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Running in the metropolis: Moscow vs New York

On a sunny and cool autumn weekend, a blogger, student, future programmer (!) Dasha Center flew from New York to take part in one of the most iconic events of the running season - the Moscow Marathon. We were able to talk to her about making a conscious choice of a city for life, blogging rules, preparing for your first distance and motivation.

Running in the metropolis: Moscow vs New York

Photo: Nike

- Dasha, tell me why New York?
- I understood that I wanted to get the most effective education, and my parents shared this target. In general, the year of admission was very difficult, I chose a lot, passed a lot of things.

- Did you consider only New York as a city for admission?
- I basically thought more about near Europe. But it so happened that at the age of 11 I came to America and saw there a completely different attitude to everything, including education, it really hooked me. In America, education is actually a business, they invest a lot of money in it. Everything for the sake of the result, therefore there is a desire to learn.

- Much depends on the mentality. If we talk about the attitude to sports, how much does the rhythm of American life differ from Moscow and Minsk?
- In general, America is very big, and New York is more likely not America, just as Moscow is not Russia ( smiles ). My sister lives in Boston, and even going there I feel a big difference, although this is also the west coast and it is very close. New York is a city with a frantic pace, here on the streets someone is constantly running, doing something, going in for sports, in Boston not everything is so good, I often notice people who are overweight. Despite the fact that New York is for many a city for ambitious people who build their careers, the life of such guys usually goes hand in hand with a healthy lifestyle, so everything is fine with sports here.

Running in the metropolis: Moscow vs New York

Photo: Nike

- How is the sports industry developing in such a big city?
- You know, there are a lot of things that originate from there. For example, the format of small studios instead of large fitness clubs, cycle studios, which are now very popular. I really love yoga, I feel that I do not have enough just such a load that is given in yoga workouts: stretching, balance. And I also feel that I constantly lack the patience and dedication to one studio and one guru to practice. But you should understand that all this is not cheap. One lesson will cost 35-40 dollars, which is absolutely not a budget option for regular workouts.

- Are there really no life hacks and fitness in New York is really not a budget story?
- I'll tell you now ( smiles ). Sometimes I go to a donation studio - this is a studio of such a format where you pay as much as you see fit, as much as you have the opportunity to leave. Can you ostgive 10 dollars or, for example, a smile. This all leads to the fact that there are a lot of options, for every taste and budget. Some unrealistic studios with different concepts and styles are constantly opening, but for the most part they are all, of course, not budgetary. But there is always running, running is free ( smiles ).

- Tell me how you got to running?
- My story is pretty is simple: at some point I clearly realized that I needed some kind of activity, but I was constantly pursued by stupid excuses in the style of a hall far away, the subscription was expensive, I had no one to start walking with or I did not have special clothes ... and running - It's so simple: I left, ran and nothing else is needed. From a student's point of view, I think this is the perfect sport. Many people say that running is traumatic, you can hurt yourself. So I am a programmer and I know that sitting at the computer all day can hurt yourself much more.

Running in the metropolis: Moscow vs New York

Photo: Nike

- How long have you been running?
- I probably started a year and a half ago. Precisely to directly consciously come to this myself. So I have a sports family, very active parents. Since childhood, dad tried to draw me in somehow, but I perceived it more as a necessity than really something that I want myself. This is the coolness of running, that when you come to it yourself, you start to get a buzz from it.

- What was your first run?
- It was interesting, but it was kind of a little weird. There was a feeling that you were doing everything wrong, that everyone was looking at you ( laughs ). It's like when you first come to the gym and don't want to pretend you're there for the first time. A lot of questions arose in my head: What to do with pedestrians ?, Where to run ?, Am I running correctly ?.

- And how to overcome these sensations?
- Everything with running as simple as possible - just make one run to feel what a thrill it is, and then you don't care, you just run and enjoy.

- What does your workout consist of?
- Running is not only a process, there is, of course, also a hitch, a warm-up to develop your muscles harmoniously. I usually try to run purely for 40 minutes, plus 15-20 minutes for stretching.

- Do you run with or without music?
- I have been running for a very long time only with music, then for a very long time I ran only with podcasts. And now I alternate: music, podcasts, sometimes even audiobooks. Despite the fact that many may think that there are no dynamics in audiobooks, you are so addicted to the storyline that it all becomes unimportant.

- Can New York be called a city for running?
- If we talk about the area in which I live, I won't say for sure, because I always run out either as far as possible to the left, or as far as to the right, or run along the coast. It is, of course, very comfortable there. There is always someone running, no waywow, so that I ran out and did not meet anyone at all. And many runners also say that you run constantly along the same route, the same landscape is always the same, nothing interesting and the monotony starts to get boring ... and so in New York this definitely does not happen ( smiles ).

- When do you usually run? In the morning or in the evening?
- Usually I try in the morning, because then I notice that my day starts differently, I feel much more productive. In general, running and playing sports, in principle, greatly affect productivity and performance. At my university I attended the course "Brain and Behavior", and our professor told an interesting idea, now I will try not to lie, but it sounds like this: every day our brain loses thousands of nerve cells irrevocably, and it has been scientifically proven that sports is the only activity that allows them to be restored, albeit slowly.

- I know that you flew to Moscow to take part in the Moscow marathon. Tell us how this idea came about and how long did you prepare?
- The guys from Nike suggested me to take part in the Moscow marathon. And in fact, if not for them, then I would not have come to participate in any races very soon. I ran for myself and did not pay any attention to the result, to the pace, to the time.

- How did you prepare?
- I had a distance trainer who constantly gave me consulted via Telegram. It was a great discovery for me that preparing for a race is not only about running a little longer distance every day. And these are different intervals, training for general physical fitness, special athletics exercises. Even if I didn't always understand what I was training at the moment, doing all these types of exercises turned out to be very important in preparation for the first race.

- What has changed in your life since you started running?
- For me, running turned out to be a kind of life changing. I really enjoy telling people about it on my blogs and getting comments that someone got inspired and decided to start monitoring their diet or thought that today is a great day to go for a run. At such moments, I understand that I am doing a lot for a reason.

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