Ready to Race: Nutrition for Every Runner

Runner nutrition: what to eat and when, and what to avoid?

A runner's nutrition, both at a distance and during preparation for it, is the most important component of the training process. And the point is not even to come to the first start in the most aesthetic and relief form, but to ensure that your diet does not cause you any discomfort while jogging, and that the correct and timely consumed proteins, fats and carbohydrates even help you run easier and faster. .

On the eve of the race of the Championship and World Class, which will be held on June 2 on Poklonnaya Gora, we decided to understand the basic nutritional needs of an athlete and find out what rules should be followed when preparing for your first major competition.

Runner nutrition: what to eat and when, and what to avoid?

City Runs: Take the Championship and World Class Race

Before 23 days left for registration to end.

Try to pass our test and choose the correct answer among all the suggested ones! Perhaps you have adopted many of these rules a long time ago, but some will turn out to be completely new and unusual.

Experiment, try, set yourself ambitious goals and achieve them easily and with a smile! Make proper nutrition an integral part of your life and remember that correct does not mean limited by a huge number of frameworks and rules. Take into account the individual characteristics of your body and listen to your body, believe me, only it knows how to recharge at a distance and what a tasty and healthy breakfast should be.

We meet at the start of the race In one breath or maybe on your first run in the park!

Runner Nutrition in 3 Points: The Best Diet, Foods, and How To Implement

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