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Running is not harmful: how to live to be 100 and set a running record

Julia Hurricane Hawkins and Orville Rogers have proven that reaching your athletic goals is possible at any age. At the last USATF Masters Indoor Championships, they were able to break several world records in running at once. It would seem to be a common story, except for the fact that Julia is 102 years old, and Orville is 100 (!) Years old. They set the world record for athletes 100 years and older. Orville was able to run 60 meters in 19.13 seconds, and Julia covered the same distance in 24.79. But they didn't stop there.

102-year-old Julia Hurricane Hawkins

102-year-old is the oldest female competitor in the history of the USATF Championship. Hawkins later admitted that she even skipped her afternoon nap for the sake of these competitions.

Her love for sports began with a bicycle. She rode a bike for many years until, at the age of 100, she decided to take part in a running competition. As it turns out, for good reason.

Hawkins admits that her family really likes what she does.

Last year Hawkins also managed to set a new world record for her age: she ran the 100-meter distance at a sports event in Louisiana in 40.12 seconds.

100-year-old Orville Rogers

Orville Rogers has set two world records in his age group, running 60 meters in 19.13 seconds.

Also a 100-year-old athlete was able to cover the distance of 400 meters in 4.16.90 and also set a world record.

Orville is from Dallas, he was a bomber pilot during WWII, and also worked as an airline pilot.

When he turned 50, he read Dr. Kenneth Cooper's book Aerobics. It was after reading the book that the 100-year-old athlete got inspired and decided to start running. And for 50 years it has been continuing and even setting world records. Prior to running, he also played sports: he used to metal rims and pole vaulted in college.

Rogers also took part in the running championship last year. Then, at the very finish line, he managed to beat his opponent by literally 0.05 seconds.

Orville admits that he enjoys training and running.

Last year, the 100-year-old runner published the book Running Man, where he talks not only about running and his world recordsdah, but also about the times when I was a pilot.

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