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Running calendar 2017: what events await us in May?

Thunderstorm in May 2017

Where? Yekaterinburg

When? May 6

Distances: 10 km, 3 km.

Interesting fact : The May Thunderstorm is the first race of the Europe - Asia running series. Winners get the right to participate in the next races of the EA-2017 series for free.

Running calendar 2017: what events await us in May?

May Thunderstorm 2016

Photo: RussiaRunning archive

Run Asics Krasnodar 2017

Where? Krasnodar

When? May 14

Distances: 5 km, 1.6 km.

Interesting fact : the 5,000-meter race with the Major League is held for the 13th year in a row.

The start and finish of the races will take place at Teatralnaya Square. Throughout the event, participants and spectators will enjoy a sports and entertainment program. An ideal combination of pleasant and useful - a wonderful rest and a welcome race.

Half Marathon Ryazan Kremlin

Where? Ryazan

When ? May 14

Distances: 21.1 km, 10 km.

Interesting fact : for young athletes are provided for starts Meter with a cap and Meter with a cap for 500 meters. The 1000 meter race will be held together for people with disabilities.

Half Marathon Run, Hero!

Where? Nizhny Novgorod

When? May 21, 2017

Distances: 21.1 km, 10 km, 5 km, 500m.

Interesting fact: the routes of the distances will pass along the picturesque bank of the Volga, from which a panorama of the confluence of two great rivers, the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and the famous Nizhny Novgorod fair, the largest in Russia, opens. Participation in Run, Hero! - not only the opportunity to run with like-minded people, but also the opportunity to help people. 10% of registration fees will go to charity in favor of boarding school # 95.

Running calendar 2017: what events await us in May?

Run Hero!

Photo: RussiaRunning archive

Spring half marathon

Where? Omsk.

When? May 21

Distances: 21.1 km, 10.5 km, 5 km.

Interesting fact : a special start system (handicap). A handicap is a way to equalize the chances of different age participants at a distance of 21.1 km. This system creates intrigue, giving everyone the opportunity to run out as a winner. Younger, more active athletes run later than their older colleagues. And the winners are determined by crossing the finish line, says Grigory Krichmara, head of RussiaRunning Services.

ZaBeg.RF Half Marathon

Where? All of Russia.

When? May 21

Distances: 21.1 km, 10 km, 5 km, 3 km.

Interesting fact: for children, the organizers have prepared a 3-kilometer track, which the kids will run with their parents.

Running calendar 2017: what events await us in May?


Photo: archive RussiaRunning

Sestroretsk Half Marathon - St. Petersburg Open Half Marathon Cup

Where? Sestroretsk.

When? May 21

Distances: 21.1 km, 5 km, 400 m, 200 m.

Interesting fact : The Sestroretsk Half Marathon is an open St. Petersburg Half Marathon Cup. Competitions are held for men, women, boys and girls for individual championship.

Charity track and field athletics run Cinema Run

Where? Moscow, Sokolniki Park of Culture and Rest

When? May 27

Distances: 5 km, 3 km, family participation

Interesting fact : every year since 2014, the funds raised from the races are directed to the development, organization of sports for people and children with disabilities. This race is dedicated to cinema, so everyone can run the distance in the costume of their favorite movie hero, and thus support strong-minded people who, despite physical disabilities, disabilities, go in for sports, participate in competitions and win!

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