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Sasha Sobyanin: I like to win

From November 29 to December 4, Sochi hosted major competitions in children's sledge hockey - a sport that people with disabilities can play. Sixteen teams from all over Russia, including Umka from Odintsovo, took part in the tournament at the FONBET Children's Sledge Hockey League Festival .

Captain Umki is a promising eleven-year-old sledge hockey player Alexander Sobyanin . The young leader invariably leads the team to victory. They won this time too: they took first place in the division. Mom, grandmother and younger sister came to support Sasha. The sledger is a great sleigh rider, smiles and rejoices at the award with his teammates. It is difficult to imagine that two years ago the boy was in an orphanage.

Sasha Sobyanin: I like to win

Sasha Sobyanin with the winning trophy at the FONBET Children's Sledge Festival hockey league

Photo: Press Service of the Children's Sledge Hockey League

Sasha was born in Perm in August 2008. He was diagnosed with a congenital disease - spina bifida. His biological mother immediately abandoned the child. This is how the boy ended up in an orphanage, where he remained for the next eight years.

Since Olga Komarova , Sasha's foster mother, first saw his blue eyes , two years have passed. Now Sasha Sobyanin lives in Moscow, is studying the second grade school curriculum and has been playing sledge hockey for a year. Together with their mother and younger sister Angelina - with the same diagnosis as Sasha's - they travel a lot. At FONBET Children's Sledge Hockey League Festival we managed to talk with the hero, his mother and coach Vadim Selyukin about victories, children's sledge hockey in Russia and the problems of orphanages.

Sasha: we have room to grow

- Sasha, tell us what do you like most in sledge hockey?

- I like to win. But just playing is fun too.

- Sometimes it happens that you can't win. What does your team do in such situations?

- Then we try. Until Timofey played with us, we often lost. And as he appeared, they immediately began to win. We play pass with him.

- Do you watch adult sledge hockey tournaments?

- No, my mom doesn't allow using the computer yet. But I met Dmitry Lisov, the captain of the Russian national team.

Sasha Sobyanin: I like to win

Sasha Sobyanin at the FONBET Children's Sledge Hockey League Festival

Photo: Press Office of the Children's Sledge Hockey League

- Girls also play in many sledge hockey teams. What do you think about this?

- There is only one girl in our team. She is not particularly involved in the attack. But in other teams there are girls who are very strong, skate well. Here in Tropic from Tula, for example. This team would definitely have won against us. We still have to catch up and catch up with them.

- And what is the atmosphere in your team? YouAre you friends or are you competing with the guys?

- In training, when we play in teams, we are not friends, and when we do not play, we are friends. We fight on the ice, there are even conflicts. Everything is strict: hockey is a tough sport.

- In your opinion, what should the captain do in the team?

- He should prompt the players, what and how best to do, organize everyone.

- A video about superheroes was shown at the opening of the festival. Would you like to get some super power?

- Of course. I would like to have courage, strength and speed.

Sasha Sobyanin: I like to win

Sasha Sobyanin during the Umka - Aurora match

Photo: Press Office of the Children's Sledge Hockey League

- Are you interested in anything other than sledge hockey?

- I also play badminton and go in for swimming.

- But if it wasn't for sledge hockey, what would you do?

- What would be offered, I would have done (laughs).

- How do you assess the level of your team?

- We have room to grow. We must try.

Sasha Sobyanin: I like to win

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Sasha Sobyanin: I like to win

Hockey without borders: an unusual approach to training

Children's hockey for children with disabilities

Vadim Selyukin: Umka has future Paralympic champions

- Vadim, tell us how the Umka team was created and how did you find yourself in it?

- I am now finishing my professional career - I have been playing sledge since 2009. I tried to train, and I succeeded. I like working with children: their eyes are burning, and in general they deserve to lead an active life. True, hockey is a harsh sport: in adult sledge hockey, there are serious injuries, especially in training, and fights too. In terms of injuries, sledge hockey is even more severe than vertical: there is an iron sled, each player has golf clubs with sharpened metal tips.

- What is the speed of the players on the ice? b>

- A master of sports can go around the entire area along the side in about twenty seconds. This is, of course, slower than in vertical hockey, but we only have hand-operated overclocking.

- How often and where is training held?

- Unfortunately, we don't have as much ice as we would like - two workouts a week. Therefore, growth is slow. If there was at least one more workout, it would be good. But when compared to adult sledge hockey, there are far fewer tournaments between teams. Here we once went to Tula, then to St. Petersburg, and there all the teams came to us.

Sasha Sobyanin: I like to win

Vadim Selyukin, coach children's sledge hockey team Umka

Photoabout: Press Service of the Children's Sledge Hockey League

- It turns out that the guys from the team only train in Odintsovo?

- Some of them go extra train in other places, children want to work. Much depends on the parents. You have to lose the whole day: take the child to training, help with the equipment, be with him. Parents have a big role in the team, not everyone will do this.

- As far as we know, equipment is not cheap. The price of the sleigh is from 50 thousand rubles. How are you doing?

- They help us with the equipment. I know that Alexander Ovechkin was in Odintsovo and allocated money. To be honest, I do this on a voluntary basis, so I don’t get into financial matters.

Within the framework of the Children's Sledge Hockey League Hockey Without Barriers charity program, each club is provided with starting financial support ... The League transfers to the regions a basic set of training equipment, inventory and equipment, designed for a team of ten players.

- Is children's sledge hockey very different from an adult?

- The difference is huge. As an adult, if you have serious problems, a high-grade disability will not be accepted. In our country, some players fall and cannot get up themselves. Our goal is not victory, but rehabilitation. The guys communicate, make friends, are in an environment where everyone is equal.

- How do you organize training?

- We have one training session for everyone. I tried to divide the children into groups, but in the game they are still together. This means that we need to train together so that the weaker ones catch up with the strong ones. The guys are very different in terms of functionality. There are those who fly directly on sleds, created for sledge hockey. For example, Sasha. It is like a motor: it will fall, roll over, jump back and go further. And there are those who themselves do not know how to push off. But they also want to go on the ice, they also get high.

Sasha Sobyanin: I like to win

Children's sledge hockey team Umka

Photo: Press Service of the Children's Sledge Hockey League

- What do you think Umka's prospects are?

- I'm sure there are future Paralympic champions in this team if nothing changes in world parasport. We have gifted guys. I feel they will defend the honor of Russia at international competitions and stand on the podium.

- What do you think is the most important quality for a professional sledge hockey player?

- Courage, it is very necessary.

- What is missing now in parasport in Russia and in sledge hockey in particular?

- If we talk about an adult sport, I wish there were more teams. For the KHL to become interested and help. With big clubs, sledge hockey teams could well appear, because they don't need wild money.

- Do you think Sasha feels like a real captain?

- Yes, Sasha is great. He is a leader, maybe posovto say something to another player or to speak harshly. He is the leader in the game and, as they say, in the dressing room.

Sasha Sobyanin: I like to win

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Sasha Sobyanin: I like to win

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Olga Komarova: Sasha did it right away, he sat down on a sled and went

- Do you remember how you met Sasha?

- Quite by accident. I thought about foster children, but purely in theory and, rather, about a little girl. Once I went to St. Petersburg to see friends, and they thundered into the hospital. I went to visit them, and in the next room I came across absolutely stunning blue eyes. She said to her friend: Wow, what a handsome boy. He is from an orphanage, she replied.

It was not clear that Sasha had serious health problems: he was covered up to his waist. I went to the doctors and asked what was wrong with the child. They told me that he was brought from Siberia to heal his kidneys. I went to fill out the documents. And I found out about the diagnosis when the process was already started. But this did not change my intentions. Now Sasha is at home for a little over two years. He is eleven years old according to his passport, but closer to seven in development. This is due to the neglect of the orphanage, lack of attention, deprivation.

- Sasha went to school for some time. Why did you decide to switch to homeschooling?

- This is not the easiest solution for me. Sasha cannot learn at the pace of school. But I am not yet ready to accept the fact that we will switch to a correctional program for children with mental retardation. And psychologists say that Sasha does not have her. There is a strong pedagogical neglect, developmental delay, but not backwardness. He assimilates information, just not from the second or the fifth time, but from the one hundred and fifth. But how difficult it is for Sasha to study, so everything is easy in sports. Therefore, we moved the school a little in favor of training.

Sasha Sobyanin: I like to win

Sasha Sobyanin's family

Photo: Press Service of the Children's Sledge Hockey League

- How did Sasha come to sledge hockey?

- Before my son appeared sincerely did not like hockey. Strange guys ride on the ice, shove, shout. This brutal sport was alien to me (laughs). And Sasha, despite the fact that he is a wheelchair user, is a very active and nimble boy. I wondered where to send him to study, because tired Sasha - peace of mind at home. On Instagram, one of the subscribers posted a link to the blogger Seryozha Kutovoy. He had a post about a children's sledge hockey team being recruited. We decided to try.

When we first went to Odintsovo for more than an hour and a half in one directionwell, I'm already tired. But Sasha did it right away: he sat down on the sled, pushed off and drove off. But many two weeks only catch the balance.

- How did Sasha become the captain?

- When we went to one of the first competitions, there was not even goalkeeper, children barely skated. Out of the whole team, only Sasha could take a throw-in and feel free on the ice. And he was appointed captain. And then - by inertia. In terms of technical skills, Sasha is indeed a captain. And from the point of view of team management, the festival is the first competition when Sasha began to understand that the captain is not the one who drives the fastest, but the one who knows how to talk and inspire.

Sasha Sobyanin: I like to win

Sasha Sobyanin and Vladislav Tretyak

Photo: Press Service of the Children's Sledge Hockey League

- What do you think Sasha likes the most about sledge hockey?

- It seems to me to play. Winning is great, but the process itself is important. There was one funny story. After a photo shoot with Vladislav Tretyak, Sasha decided that he would also be the goalkeeper. And he is small, nimble - a striker, not a goalkeeper. He still asks me: Mom, how long does it take to be a captain to be allowed to become a goalkeeper? When I tell him that he is a striker, my son says: Okay, I will be an attacking goalkeeper.

- You go to all competitions together, carry heavy equipment. Isn't it hard to cope with everything?

- In August there was a great joy: Sasha began to equip himself. Dressing an unworthy child is an acrobatic stunt performed by mom. Now the son dresses on his own, but I still wear the trunk, of course. You can put Sasha himself in a wheelchair and his sister Angelina in our bag.

- How long does it take to fully put on your equipment before the game?

- Minutes fifteen. If I help, it can be done faster. Hockey equipment is difficult. For children with disabilities, everything is adjusted individually. For example, Sasha's legs do not fully unbend, respectively, with tension shields. The sleds must also be specialized. Sledge hockey means equipment that is highly adapted to each specific player.

Sasha Sobyanin: I like to win

Sasha Sobyanin at a meeting with the Russian national team

Photo: Press Service of the Children's Sledge Hockey League

- You are a mother of two foster children. What do you think is the most difficult thing in raising a child?

- Discrepancy between expectations and reality. It is difficult to direct the child not where you want, but where he wants. For example, a parent should accept that his son dreams of being a hockey player and take his bag to competitions and training. No matter how much I would like to go to the conservatory instead.

- On your Instagram blog, you wrote about Sasha's attachment disorder. Does it go away?

- Despite the weightb my optimism, after two years of Sasha's stay at home, I think I will support psychologists who believe that there are holes that cannot be filled. There is a funny saying: if you didn’t have a bicycle as a child, and now you have a Bentley, you still didn’t have a bicycle as a child. Sasha will never have a bicycle as a child, no matter what we do now. When they ask me if my son will ever catch up with the norm in psycho-emotional development, I answer - no. He will learn to pretend, to behave socially acceptable, not standing out. But in the full sense it will hardly be possible to catch up.

Sasha Sobyanin: I like to win

Angelina, Sasha Sobyanin's younger sister

Photo: Press Service of the Children's Sledge Hockey League

- What do you think makes a family a family? What is the key component?

- There is no answer to this question. You can say a good phrase: If there is love, then this is a family. But I don't like to put it that way. It may sound scary for some, but love with a capital letter is not the main thing. I don't just love the child, I hug him, wash him, kiss him, play, teach him - that's what love is about. These are not pink snot, but real actions.

Sasha Sobyanin: I like to win

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