How will highstreets survive the pandemic?

Self-isolation. Now what to do with running down the street?

Due to the spread of coronavirus infection, residents of different countries are forced to follow strict measures and restrict movement around the city. Runners find themselves in a particularly uncomfortable situation, for whom spring is the beginning of the street training season. For example, the Chinese woman Huang Yanzhuo, who has already overcome marathon distances more than once, is now practicing without leaving her own apartment. A woman recently ran 10 kilometers in the living room.

The situation in Moscow can be called stable so far. Residents of the capital are not recommended to visit crowded places, and especially public transport. What about jogging in the park or on the track at the fitness center? Wellness coach and expert of the Championship Andrey Semeshov explains how safe such initiatives are.

Are fitness centers operating now and is it safe to visit them?

It may seem that during the period when buckwheat and toilet paper are being swept away from stores, everyone has no time for healthy lifestyle and fitness. But surprisingly, this is not at all the case. Of course, there are fewer clients in fitness centers, but those who still walk are very concerned about one issue. What to do when (or still if?) Everything is quarantined?

As far as we know, the vast majority of Moscow fitness centers are currently operating normally. And the management of some gyms even recommends visitors not to skip workouts, because sport strengthens the immune system. Some fitness centers consider it an advantage to have a spa area with saunas. As you know, the virus cannot survive at high temperatures.

And yet, before you build a plan for running classes in the gym, evaluate your own health and make an informed decision.
Self-isolation. Now what to do with running down the street?


I'm not a virologist or even a general practitioner, so I won't dare to give predictions and recommendations. I can only share my personal experience. My guess is that fitness centers may indeed be quarantined for two weeks or more. I would not want to stay out of sports for such a long period of time, so I began to select the best options. As a result, I came to the conclusion that it is quite possible to study at home. But this requires strong motivation.

Self-isolation. Now what to do with running down the street?

How to do cardio to lose weight?

Pedal from all forces or run at a calm pace - we choose together with the trainer.

Self-isolation. Now what to do with running down the street?

How to wear a mask correctly and whether it can protect against the virus

WHO recommendations and expert opinion.

Is it okay to jog outdoors?

The second aspect of training is related to outdoor activities ... I heardIt should be noted that in one of the European countries, jogging is fined hundreds of euros. We do not have such restrictions yet, so I vote for outdoor activity. I proceed from the fact that you should not plunge into panic. It is wiser to listen to the recommendations of doctors and adapt them to individual tasks.

Muscovites are not advised to participate in mass events or visit places with a large number of people. So what's the problem? You can run in the park or practice the same Scandinavian walking in splendid isolation, observing a social distance. Particularly suspicious, you can practice in the fresh air, pulling a buff over your mouth and nose. Wear gloves on your hands. Especially without them it is still chilly to run. Upon returning from a run, be sure to treat your hands with a sanitizer, and then go straight to the shower with soap. You will get full compliance with the recommendations of the Ministry of Health.

Self-isolation. Now what to do with running down the street?


Is it worth it so risk?

Firstly, I practically do not see any risks here, since the possibility of contact with potential carriers of the virus can be reduced to the very minimum. Secondly, physical activity is proven to increase immunity - this is the best protection in the current circumstances. Therefore, in no case should you abandon physical education, justifying yourself with quarantine.

Self-isolation. Now what to do with running down the street?

How to train properly in the cold so as not to get sick

Choose your equipment wisely and know the sense of proportion or postpone your sporting endeavors until April - it's up to you.

Self-isolation. Now what to do with running down the street?

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Plan B: how to replace indoor and outdoor jogging?

We need to look for a way out! Even if a curfew is introduced and it will be possible to go out into the street once a day to a store or pharmacy. The internet is now filled with thousands of home study programs. Many of them don't need inventory at all. But I would advise you to get something suitable in advance to make your classes as effective as possible. And instead of buckwheat, buy fitness bands, a pair of dumbbells or weights.

Self-isolation. Now what to do with running down the street?


In the situation with the coronavirus, another topic emerges - weight loss. It is no secret that the overwhelming majority runs in order to lose those extra pounds. Sooner or later, an understanding of the truth comes: the figure is made in the kitchen. So now, with all the misfortunes, is almost the perfect time to take control of the diet. There was a forced need to eat mainly at home and cook from those products that were purchased on their own. There are no vases of no-man's cookies and occasional cakes at hand. The best time to get started with the basics of calories and start using them.

Self-isolation. Now what to do with running down the street?

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