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Ronaldo's new quirk. Now he sleeps five times a day

It's no secret that you need to sleep 7-8 hours a day. Almost everyone agrees with this dogma, but not Cristiano Ronaldo. The world football star, according to the press, is practicing an unusual way of recovery.

Ronaldo's new quirk. Now he sleeps five times a day

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Ronaldo's quirks

Many stars are considered cranks if they have unusual lifestyles or strange habits. Ronaldo was no exception. The world football star has a nutritionist who makes the perfect menu for him, after the games he practices contrast baths for recovery. Now Ronaldo has a new quirk - cyclic sleep.

Cyclical sleep: what is its essence?

British scientist Nick Littlehale recently revealed that he has been researching the sleep pattern of a famous football player for the third year already. During this time, they have made significant progress: Cristiano no longer sleeps the usual eight hours, but goes to bed several times a day.

According to the method, Ronaldo's sleep cycle is divided into 5 phases of one and a half hours. At night, he can sleep 4-6 hours, and all the rest of the time needed to get enough sleep, he uses during the day. The second principle of the researcher's theory: sleep only on clean bedding. In this case, the mattress should be thin, even 10 centimeters is enough. Littlehale explains this by the fact that historically, a person initially adapted to sleep on virtually the bare floor. Thick mattresses - unnecessary comfort.

The scientist also believes that in one cycle (one and a half hours) a person is able to go through the phases of both fast and short sleep. Thus, a certain balance appears. Therefore, it is best to go to bed at the same time and correctly distinguish the time for sleep. An average person needs 3-5 cycles to recover, but an athlete needs additional recharging due to intense training. That is why Ronaldo gets two or three hours of sleep during the day. Such a peculiar quiet hour for a football player every day.

How else to improve the quality of sleep?

Here are some more tips from Nick Littlehale.

1. The sleeping room should not be hot. 16-18 degrees is the optimal temperature.

2. The best sleeping position is the embryo position. Lefties are advised to sleep on the right side, and right-handers on the left.

3. You don't need a very soft and tall pillow, just one is enough.

4. Sleep in a spacious room with light walls.

5. Give up your phone and other screens before bed. The bright light of the monitor interferes with sleep and negatively affects the body.

6. Be sure to figure out whether you are an early bird or an owl.

7. Sleeping together is not the best solution. By nature, a person is initially withfell alone, only with time did emotional attachments increase. It is recommended that couples in love buy a large bed so that they do not hesitate to move during sleep.

Ronaldo's new quirk. Now he sleeps five times a day

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Ronaldo's new quirk. Now he sleeps five times a day

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Ronaldo's new quirk. Now he sleeps five times a day

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