Anandan Gunasekaran - Paralympic Blade Runner, SSCB

Run Without Borders: Running in Support of the Paralympians

On October 29, in Sokolniki Park, hundreds of people will go to the start of the Paralympic season. On this day, each athlete will stretch out his hand to a person with disabilities and say: We are together and we are one!

Amateur athletes and paraathletes with any disability group take part in the race. All disabled athletes take part in the competition absolutely free of charge. Famous athletes and stars of show business, such as two-time Olympic champion in artistic gymnastics Elena Zamolodchikova , Olympic medalists in swimming and biathlon Stanislava Komarova and Nikolay Kruglov , professional MMA fighter Rinat Fakhretdinov , member of the Public Council under the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation, paraathlete Stanislav Burakov , paraathlete and TV presenter Dmitry Ignatov .

Hundreds of people, dozens of volunteers, unique medals of finishers, t-shirts of participants, gifts from partners to everyone and prizes for winners, children's races for 500 m and 1 km, adult distances for 5, 10 and 21 km, start at 3 km for the media. Take part - .

Artur Shachnev, CEO of Russian Marathon:

This is not a charity run, this is a social project created to completely solve a huge problem in modern Russian amateur sports. This is a project that in the future will allow us to invest in the participation of our disabled athletes in various amateur international and Russian competitions. Every year, traditionally in the fall, this start will grow in its sports, distances and locations. Today we are proud that on our own we have undertaken not only to provide assistance, but to solve the whole problem. We encourage everyone to become part of our team.

Anyone who can't attend starting on October 29 in person, they will be able to register on the website for an online race, run the desired distance in their city and receive a unique T-shirt and a race finisher's medal in support of disabled athletes. Each medal will be individually engraved with name, distance and time. There are medals that are absolutely priceless. This is one of those. Let's change the world for the better together!

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