Romantsev's career and Ferguson's life: what autobiographies to read during self-isolation

The coronavirus is making more and more changes in the life of mankind every day. Residents of most countries of the world are now forced to stay at home in order to protect themselves and loved ones from possible infection. In fact, self-isolation and quarantine is a great way to spend your free time with benefit and do everything that you didn't have enough time for before. For example, plunge into reading. We have selected some excellent autobiography books that are definitely worth getting to know for those interested in sports.

Spartak: 7 years of strict regime

Author: Alexander Bubnov .

In his book, the Soviet footballer and famous ball game analyst tells the story of the most popular Moscow club. This is the legendary period of the 80s, when Spartak fell in love with many football fans. In those days, it was led by Konstantin Beskov and Nikolai Starostin. Then no other team showed such a spectacular game and did not get as consistently among the prize-winners of the USSR championship.

However, things were not so smooth inside the team. The players hated Beskov, and Starostin dreamed of removing him from the club. In turn, Beskov, a dictator in velvet gloves, mercilessly cut down any heresy. And yet, such radical actions were aimed solely at achieving the success of Moscow Spartak.

This book is an honest story about Beskov and Starostin, Cherenkov and Gavrilov, Dasaev and Romantsev and other Spartak people against the backdrop of Soviet life in the 80s. A story about a difficult relationship with people with whom Alexander Bubnov had a chance to work, play and live for seven years.

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Game over. Volleyball continues

Author: Elena Gamova.

Every athlete dreams of a bright career filled with victories and gold cups. Russian volleyball player Yekaterina Gamova followed this path. She joined the team of masters at the age of 14, and soon made her debut in the Russian national team. Gamova's assets include victories at the World and European Championships, as well as two Olympic silver medals.

After completing her career as a volleyball player, Gamova worked as an analyst and commentator. She also wrote a book that is filled not only with memories of sports life. Ekaterina sincerely talks about different sides of her path: wealth and poverty, love and betrayal, moments of happiness and the throes of disappointment.


Romantsev's career and Ferguson's life: what autobiographies to read during self-isolation

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Romantsev's career and Ferguson's life: what autobiographies to read during self-isolation

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Romantsev. The truth about me and Spartak

Author: Oleg Romantsev.

Autobiography of one of the best coaches of Russian sports. This is the history of the Spartak club of the 1990s, which, under the leadership of Oleg Romantsev, was the flagship of the Russian football league for a whole decade. The narration on the pages of the book is conducted in the first person and reflects the times when Romantsev himself played for the club and the USSR national team. He achieved a vibrant sports and coaching career that ended abruptly in the mid-2000s.


Tchaikovskaya's ridge. The reverse side of medals

Author: Elena Tchaikovskaya.

Biography of the Honored Russian figure skating coach Elena Tchaikovskaya. This book not only tells about the path to the top of sport, but tells about all the difficulties of life that the athlete never spoke about. For example, about a difficult childhood in the Kazakh steppes and tuberculosis, which was treated with ice.

Despite to all obstacles, Elena managed to achieve heights in her favorite business and bring up such talented dance couples as Pakhomova and Gorshkov, Linichuk and Karponosov.


What is the ice silent about? About the life and career of the great coach

Author: Alexey Mishin.

Alexey Mishin is the most titled coach in the history of figure skating, laureate of the World Hall of Fame. Fans all over the world know the names of his star students: Evgeni Plushenko, Alexey Urmanov, Alexey Yagudin and Elizaveta Tuktamysheva.

However, Mishin believes that the main contribution to the development of figure skating is not at all a galaxy of talented students. What then? The answer to this and many other questions, as well as the technique of figure skating and the subtleties of the sports world, are disclosed on the pages of the book.

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Romantsev's career and Ferguson's life: what autobiographies to read during self-isolation

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Romantsev's career and Ferguson's life: what autobiographies to read during self-isolation

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Author: Alex Ferguson.

In 1986, Alex Ferguson became the head of the not most successful English club at that time Manchester United. But in subsequent years, he won 38 tournaments with him, including the Club World Championship, two Champions League, 13 English Championships and five FA Cups. Winner of 49 different trophies, Ferguson is considered the most successful coach in British history. His team was feared all over the world, and the victory over Manchester United was considered almost a miracle. In 1999, for a significant contributionIn the development of sports, Alex was awarded the title of sir by the Queen herself.

Season 2012 / 2013 was the last for him in the coaching post. Ferguson walked away beautifully, winning the English Championship. In his autobiography, he talks in detail about his career path, victories and conflicts, working with young Cristiano Ronaldo and experienced David Beckham.


Johan Cruyff. My life

Author: Johan Cruyff.

I didn't know anything about football until I got to know Cruyff, ”Pep Guardiola once said. Johan is undoubtedly one of the best footballers in world history. He managed to prove himself both as an excellent player and as a head coach.

Cruyff finished writing his autobiography just three months before his death. The book will answer all questions about his person, as well as tell about funny episodes and dramatic turns of the difficult life of the titled football player.


Romantsev's career and Ferguson's life: what autobiographies to read during self-isolation

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