Boy Promotions. His opponent was the Mexican Hugo Aguilar - not the most remarkable rival, who had lost all his fights before. But it did not matter much, because it was the first fight of a transgender boxer in the men's arena.

Aguilar learned about the opponent's gender change two days before the fight. This was no reason for him not to participate.

In his first fight, Manuel flew around the corner and struck Aguilar four hits lwith his other hand before he could answer. In this battle, Patricio honestly defeated his opponent with a score (39:37) and, thanks to this, entered the history of boxing.

A transgender from the USA won the first boxing victory

What is Manuel doing now?

In September 2019, Everlast, a major sports brand, signed a contract with Manuel. He has become an ambassador for a new advertising campaign, Be First. In addition to him, it also included a fighter with an amputated leg - Fransonet Martinez and migrants from Mexico - the Balderas brothers.

In a video published by the company, the boxer explains what allowed him to overcome all difficulties, as well as how he decided to change his gender.

She has a beard. Patricio Manuel is a transgender professional boxer

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She has a beard. Patricio Manuel is a transgender professional boxer

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