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Seeing Deeper: Travis Rice Redefines Snowboarding

Like Jordan on the basketball field, Ronaldo in world football, Travis Rice is second to none on the slope. Travis is a living legend in snowboarding. In an ideal world, everything should be like this: you pick up a snowboard, and a teaser for one of Rice's films automatically hits your head. Four X-Games medals, the first double cork in a competition, the first double at the Chads Gap, a prize in every 6-star TTR International Snowboarding Tour, films that have revolutionized the way we think about snowboarding as a culture - that's not all. list of his merits.

Seeing Deeper: Travis Rice Redefines Snowboarding

Photo: Artem Vindrievsky

In one of his interviews on the question "What is his main difference from the equally famous rider Sean White?" Travis Rice replied with a smile, "Sean wants to be a rock star, and I just want to grow a beard and have fun in nature." This is the whole of Rice, his greatness lies in simplicity, his legendaryness lies not in titles and awards, but in the ability to live in harmony with nature, to feel it like no one else, whether it be snow-capped mountains or hills of Kamchatka.

This fall, Travis and his team visited Moscow again for another premiere. A year ago, together with Quiksilver, Travis Rice successfully presented the blockbuster "The Fourth Phase". This year's equally long-awaited release was the film “Depth Perception”. On the eve of the open screenings that took place at the House of Cinema, we managed to meet and talk with Travis in order to understand the depth and texture of the new film, filmed in the virgin, untouched by man, forests of British Columbia.

In order for you to feel atmosphere no less than me, in the interview there will be small footnotes, quotes from the film ”Depth Perception”, which organically fit into the material.

Have you ever heard of the guy named Travis Rice? Rumor has it that he surfed a burning asteroid in the Milky Way and landed on this planet. His reverence for the secrets of nature is so deep that even animals are silent in his presence.

- Travis, hello! Last year, at about the same time, you came to Russia with the premiere of The Fourth Phase. One year = one film. Don't you think this is becoming a good tradition?
- Good question ... there was a long break before these two premieres. To be honest, now we do not have any filming plans for next year, but they can definitely arise. The idea to shoot "Depth Perception" last year came about around the same time. So we continue to wait for winter, and maybe in the near future, if inspiration appears, it will be possible to shoot another artistic, but honest film.

Seeing Deeper: Travis Rice Redefines Snowboarding

Still from The Fourth Phase


- What makes“ Depth Perception ”different on “The Fourth Phase”?
- In “Depth Perception” we focusgo to one location, because they wanted to reveal it as deeply as possible. Show this place through the symbiosis of real relationships inside, convey the whole cosmic essence of the origin of things, the colors of the forest, the unique geological features of this area.

- The name of the previous film was inspired by the theory of biophysicist Jamie Pollock, but what about new job titles? How did it come about?
- The very title of the new film “Depth Perception” in English means the ability to see deeper, perceive depth, it's like looking at ordinary things through binoculars. You know, it happens that you see some things up close for the first time: you try to figure out why they are here, you give them a name. In the film, we wanted to understand the essence of things, to understand what was happening here, in this area, many years ago, to establish a connection between nature, history and man.

- How much time filming and production take film?
- In order to produce a film, we need to set aside a couple of months to research the place where we will go. After that we start filming, which only lasts six weeks. Then comes the most difficult period: editing, production and all that.

- What was the most difficult for you during the filming period?
- The first is to think over the logistics of how each day to transport everyone upstairs and return back in a safe way. At the same time, you need to take with you all the necessary equipment and just things that we may need in the forest. But, perhaps, the even more difficult thing is to come up with an idea and bring it to the end, to implement it with the team. It's not an easy way to create a project together. After all, a film is not only a shooting and an idea, it is also motion graphics, voiceover, correct editing, music. It is important not to lose the idea, not to deviate from the original idea.

Seeing Deeper: Travis Rice Redefines Snowboarding

Still from the movie Depth Perception

Photo: Quiksilver press service

- Tell us about the uniqueness of the location where the new film was filmed.
- The film was filmed in the area Galena in British Columbia. This place is very far in the mountains and is really hard to find. You cannot get there by car or climb on foot, you can only get there by helicopter. We went there because the area has a very unusual relief, surrounded by an ancient forest. This forest has never been cut down by man, it has not been touched by fires or other cataclysms. It was very cool to ride around the trees, which are almost 800 years old. You need to go there to feel how pure untouched nature is magnificent. This is a place of power.

This story begins in a place that looks like a fairy tale. I'm not kidding, maybe fairies used to live in these forests. This place is called Galena ...
Seeing Deeper: Travis Rice Redefines Snowboarding

Brian Fox. Filming Depth Perception

Photo: Quiksilver Press Service

- How do you usually explore mountains and hills, where do you have to ride during filming? How long does it usually take and how long is it important in principle?
- I looked after the place where we filmed this year for about three or four years. And finally the stars coincided, and we got permission to ride in this place Sometimes the search takes many years, you plan for a very long time, one winter there is not enough snow or it gets too windy. And sometimes the opposite happens very quickly - you go around the corner and realize that this place is perfect. then the slope and you just start driving, and then you say at the premiere "Oh, it was so easy!" ( smiles ).

- How many people are on your team?
- The main characters of this film are Brian Fox, Austin Sweetin and Robin Van Jin In addition to those you see on the screen, there are usually about eight people behind the scenes.

This is not just a film, this is a story about four guys: a young talent, a veteran, a beauty and more one guy.

- What is your first step before starting production of a film, starting to organize a trip? How does it usually start?
- The first step is to The next important step is to find people who believe in this idea. You know that Quksilver supports us, and for me this is incredibly important support, since such filming is very low budget in production. I imagine what we would do without them, so before planning trips, I put all my thoughts on paper, find people who can be inspired by this story. and I tell them “Trust in us, please trust in our project. We have a cool idea and we are ready to make it! ” ( laughs ).

Seeing Deeper: Travis Rice Redefines Snowboarding

Travis Rice

Photo: Quiksilver Press Service

- Do you and your team have any plans to go to the Russian mountains in the near future?

- During the filming of the last film, we spent some time in Kamchatka, it was very beautiful there. The next place will most likely be Sochi. I will not guess, Russia is a very big country, there are many interesting places.

- Where do you yourself like to ride the most?
- For me, the place is not so important, the main thing is to have good weather conditions and a group of friends. Last year, my favorite place to skate was whichever spot you see in the movie in British Columbia.

- If you could ask one of the great directors to help you with filming, who would did you choose?
- I think it would be Wes Andersen. We were inspired by his work when we created “Depth Perception”.

- What do you think about the future of extreme sports movies? What will it be?
- I'm not very sure regarding him (smiles) . After all, all alternative sports are a constant experiment, there are no clear rules, but at the same time there are a lot of talented guys. Most importantly, if you like a movie, I urge you buy it. Because over the past 20 years people have completely disaccustomed to pay. We find what we want on the Internet, of course for free, download and enjoy. It's wrong, if you like a project or a song, support the author or performer, spend $ 10, but show that you believe in it. I think it would help the extreme development a lot.

If you search long enough, who knows what maybe you will meet one of these wonders.

- Movies are great, but does Travis Rice have a favorite book? Recommend something to read.
- I would recommend the book “A course in a miracles”.

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