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Scientific Approach: 10 New Gadgets That Make Us Better

Many people today cannot imagine life without sports and proper nutrition. This ensures not only a toned body, but also good health and mood. Often, especially for novice sports fans, it is difficult to keep yourself in good shape and not give up training. For them and for those who have already seriously and for a long time connected with the world of a healthy lifestyle, we want to talk about some smart gadgets. They will help you with your workouts, and also act as great motivators if you suddenly want to miss one or the other class.

Smart yoga mat

Doing yoga at home is not so easy a task. It is difficult to control the correctness of all movements and learn how to maintain balance yourself. This issue has now been resolved. Thanks to the smart yoga mat, your classes will only bring positive emotions. The mat is equipped with a variety of sensors that collect information about your physical activity, analyze them and provide tips and advice. Also, this assistant measures the user's weight, the length of different parts of your body, the number of calories burned, etc. Works up to six hours on a single charge. At the moment, the most famous and popular are SmartMat and Tera rugs.

Price: from 20 thousand rubles.

Honor 10. Phone to take go for a run

Today no one goes to workout without a phone. Indeed, how can you leave a gadget at home if it contains everything you need: your favorite playlist, a personal training plan that can be downloaded through numerous applications, a selfie camera for posting to social networks, and many other useful options.

The new Honor 10 is simply designed to be your ideal companion in the gym or on the track. The smartphone has everything: stylish design, fashionable bangs, smart fingerprint scanner, bright screen, powerful filling, fast charging and even a built-in music enhancer.

Price: from 26,990 rubles.

Scientific Approach: 10 New Gadgets That Make Us Better

Photo: Huawei Official Press

Honor band 3 fitness tracker

A smart bracelet is an indispensable item for training in the gym or on the street. It will monitor your heart rate, blood pressure, steps and calories burned. It is important to remember that trackers do not have their own operating system, most often they simply sync with PCs or mobile phones.

Price: 2990 rubles.

Scientific Approach: 10 New Gadgets That Make Us Better

Electronic posture corrector

Given the hectic pace of life and workload, skip a visit to the gym, allowing yourself to do a little exercise at home only in the morning or evenings? And you really want to be beautiful and self-confident! And in this case, the electronic posture corrector comes to the rescue. A small device attached to your collarbone can keep track of your body position all day. One has only to deviate slightly from the normal state, as the device vibratesem, reminding of the need to return to the correct posture.

Price: 3500 rubles.

Go Pro 7: action camera with the ability to conduct live broadcasts

Among the new features of the Hero 7 Black action camera is TimeWarp. Regular time-lapse videos are best shot when the camera is static and all movement is around it. But the smoothness of TimeWarp means it's a very good option for first-person photography, such as cycling. Undoubtedly, many of its main features (electronic image stabilization, streaming, 4K / 60fps video, 240fps slo-mo) are available on most flagship smartphones, and this is only a relatively small upgrade from the discontinued Hero 6 Black.

Scientific Approach: 10 New Gadgets That Make Us Better

Mood color black: new GoPro HERO 7 release. What's inside?

Filling changes that surprised more than the unveiling of a new iPhone.

This is only a relatively small upgrade from the discontinued Hero 6 Black.
But combining these options with the rugged, waterproof Hero 7 form factor Black and a great set of editing options make it a great addition to any vlogger or photographer's toolkit. By the way, GoPro is also launching a competition to create a promotional video for the GoPro HERO7 Black camera. The winners will split $ 1 million among themselves in mid-December. You can read more about the conditions on the official website.

Price: 34,990 rubles.

Smart scales: know a little more about you

Scales-analyzers for professional and home measurement of the body, or, more simply, fitness scales have long been popular among many novice or already established athletes. What can they do? In fact, a lot:

• calculate the amount of fat;
• determine the amount of water;
• calculate a part of muscle and bone mass in the body;
• analyze the metabolic process;
• determine the weight;
• make recommendations.

Price: 1800 - 13 thousand rubles.

Player for swimming

For those for whom swimming is associated with something boring and routine, this new product will seem the most anticipated must-have. Add a couple of hitting hits to your workouts with the waterproof MP3 player and headphones. It is worth noting that these devices were developed specifically for those who play sports seriously, so the rules of aerodynamics were taken into account. Look for new items in the lineup of Speedo, TAYOGO, Sony and have fun go swimming.

Price: from 3500 rubles.

Guarding your longevity: hydrogen water generator

A new modification of the device for the enrichment of water with molecular hydrogen is a patented development of the Japanese laboratory ENHEL. Stylish, compact and comfortablein application - it fits perfectly into any interior. Thanks to replaceable containers, it is possible to use your usual drinking water, but due to its enrichment with hydrogen in just three seconds, it is more useful due to the therapeutic concentration of a natural antioxidant. Scientifically proven: hydrogen water hydrates the body 6 times more efficiently than usual, it maintains the balance of nutrients and enhances their effect, restores the body after serious stress and stress, provides a comfortable and effective cleansing of toxins and toxins.

Price: 35 thousand rubles.

Healthy heart: electrocardiogram on your phone

QardioCore is positioned by developers as the first mobile wearable ECG device that can be used continuously. The stylish sensor is attached to the body, like a chest heart rate monitor, and does not cause discomfort during use.

Its capabilities include not only a single-channel electrocardiogram:

  • heart rate recording;
  • assessment of heart rate variability (HRV);
  • breathing rate tracking;
  • determination of skin temperature.

Price: from 34 190 rubles.

Electronic jump rope

Jumping rope is considered the most successful type of cardio workout. But what if you are already jumping much more than 100-200 jumps and because of your speed you simply lose the count, or you just don’t want to count, but want to delve into thoughts of something more pleasant? Then electronic skipping ropes will come to the rescue. They differ from the usual ones in that they themselves automatically calculate how many jumps you managed to complete.

There are many similar options on the market today. Many of them include additional functions, such as counting calories burned, timer. For those who avoid jumping rope for fear of getting tangled in it or practicing in a small space, there is a version of electronic rope without rope. The most popular are Bradex, J-FIT, Digital Cordless Jumping Rope.

Price: 300 - 2 thousand rubles

We talked only about some modern gadgets for training. Many of them have already actively entered our life, and there are those that are just appearing on the market. Of course, if you wish, you can achieve results without additional devices, but with them it is much more fun.

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