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Running away from zombies and burning calories

People with an unearthly appearance are increasingly becoming heroes of horror films. They crave the brains of those who have not yet had time to transform, and arrange real chases. This wave of popularity of the zombie apocalypse was picked up by the sports industry. Event organizers and developers don't pass up the opportunity to play a trick on this topic, create entire workout programs based on it, and adapt fun apps. We have learned four unusual ways to burn calories while hiding from zombies.

1. Mobile app for running Zombies, RUN!

Now you can easily turn your run into a fun quest. All you need is a smartphone and headphones. With their help, you will hear the sounds that zombies make. As you run along your route, you automatically collect bonuses in the form of first-aid kits with medicines, weapons, food, etc., and also hear instructions from your team.

However, the game does not end when you run. Now you need to distribute the collected bonuses among the population of the city, which is fighting off zombie attacks. You will have to make difficult choices and decide who needs clothes, weapons and medicines. Your daily outings save lives.

Running away from zombies and burning calories

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Running away from zombies and burning calories

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2. Zombie games from the Dive Amusement Park

You can pump not only the body, but also the brains in themed locations. Immersion has prepared several action games at once, where you will have a chance to save your life and, possibly, the whole world. The entourage is already causing goosebumps and cold sweat - a 1000-meter underground bunker, abandoned cars and laboratories. The main thing is to be ready, because hungry zombies can jump out of any dark corner.

You can book a game and fight zombies on the website.

Running away from zombies and burning calories

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3. Thematic races

The theme of the zombie apocalypse was not ignored by the organizers of the races. This is not surprising, because the speed of running from zombies will be much higher than average. Moreover, in some competitions you yourself can become a zombie and start chasing a victim.

Similar events are regularly held all over the world. Moscow does not lag behind the leaders, and last year launched its Zombi-ran in Sokolniki. The participants in the race had to overcome a 5-kilometer route across rough terrain, while not falling into the clutches of the living dead, whose role is played by professional athletes-runners. Zombies can chase the participants or watch them in ambush. We think 2019 will be no less scary and interesting.

Running away from zombies and burning calories

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Running away from zombies and burning calories

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4. Workout programs to prepare for a zombie apocalypse

What to train to be ready for a zombie invasion? Workout program designers have known the answer for a long time and are ready to share it. For example, Arnel Ricafranco's 10-minute Zombie Apocalypse Workout combines light, medium and high intensity loads. This is really a very hard training that simulates a real zombie attack during the apocalypse. Therefore, if you can complete this workout without stopping, then consider that you can cope with the living dead and save your life.

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