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Scars and risk. What doctors go through fighting coronavirus

There is a relentless fight against coronavirus infection all over the world. Doctors who work in hospitals are now equated with superheroes. There is only one difference between them. If fictional characters are invulnerable to one degree or another, then real medical workers risk their own health every time by opening the doors of the hospital. These people go through many difficulties and hardships in order to somehow help the sick.

It seems to us that nowadays it is important for every person to know what a difficult lot doctors and nurses have. Perhaps this will change someone's attitude to the current situation and force them to be a little more responsible.

Working for many hours without rest

In countries where the number of people infected with coronavirus has reached critical levels, the healthcare system is barely able to cope with a piled-up task. Hospitals do not have enough beds, equipment and medicines for patients arriving every hour. But the worst thing is that there are not enough people in hospitals who are able to provide assistance to all patients. Doctors have to work many hours without a lunch break. Some medics take two shifts in a row, as their colleagues also get sick and temporarily out of order.

There is an opinion that Russia is only facing a peak situation due to the spread of coronavirus. But state hospitals are already beginning to rebuild themselves for infectious diseases. Nurse Valentina Smirnova works in one of these institutions. A couple of days ago, the girl shared on her Instagram how her first working day went during the pandemic.

Valentina: Patients are already filling many departments: there is a queue of ambulances at the gate. There are so many patients that we cannot leave the department. Yesterday we were still lucky, and I went out at two in the afternoon for half an hour. At least I ate, drank, and had the opportunity to go to the toilet. And then 17 hours I did not have this opportunity! Not because it is impossible, not because we have no means of protection (we have planned a maximum of two exits and a change of equipment per day), but because you simply cannot! You can’t abandon the packs of incoming patients, you can’t abandon serious patients who urgently need oxygen or an IV. You can't leave the doctors, who also physically do not have time to examine and write diaries.

Scars and risk. What doctors go through fighting coronavirus

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Scars and risk. What doctors go through fighting coronavirus

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Heavy overalls

Doctors and nurses do all the work in the spaclothing that protects them from infection. Of course, safety is above all, but everyone would know how it feels on the shoulders of a person. To enter the room with infected patients, hospital staff wear surgical pajamas, a protective suit over the top, a respirator, two pairs of gloves, rubber shoes and overshoes.

Such equipment weighs a lot. It can be cramped, hot, stuffy. Sometimes there is not enough air either.

Valentina: In the dirty zone (the rooms where the infected are located. - Ed.) none of the above should be filmed ... This means that you cannot drink, eat, go to the toilet, and at some point it becomes almost impossible to breathe. Even with the ability to go through a gateway to a clean area legally twice a day, it is very difficult.

Rubbing medical masks and respirators

Medical masks, respirators and goggles cause particular discomfort. Since the skin of the face is quite sensitive and delicate in any person, it is most susceptible to external influences. Medical professionals from all over the world launched a kind of flash mob on social networks. They share selfies with subscribers after hours of work. The pictures show scuffs, dents, scratches and even bleeding wounds from protective equipment.

In addition, it is rather difficult to breathe in a mask or respirator, and glasses regularly fog up and reduce visibility to zero. It is especially unusual to be in them for a long time at first.

Valentina: Several times I thought that I would now fall from a lack of oxygen. They opened windows and tried to breathe outside air through a respirator. The glasses fog up at some point, and you see, as in a fog. It is especially inconvenient if this happens while you are inserting the catheter.

Scars and risk. What doctors go through fighting coronavirus

Don't panic. How to protect yourself from coronavirus

Rules that everyone should know.

Scars and risk. What doctors go through fighting coronavirus

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Huge risk of infection

The biggest risk for doctors is a great opportunity to get infected with coronavirus. Despite the listed remedies, infection can prevail. Nurse Diana Torres at a New York hospital said in an interview that hospitals are now comparable to a war zone.

In Russia, the chief doctor of the infectious diseases hospital in Kommunarka Denis Protsenko has already become infected. And from abroad every now and then sad news comes: doctors are dying in the fight against coronavirus. Ophthalmologist Li Wenliang was the first doctor to report an infection in Wuhan, China. At first, his colleagues did not believe him, and the police issued a warning for false information. Later, when the existence of the new virus was confirmed, the physician contracted dangerous pneumonia and died in early February.

What can we do to make the work of doctors easier?

Globally, we are unlikely to be able to change the prevailing situation, but to be more conscious and to be responsible for their actions within the powers of everyone. To stop the spread of coronavirus and give doctors a chance to cope with the huge influx of patients, self-isolation measures should be followed. And, of course, don't forget about the hygiene rules. This is the only way to deal with the problem looming over the world.

Scars and risk. What doctors go through fighting coronavirus

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