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Russian actresses whom sport has changed for the better

Sports change people. It trains willpower, improves physical performance and, of course, affects the appearance. A striking example of positive changes are Russian actresses. Some of them put on weight for the role in the film, and then diligently lost pounds in the gym, others decided to lose weight solely for their own sake. Whatever the reason that prompted the girls to study, the result is the same: such changes are always for the better. About the artists whom sport has clearly transformed - in our selection.

Aleksandra Bortich

Despite her young age, Aleksandra has already played in many rating films. And for I'm losing weight, she had to gain 20 kilograms, according to the contract. In the first minutes of the film, Bortich appeared in front of the audience in a tight-fitting green dress, which skillfully emphasized all the flaws.

To get fat, the actress constantly ate sweets and flour and ate wine. The result was not long in coming. But then the girl needed to lose weight quickly in order to appear on the screen slim and athletic. To do this, Alexandra worked in the gym six times a week for a month, refused junk food and visited a massage therapist.

Despite the fact that the filming of the film ended long ago, Bortich continues to engage in fitness, but now at will. She believes that it is important for every person to find time for themselves in order to spend their leisure time interestingly, take care of their appearance and, of course, train.

Natalya Bochkareva

In 2008, the star of the series Happy together she gave birth to her second child and recovered greatly. Natalia did not hide that at some point her weight reached 120 kilograms. But the newly minted mother quickly pulled herself together and got rid of 60 kilograms in just a year.

According to Bochkareva, she never resorted to strict diets, and only physical activity helped her transform. During that period of her life, the artist took part in the Dancing with the Stars project: she had to move and perform a lot. Then training in the gym was added to the filming of the show.

Natalia still thinks that dietary restrictions negatively affect the general condition of the body. Therefore, to maintain good shape at the age of 39, the actress chooses sports, not diets. In addition, her busy work schedule and constant creative meetings keep her from relaxing.

Russian actresses whom sport has changed for the better

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Russian actresses whom sport has changed for the better

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Nastasya Samburskaya

Unlike the first two girls, Nastasya was never worried about being overweight. A naturally slender actress, it would seem, there is no need to burden herself with classes in the gym But her example once again proves that there is no limit to perfection. For clarity, we show how she first appeared in the youth series Univer.

Russian actresses whom sport has changed for the better

Photo: Shot from the TV series Univer

Over the past few years, Samburskaya has been constantly training in the gym and shares with subscribers photos and videos in which she is engaged with large weights, boxing and showing off her muscles. Apparently, sports have made her look better.

Now Nastasya does not work out as often as before, but she does not forget to take care of her figure. In addition, the actress does not at all share the opinion of those who promote body positive, and treats the trend with a noticeable negative.

Svetlana Khodchenkova

In 2003, the film Bless the Woman was released. This picture was Svetlana's debut as an actress. Then the audience saw her in the form of a simple Russian girl: patient, fair-haired and with rounded shapes.

Since that moment, 17 years have passed, and Khodchenkova got rid of 20 kilograms. She achieved weight loss progress thanks to fractional nutrition, elimination of junk food and increased physical activity. For example, for the role of a ballerina in Kilometer Zero, the artist had to spend three hours a day at the choreographic barn.

Now Svetlana continues to devote time to sports. Judging by her Instagram, she maintains stretching and masters the technique of pole dance.

Anna Mikhalkova

With age, extra pounds make themselves felt not only in numbers on the scales, but also in health problems ... Anna turned 45 last year, and not so long ago she was forced to lose 15 kilograms in six months to stabilize her blood pressure.

Russian actresses whom sport has changed for the better

Photo: Shot from Cococo's movie

Thanks to sports, a well-built nutrition plan and personal experiences, the actress managed to reduce weight. To cope with the task, Mikhalkova went for a run every morning.

As the actress herself admitted , now her lifestyle is far from healthy in terms of nutrition. She can afford to drink alcohol and eat something high in calories. But, I must admit, lookAnna is still awesome!

Russian actresses whom sport has changed for the better

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Russian actresses whom sport has changed for the better

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Yulia Snigir

For the role of Queen Catherine II in the television series Great Julia had to gain 13 kilograms in a short time. The actress easily coped with the task, but returning to its former form took much more time and effort. The girl said that after filming she began to gradually lose weight naturally and with the help of training.

Russian actresses whom sport has changed for the better

Photo: Still from the TV series Great

Now Snigir receives a lot of reproaches from her fans. The public insists that Julia has gone too far with losing weight and she urgently needs to get better. The artist says that such claims began to prevail in her communication with subscribers on social networks.

In turn, the girl is sure that everything is in order with her figure and general condition. But to add irony to the situation, Snigir published a photo with rustic potatoes from McDonald's and stated that at the request of the audience she was gaining weight.

Polina Grenz

When Polina saw herself in the role of a high school student Sasha Mamaeva in the first episodes of the Fizruk series, she immediately decided that a public person should not look like that. Since then, she has lost 14 kilograms and has grown noticeably prettier.

Russian actresses whom sport has changed for the better

Photo: Still from the Fizruk TV series

Now the actress has reached the most comfortable weight for herself, 52 kilograms. To do this, she turned to a nutritionist, began to eat fractional meals, monitor water balance and regularly exercise in the gym under the guidance of a trainer.

During classes, Grenz focused on basic strength exercises and alternated them. For example, she devoted one workout to working out the muscles of the arms and back, and the next to pumping her legs. Polina visited the fitness center 2-3 times a week and spent about two hours there. And, as we can see, for good reason!

Russian actresses whom sport has changed for the better

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