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Self-isolation: why it is important to stay at home now

The week from March 28 to April 5 was officially declared non-working due to the rapid spread of the new virus. Therefore, many hard workers either went for the weekend or moved to a remote location. However, some residents of the capital and other cities of Russia did not perceive the government's decision as a serious quarantine measure and on the very first Saturday went to barbecue in local parks. Now such an act may turn out to be dangerous both for your health and for the condition of the people around you. Together with the sports doctor of the LabRehab Ibraim Chibichev Rehabilitation Center, we will tell you why it is important to stay at home and isolate yourself in the coming days.

Why is the number of people infected in Russia growing rapidly?

At the moment, more than 1.5 thousand people have been infected with coronavirus in Russia. Eight deaths were recorded. So far, these are not such frightening numbers for the majority of the population, so the attitude towards the pandemic is now more derisive than serious.

Not so long ago, our state closed flights with all countries. Only export flights to their homeland from abroad have not been stopped. This suggests that only in recent days travelers who stayed abroad have arrived in Russia.

Self-isolation: why it is important to stay at home now


Returning citizens must observe the regime of self-isolation, but in practice the situation is quite different. Most people, including celebrities and public figures, do not do this because they do not consider it necessary. This leads to the fact that the number of infected is progressively increasing due to recklessness.

Self-isolation: why it is important to stay at home now

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Self-isolation: why it is important to stay at home now

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Staying at home: why is quarantine important?

Due to such an increase in COVID-19 infected, the government introduced a seven-day quarantine regime and recommended refraining from leaving home unless absolutely necessary. In practice, excluding penalties, we saw that citizens perceived the quarantine regime as an ordinary weekend and threw a feast during the plague! Someone went to the streets and parks to have barbecues, someone flew away to rest in Sochi and the Crimea, and someone continues to organize mass sports events. This whole story will lead to the fact that potentially dangerous people (so far without the onset of symptoms of the disease) will spread the virus on a global scale and quarantine measures will intensify.

If you do not feel symptoms of the disease, this does not give a 100% guarantee that you are completely healthy. The incubation period of coronavirus lasts 14 days, and in some cases it reaches 24. In thisfor a while you may feel good and not feel discomfort, but you are already becoming a carrier of infection and infecting other people.

I just want to remind you that absolutely all segments of the population are susceptible to coronavirus infection. A small exception is children, who can still carry the infection in a mild form and be carriers of it. The proliferation threat is truly catastrophic! Of course, most of the townspeople are fond of sports and, thanks to a good immune system and a young age, they will easily suffer this disease, like ARVI. But the other part of the population, due to a sedentary lifestyle, mature or old age and congenital pathologies, simply cannot survive COVID-19.

Self-isolation: why it is important to stay at home now


At the moment in Moscow, most hospitals are preparing for a pandemic. Construction of new infectious diseases buildings and reconstruction of old ones are underway. These are real combat readiness measures, not a joke. They are necessary in order to quickly and efficiently provide all the necessary assistance to those in need. But this is not enough ...

As international practice has shown, even countries that have the highest level of health care and social protection cannot cope with the pandemic. All medical workers are mobilized, working 24 hours a day in order to fight for every life. There are simply not enough remedies. This whole catastrophe in the world is happening now because people treated it negligently, looking only into their garden. Now the world is in such a state that it forces each of us to rethink the approach to what is happening.

Self-isolation: why it is important to stay at home now

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Self-isolation: why it is important to stay at home now

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On mutual aid: each of us can stop the spread infections

We must help each other. It is also important to help the medical field so that there is no huge influx of patients in hospitals and timely assistance is provided to everyone. This will save a lot of lives. This will save our country from disaster. That is why it is important to maintain self-isolation and adhere to the rules of hygiene and prevention.

Self-isolation: why it is important to stay at home now


Alas, Russia is now at the beginning of a pandemic. We will see the main consequences in a few weeks, when the debut of the disease reaches its peak. Now, more than ever, it is important to understand that we should not remain indifferent and negligent, looking at the Italian script. Only tough measures can prevent the worsening of the situation. By addressing even a small segment of the audience, we can stop the spread of crownsvirus infection and save many lives.

Take care of yourself.

Self-isolation: why it is important to stay at home now

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