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Scientific approach: 5 perfect express breakfasts

Let's start with the fact that you can't skip breakfast. Morning fasting will not help you lose weight, but it will harm your health. The fact is that the body depletes its supply of glucose overnight. If the situation is not corrected in time, then the body will begin to use the reserves of proteins and fats for energy, and such a substitution of resources is recognized as unhealthy. As a result, you will start to overeat throughout the day.

Fun fact: Studies have shown that regular breakfast reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

5 healthy quick breakfast options:

  • Fruits (100 g), cottage cheese (100 g) and oatmeal (from 30 g of oatmeal)

This breakfast contains the necessary portion of both proteins and carbohydrates. This combination is scientifically valid.

Scientific approach: 5 perfect express breakfasts


  • Muesli with skim milk or yogurt

It should be noted that the mixture should contain 95% processed oatmeal. The right mix should be made up of three ingredients: oat, nuts and dried fruit.

  • Thermostat Yogurt

Thermostat Yogurt is a great source squirrel. You can supplement this breakfast with fruits or oatmeal. The only thing to consider is choosing the right thermostatic yogurt in the store, unless you're willing to spend your time making one yourself. Pay attention to the fat content of the product and the amount of sugar, the presence of thickeners and preservatives.

Our top 3 thermostatic yoghurts. Where to buy?

  1. Delivery GrinDin - fat content 2%, you can order a sweeter taste, but no less environmentally friendly in composition with apple and cinnamon, pear and vanilla. GrinDin Yogurts contain no added sugars, thickeners or preservatives. Learn more .
  2. VkusVill - classic taste, 3% fat. Shop available.
  3. Myasnov Healthy food store - 2.5% fat. The assortment includes yoghurts with fruit pieces and jam. The composition contains sucrose. Learn more.
Scientific approach: 5 perfect express breakfasts

Photo: GrinDin Press

  • Eggs

For breakfast you can have both boiled eggs and scrambled eggs, omelet. But don't forget the carbohydrate supplement.

Scientific approach: 5 perfect express breakfasts


  • Buckwheat porridge

This is a product for all times. Buckwheat is rich in proteins and carbohydrates. For breakfast it is better to eat it without milk. You can add a little fruit to the diet.

Yes, there is no discovery here, because this list has already been familiar to us for a long time. But you need to be careful: a balanced, healthy breakfast that will help you recharge your energy and lose weight if necessary, should definitely includeresidual amount of proteins and carbohydrates. Sugar should be avoided or consumed in very small quantities.

Don't skip breakfast and start your day with a healthy meal!

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