Lady Gaga, Cardi B React To J.Lo, Shakira Halftime Show

Shakira and Lady Gaga are friends with them. Celebrity Fitness Trainers to Follow

Hollywood and music stars are people just like you and me. They have problems with being overweight, they lose their shape and health. And here experienced coaches come to the rescue, who return the artists to the form in which we find them on TV screens. Such merits often make instructors as famous as those with whom they work. Here's a selection of famous fitness professionals to follow.

Shakira and Lady Gaga are friends with them. Celebrity Fitness Trainers to Follow

Ageless Halle Berry's trainer knows how to add efficiency to your workouts

At 53, the actress calls Peter Lee Thomas her secret weapon.

Harley Pasternak is a scientist from Toronto

Perhaps the most successful specialist in this sphere. At least the list of stars he helps is impressive: it includes the names of Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga, Megan Fox, Rihanna, Katty Perry and others. Pasternak received his physical education and nutritional education at the University of Toronto in Canada and has a long career in the scientific industry. And then he decided to change his life and started collaborating with Hollywood celebrities.

The main concept of his work is training for only 25 minutes, but every day. And the instructor also advises, when exercising with dumbbells, to load each hand alternately, and not both at once. And do not pause during sessions, because calories are burned only at maximum body output.

One of the most recent examples of his work is the uniform of the lead singer of the popular group Maroon 5 Adam Levine, whom Pasternak was preparing to perform during the Super Bowl in America - the most popular sporting event in the world. Adam performed there without a shirt and had to look perfect.

Shakira and Lady Gaga are friends with them. Celebrity Fitness Trainers to Follow

From sports to show business. Stars with the title of Candidate Master of Sports

They could shine at the Olympics and World Championships.

Tracy Anderson is a former dancer

Tracy works with two pop music icons - Madonna and Jennifer Lopez. Thanks in large part to an Indiana-based fitness blogger, the singers will still give odds to any young rising star. Anderson believes that every workout should have a dance element.

And it shouldn't surprise, because Tracy's career began in this area. She dreamed of becoming a professional dancer and even worked in this role in New York, but in the very first year she gained 20 kg and shifted her focus to losing weight. Anderson studied all aspects of this process and became a successful fitness trainer. Now she has eugyms in New York, Los Angeles, London, Spain and the Hamptons - the American analogue of our Barvikha. Tracey has created her own program that combines dance elements with cardio to make the class not only productive but also fun.

Shakira and Lady Gaga are friends with them. Celebrity Fitness Trainers to Follow

2000 vs 2019: Jennifer Lopez proves she's in great shape again

Training and a nutrition system that keeps her looking youthful in her 50s.

David Kirsch is a former lawyer

His clients are Kate Hudson, Kate Upton, Liv Tyler and Heidi Klum ... But, like the two previous trainers, David did not come to work in fitness right away. His youthful goal was the legal protection of people, so he received an appropriate education and began a career as a lawyer. However, the ability to reasonably express thoughts came in handy later in another. Many stars appreciate him as a motivator and person who can help them as quickly and productively as possible. Kirsch promises them to achieve results in just two weeks. And it works!

The man still focuses on motivation, therefore, on his Instagram page, you can find many publications with positive instructions, without which, according to Kirsch, it is impossible to achieve success. Psychology is our everything.

Ashley Borden is a yoga master

Ashley boasts an extensive list of celebrities who love working with her. It features Ryan Gosling, Christina Aguilera, LeBron James, Mandy Moore and Lauren Graham. Borden is a fan of yoga and everything that is associated with it. The trainer believes that productivity is the most important thing in fitness.

To achieve As a result of star clients, the instructor requires them to wear weighted vests with special weights for each workout. It motivates and helps to overcome difficulties. And another trick from Ashley is the emphasis on sweating. The more sweat, the better, and the less toxins remain in your body.

Shakira and Lady Gaga are friends with them. Celebrity Fitness Trainers to Follow

Yoga at the end of the world. The striking asanas of the travel blogger Aniko

The most difficult elements in different parts of the world. This is breathtaking.

Anna Kaiser is the Queen of Dance

In America she is called the Queen of Dance, because, in addition to fitness, she also runs a dance studio and does not imagines his life without it. Anna works with Shakira, Sarah Jessica Parker, Naomi Watts and Sofia Vergara.

Kaiser is sure that serious cardio loads should be combined with dance movements. It is no coincidence that singer Shakira, who has already become synonymous with dance American television as an expert and feels great on the screen.

She recently became a mother , but this does not prevent her from being in excellent physical shape and continuing to advise world stars.

Jennifer Lopez Gets Emotional Reflecting on Her Super Bowl Halftime Show

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