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Running rules. 5 beginner mistakes

To really learn how to enjoy jogging, it is important to approach the training process wisely. Mikhail Kapitonov , Senior Coach of the Nike + Run Club, spoke about common mistakes beginners make in running.

Running rules. 5 beginner mistakes

1. Warm Up Neglect

Many beginner runners do not pay enough attention to warm up, which can lead to injury and fatigue. During the warm-up, the respiratory system is strengthened, the blood supply is improved. It only takes 5-10 minutes (depending on individual characteristics and weather conditions) to prepare the body for the load: do a few squats, bends, lunges, run 100-200 meters at a free pace - and you will be ready to run.

2. The wrong gear

The right running gear and running shoes that are tailored to your running goals and type of pronation will help make your runs more comfortable and efficient. The type of pronation (namely, how you put the outer part of the foot while walking and running) can be determined using a special sneaker selection service in the Nike store on Kuznetsky Most, 14. Depending on your pronation characteristics and running techniques, the specialist will select those sneakers in which jogging will be more comfortable and protect you from injury.

When choosing running equipment, it is important to remember a few simple rules: clothing should remove moisture, keep warm and not restrain movement. When training in cool weather, the main rule is layering. Air between layers of clothing helps keep warm. When the weather is changeable, such as April, choose running leggings, a long-sleeved T-shirt and a windbreaker to keep you out of the wind. In clear weather, outerwear can be removed and tied to a belt.

3. Lack of a training plan

Every runner should have a goal: whether it be the first 5 km without stopping or overcoming a marathon in less than two hours (such an ambitious goal was set by the Breaking2 team). Depending on your goal, you need to draw up a clear training plan, which will also include periods of rest and recovery. You can customize your workout plan in the Nike + Run Club app, which connects runners from all over the world to the world's largest running community. In the application, you can track the dynamics of your runs, and professional athletes, coaches and runners from all over the world will motivate you. No need to rush into the maelstrom with your head: many beginner runners overload their bodies, following the principle the more workouts the better. So you can overwork yourself and permanently discourage yourself from running. Build up the load gradually, and a running plan will help you with this.

Running rules. 5 beginner mistakes

4. Incorrect running technique

Correct running technique is something that many athletes work on for more than one season. Try to run easy and prizelimp on the whole foot, without straightening the legs at the knees. Once you start training, start regularly strengthening your feet and calf muscles: jumping rope is perfect for this. Start your workout at a slow pace that allows you to keep your breathing normal. You can switch from running to brisk walking if you feel tired. Such jogging will be pleasant and productive: you will not tire the body with too strong a load, recover faster after training and will not lose motivation to exercise. To make sure you are running correctly, contact your NRC running coaches to point out mistakes and give recommendations.

5. Insufficient recovery of the body

Rest is no less an important part of the training process than the jogging itself. The body becomes stronger and more resilient if it gets enough recovery time. Pay attention to stretching after jogging as well - it will help prevent muscle soreness, especially in the calf and hamstrings, after active work. Remember, your body needs good sleep, proper nutrition, and muscle relaxation to fully recover.

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