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Running, equality, brotherhood: running clubs in Moscow that welcome newcomers

Is it boring to run alone? This is not a reason to postpone your workout. Especially for you, we have collected detailed information about five hospitable running clubs in the capital, joining which you can not only find like-minded people, but also significantly improve your achievements. The main thing is that all training is absolutely free.

When you talk about running teams, you can't help but remember Nike + Run Club and Adidas Runners. World-renowned brands are promoting the idea of ​​a healthy lifestyle and the benefits of sports, opening more and more new locations and routes in Moscow. Running with them is interesting and useful, but not everyone will like the large number of people in training and the quick turnover of the composition. If you want to find a soulful company that will become a second family, choose more local running communities. But remember that this is a crucial step, because you become part of a whole. Regular training is the minimum requirement that a beginner should follow. From the advantages: the team will never leave you in trouble, but in return you must give yourself 100% to the cause and be ready to defend the honor of the club in competitions.

Stride Running Club

Running club in the same name a sports store on Frunzenskaya embankment is open to everyone, as they say, without registration and SMS. The team's Instagram account is constantly updating the training schedule for the week: three runs with a varied load - you will not be bored.

You can change clothes in the fitting rooms of the store, and at the same time take a look at some of the new running equipment. I left my personal items in a locker with a combination lock - and go ahead to conquer kilometers with a fun company! Outdoor workouts are scheduled twice a week. The running route passes along the picturesque embankments of the Moskva River, Gorky Park. On Wednesdays, the guys from the team train speed endurance in the arena.

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Open to all interested, but very serious athletes. The group runs on Monday and Saturday mornings, which is sure to suit early risers and those looking to get a boost for a productive day at work. The club's activists make sure that the participant is engaged independently and attends training all year round and in any weather.

The route and distance are determined by the coach, who also helps to go towards his sports goal. And once a month, the guys are invited to take part in a running game with valuable prizes - isn't that motivation?

The regulations of the running group strictly stipulate the responsibilities of a newcomer, here they like the rules to be observed. Agree, sometimes we all lack a strong hand and support, but in RRUNS this is more than enough.

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We are glad to beginners of any level in all their training sessions. The club trains on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays, both on the street and in the arena - the announcements are always on their Instagram page. On other days, everyone is invited to the cinema, cafe, skating rink, and wherever the soul desires to give the body a rest.

Clubmates will always answer all your questions and share their experience, and training will help improve previous results. All acquired knowledge and skills are tested in competitions, where you can perform with a team or support athletes from the stands.

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Wake & Run

They don't care about your experience, speed, distance, running equipment, the only condition is to love running the way the club members love it. Well, go to training, of course. Six days a week, both in city jogging and speed training in the arena, runners in bright violet and blue T-shirts (you can’t walk past these!) Are waiting for you.

Running, equality, brotherhood: running clubs in Moscow that welcome newcomers

What you want to improve today, choose from the schedule in the group on Vkontakte. Just come in a good mood and enjoy your workout in a pleasant company.

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Mikkeller Running Club Moscow

Even those who are indirectly related to running have probably heard about these guys: the most scandalous, the most crazy. Many scold them for the middle finger on their T-shirts and drinking beer at the finish line, but come to them for a monthly club race and get inspired by the idea of ​​rebellion against imposed stereotypes and subjective assessments. Did you like the club? Welcome to open trainings.

On Tuesday and Thursday evenings in parking lots near VDNKh and Kolomenskoye Park gather those who cannot imagine their life without running. Trainings are made taking into account the wishes of the participants, but the distance (not less than 10 km), general physical training and SBU will be in any weather. The cherry on top is hot tea and treats at the finish. And if you become one of the members of the friendly MRC team, you will receive an invitation to additional club trainings in order to show the best results in the competition.

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Who are you running with? are you?

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