BODY BY SCIENCE 5 (The Science Of Fat Loss -- Part 1)

Scientific approach: 5 highly effective weight loss exercises

In the scientific community, there is still a debate about what is more effective to include in your fat burning workout - cardio or strength exercises. Most of the author's coaching programs are based on the principle of a combination of these two approaches. The benefit of combination training is confirmed by research by Sulin Ho from Curtin University in Australia. The 12 weeks of combination training helped the subjects lose weight and body fat more effectively than either cardio or strength training alone. In our selection, we have collected the 5 most energy-consuming exercises that anyone can include in their functional training. Doing cardio in conjunction with strength training will help not only lose weight, but also increase muscle mass.

Double Wave Rope

Initially, rope training was popular with American football players and MMA athletes. But if you're looking for an effective exercise to build strength, power, and endurance, rope training is a great addition to your regular gym routine. You will be surprised how a few seemingly simple swings can quickly raise your heart rate.

Tip: Start with 3 sets of 30-second intervals, 45 seconds apart.


Burpee is one of the most effective static bodyweight exercises for losing excess calories and toning muscles. You can independently control the loads, choose the rhythm of the exercise, monitor your pulse.

Jumping rope

Classic jumping rope, familiar to us from school, is one of the most energy-consuming types workouts. For example, according to American studies, this type of fitness allows you to burn up to 1000-1200 kcal per hour of exercise.

Jumping is also an excellent cardio workout and an alternative to a treadmill.

Rock Climber

Rock Climber is very common among professional athletes. It perfectly supports the whole body in shape, includes the muscles of the press, buttocks, legs and shoulder girdle. The exercise does not require additional equipment, burns calories effectively and is recommended for weight loss.

Medicine ball throwing against the wall

Medicine ball throwing is a functional crossfit exercise. The main muscle to which the load is directed is the quadriceps of the thigh. Other muscles are also involved: abs, hamstrings, glutes, biceps, mid-back, shoulders, traps, triceps.

How Does Exercise Impact Weight Loss?

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