Shakira & J. Lo's FULL Pepsi Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show

Shakira and J.Lo's performance went down in Super Bowl history

On February 2, Florida, at the Hard Rock Stadium, hosted the Super Bowl 2020 - the decisive game of the National Football League for the 2019/2020 season. In the final match, San Francisco Forty Niners and Kansas City Chiefs met. Kansas scored a 31:20 win and won the most prestigious award in the American Football League.

Traditionally, Super Bowl spectators are attracted not only by the teams' play, but also by the spectacular performance of famous artists during the long break. Colombian Shakira and American Jennifer Lopez took the stage this year. Their performance went down in Super Bowl history.

Shakira and J. Law's performance at the Super Bowl: how was it?

Shakira came out first. Her show was varied: the singer sang the hit Whenever, Wherever, as well as the equally famous She Wolf and Hips Not Lie, played the electronic guitar, jumped into the crowd and showed a refined belly dance technique.

After that in the light Jay Lo appeared: she performed her most popular compositions, danced masterfully on the pole and touchingly sang Let's Get Loud with her 11-year-old daughter Emma and the children's choir. The break ended with a bright joint performance of the stars to the song of Bruce Springsteen Born in the USA.

Shakira and J.Lo's performance went down in Super Bowl history

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Shakira and J.Lo's performance went down in Super Bowl history

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Media and social reactions networks

Netizens have already dubbed the show legendary, and the video has collected 11 million views on YouTube in 7 hours. There were even jokes that the American media had never agreed so much - except when they talked about the impeachment of Donald Trump. By the way, in the comments to the video, they also began to tease the US President about his policy towards Latin America:

Both artists thanked the fans, the team and each other on social networks for the support they received. Jay Lo admitted that it was the most epic performance she could ever imagine.

And Shakira, who is celebrating her 43rd birthday today, said that the show was the best gift for her that day .

Of course, there was also a discussion of age. The audience praised the singers for the fact that in their years theyare still at their best and never cease to amaze the audience with their technical dances and incendiary hits.

Writer Karen M. McManus tweeted: Let's take a moment to appreciate the fact that Shakira is 43 years old and J.Lo is 50.

American TV host and comedian Scott Nevins joked that after such a show he regretted missing yesterday's cardio workout.

And one social media user described in a short video how many of us look in our 20s, while singers show off their amazing body much older.

In any case, the talent and perseverance of the artists can only be applauded again. And wish that sporting events were often accompanied by such spectacular shows.

Shakira and J.Lo's performance went down in Super Bowl history

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Shakira and J.Lo's performance went down in Super Bowl history

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Whose number did you like more?

Der Sinn hinter Schlüsselmomenten von Shakira und J-Lo Halbzeit-Show

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