She became famous for her splits. Half a million people are watching Daria Denisova's stretching

Long gone are the days when charming gymnasts won the hearts of spectators only at sports competitions. With the advent of social media, any athlete can easily boast of her flexibility. And she even makes some celebrities.

Daria Denisova - a 17-year-old girl from Minsk - famous for her spectacular splits and bright acrobatics. Dasha posts her tricks and exercises on TikTok. A year and a half ago, the first videos got ten likes, and now the girl has half a million subscribers.

In an interview with the Belarusian portal, Dasha said that her grandmother chose the sport for her. However, the girl sincerely fell in love with gymnastics and trained hard, and at the age of 12 she even specially moved from Vitebsk to Minsk in order to achieve more. At the age of 15, Dasha became a master of sports.

No wonder Dasha has always liked stretching exercises. It is her girlfriend who demonstrates in many of her videos. By the way, after graduating from school, the girl decided to graduate with great sports, but nevertheless she continues to work as a stretching coach.

Despite the fact that Daria has become popular on social media for her gymnastic skills, she plans to change the direction of her videos in a more danceable direction.

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