Sergey Mysovsky. Don't skate, we'll get more waves

On July 26, the first stage of the Bulli Surf Cup took place in the Baltic Sea, which includes the official Russian surfing championship in the long board discipline and the All-Russian competitions in the short board discipline. In the near future St. Petersburg will take over the baton. On the eve of the start of professional athletes and amateur surfers, we managed to talk with Sergey Mysovsky - the winner of the SupDay Open Sprint last year.

- What is surfing?
- Surfing is when people slide on the wave and they like it.

- What are the fundamental differences between surfing and kitesurfing, wakeboarding and sup-surfing?
- Surfing - the most minimalistic and unpretentious of all these sports. You basically only need a board and a wave.

- What kind of boarding is the most popular in our country?
- At the moment, it seems to me, this is snowboarding. Because, given the climate, we have a long winter and a lot of snow.

- What kind of wheelchair is the most acceptable in the realities of our country?
- If we take water skiing, then, in my opinion, this is kitesurfing and sup.

- Where to skate in Russia?
- In Russia, in fact, you can skate wherever there is water. So, for example, you can surf in St. Petersburg, Vladivostok, Kaliningrad, Kamchatka and other cities. Any body of water is suitable for kitesurfing, as long as there is wind.

- You travel a lot, you can compose your top 5 locations for surfing (not only in our country) and briefly note what attracts you to each of them?
- Mauritius - safety in the water and on the land. Empty lineups and beautiful nature.
Portugal - many empty lineups and great culture.
Costa Rica - unreal nature and many empty steep waves.
Indonesia is a mecca of left waves for every taste.
USA is a place where you can improve your level.

- Sup-surfing is a rather new phenomenon for our country. If you compare, for example, with the same wakeboarding, sup is common in more local communities. What do you think this is connected with?
- Like any new sport, it needs time to declare itself. I'm sure the sup will shoot very well. This sport is more budgetary, and it is easier for people to try it and start practicing, because it does not require huge investments.

- Who might like sup-surfing?
- Absolutely everyone - young and old. I don't know who might not like it ... But no - I know! WE LONGER!

- What conditions are needed to get up on sup?
- You need smooth water, a sup-board with an oar and a person who will give a couple of tips.

On August 26, in St. Petersburg, on Laskovy beach, a championship will be held as part of the Locals Only festival sup-surfing - 5th ocean. Competitions will be held in the most spectacular and exciting discipline sprint slalom. Every sup-surfing lover can take part in the competition. Registration and details.

- What does surfing mean to you personally?
- Honestly, it is always very difficult to answer this question. Surfing is a way of life, its own philosophy, and it has become so firmly established in my life that I can’t imagine myself without it. Surfing is very important to me, because it is not just a sport - it is a whole life.

- How did you begin your development as a surf athlete?
- I skated at first , then I switched to snowboarding and at some point decided to try myself in kitesurfing as well. And from that moment on, everything started.

- Why surfing? Was there or maybe there is still some kind of sport that accompanies life and in which development takes place?
- Yes, I also go in for kitesurfing. Last year I took 7th place at the World Championship.

- What muscle groups are developed during board exercises?
- In general, all muscles are involved. You have to paddle, then quickly jump onto the board and control it as you slide. Surfing is a great sport to keep all your muscles in good shape at the same time, because you work with your whole body.

- How long is the skating season? How to keep fit between workouts?
- The season runs all year round, but when I have breaks, I go in for boxing and rock climbing.

- If only one thing could be done that could greatly popularize surfing as a sport in our country, then what would it be?
- It is necessary to show on the First the channel, as Putin cuts on the wave of Trump, and then rides in the pipe and leaves, tearing the vest.

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