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Run Forest ... or don't run: can I lose weight if I hate running?

Expert of the Championship wellness coach Andrey Semeshov - about the most popular form of cardio.

Run Forest ... or don't run: can I lose weight if I hate running?

Photo : Valeria Barinova, Championship

There is a stereotype: in order to lose weight, you need to wind circles in the park as often as possible or occupy a treadmill in the nearest fitness center. But here's the thing: running is not $ 100, so not everyone likes this activity. I will say more, for decently heavy people, and if, in addition, the first running shoes are purchased at the age of a little over 30 - it's not at all the best idea. It is quite possible to build and lose weight without it. How? Let's figure it out.

Run Forest ... or don't run: can I lose weight if I hate running?

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Running a lot does not mean losing weight

Let's start with the fact that running in itself does not lead to weight loss. Even after overcoming the heroic 10 kilometers (out of habit and in the absence of technology, killing your knees), not a single gram of body fat will go away from your waist or hips. Physiologically this is impossible. In the process of any physical activity, the body feeds on those resources that circulate through the bloodstream, or even are stored in muscle tissue. But when the suffering finally stops, then this pool of nutrients will need to be replenished. And maybe, just the same, including due to fat reserves. But if you eat tasty and eat a lot, then you won't have to touch your reserves - there will be enough proteins, fats and carbohydrates from the current menu.

Roughly speaking, you can chain yourself to the treadmill with chains, but if you consume more calories than spent, then you can gain weight quite successfully. Yes, everything is decided by the total calorie content. Run, do not run, and you will hardly be able to get away from cutting the volume of food. Well, either leave breakfast-lunch-dinner at the current level, but at the same time sharply raising the level of activity. That is, the basic task is to create a negative energy balance. You should receive less calories from food than you spend.

Faster vs longer: should you run at all?

And what does running have to do with it? It’s just one of many ways to ensure that increased calorie expenditure is achieved. And to do it very quickly. So to speak, an option for those who have only 24 hours a day and an annual daily planner is enough for the first quarter. A 45-minute run can burn about the same amount of calories as a 2-3 hour walk in the park. For weight loss, in general, there is no difference.

There is not even the need to resort to alternatives in the form of other cardiovascular equipment such as ellipse, rowing and other miracle machines. After all, spending a whole hour staring at a wall on which, at best, a television broadcasting a sports event hangs, is not to everyone's liking. You can just make it a rule to make pleasant exercises aroundthe largest park for two or three hours every day. And it's nice, and you will save your knees, and you won't have to spend money on running shoes.

Run Forest ... or don't run: can I lose weight if I hate running?

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Running substitutes: what to choose instead and not to lose?

But everything has a price. And in this case, you have to pay for your dislike of running with the most valuable resource - your time. Only a select few can afford the luxury of allowing themselves to walk for hours melancholy. And we all want to lose weight. In addition, more or less intense physical activity, in addition to the actual expenditure of calories, inflicts a lot of irreparable benefits on our bodies. When designing, it was assumed that we would regularly use our physical data: run after mammoths and sexual partners, climb trees, fleeing saber-toothed tigers and bananas, and so on. But we have outsmarted ourselves with this progress and human genius. Having reached the moon, we simultaneously drove ourselves into conditions where the need to use functional physical capabilities is reduced to an absolute minimum. A sedentary lifestyle is perhaps the dominant reason for the growth of a whole bunch of diseases. Imagine a car in which half of the mechanisms and parts are regularly spinning and spinning, and the second part, connected to them into a single whole, is stationary and slowly decays and rusts. Sooner or later (and most often early) those components and assemblies that are regularly operated start to become unusable.

Run Forest ... or don't run: can I lose weight if I hate running?

Photo: Valeria Barinova, Championship

But back to running, or rather to alternatives. The task is to choose for yourself exactly the type of activity that, on the one hand, will be enjoyable, and on the other hand, will allow you to spend more calories per unit of time than a banal walk. This is Scandinavian walking, and sports dancing, and all kinds of group classes in fitness centers, and strength training with barbells and dumbbells, and exercises on the horizontal bar in the yard. What matters is only the intensity, the amount of energy expended and, of course, the observance of the principle of rationality of loads. This is not a professional sport where victory at any cost is important. In our everyday case, health comes first, and then beauty and harmony.

Basic formula: how much do you need to train per week?

As a guide, I will give generalized recommendations of physiology specialists for adults with no discernible health problems. Training frequency - 3-5 times a week.

Intensity in the range of 65-85% of maximum heart rate (maximum heart rate can be easily calculated using the formula 220-age. For example, if you are 25 years old, then the maximum heart rate will be 220-25 = 195. If you are new to sports, then thetarget the lower end of the recommended range - 65%. In our case, this will be 195x0.65 = 126 beats per minute).

Duration of classes , if we are talking about continuous aerobic exercise, be it swimming, running, skiing, skating, cycling, and so on, from 20 minutes to an hour. The higher the intensity (heart rate), the shorter the duration.

And, by the way, all these types of physical activity by no means cancel the need to walk regularly and a lot. Do you really want to lose weight? Then find a pedometer in your smartphone and gradually bring the number of steps every day to 10-12 thousand. Believe me, if you get off the bus a couple of stops early and leave your car in the mall in the farthest corner of the parking lot, it’s not difficult to achieve such figures.

Run Forest ... or don't run: can I lose weight if I hate running?

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Or maybe you just didn't understand the trick?

Many millionaires and even billionaires (in dollar terms) go out for a run several times a week. The same, almost through one, the Hollywood stars sin. Why? Because running has its own secret.

Run Forest ... or don't run: can I lose weight if I hate running?

Photo: From the personal archive of Anastasia Mitina

Anastasia Mitina , commercial director of a construction company, mother of two children. I started running three years ago and cannot stop:

If you are not a hereditary athlete, triathlete or skier, then most likely you do not like to run. So I didn't even have the slightest hint of sympathy for morning jogging until exactly 36 years old. I was treated well with my family, two children and a good position. True, strength training in the form of deadlifts and squats was present in my life on a regular basis.

The race began almost on a dispute, and with myself - can I? I wanted other physical activities, and the same stereotype about cardio was an additional impetus to start. I can say that the very first training session went off with a bang. Lucky with the coach, lucky with the running team. The first dozen conquered caused incredible pride and self-confidence. The half marathon distance was also subdued. Running teaches you to set goals, be able to endure and not give up, makes it possible to be alone with yourself. And this is not counting the fact that with each workout you become more endurance and fit.

It's very easy to start running, you need comfortable sneakers and favorite music in headphones. You don't have to rush the race, you just need to enjoy the movement. Running does not constrain, on the contrary, it gives freedom of choice: to stay in place or to jerk along a new route. Everyone's running, friends.

Run Forest ... or don't run: can I lose weight if I hate running?

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Run Forest ... or don't run: can I lose weight if I hate running?

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