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Rodchenkov was given an Oscar: 3 sports films that impressed the world

The 90th Academy Awards ceremony has ended in Los Angeles. This time the coveted statuette was also awarded to films on sports topics. The best animated short film was Dear Basketball, and the best documentary was Icarus, a film about doping in the Russian Olympic team.

Dear Basketball

The animated short tells the story of an American star in a few minutes basketball Kobe Bryant. The hero of the film writes a letter in verse, referring to basketball itself. He tells how he fell in love with this sport and decided to devote his life to it, how he trained and achieved results, and now he ends his career saying goodbye to his favorite game: I always love you. Kobe.

Kobe Bryant is a legendary NBA player who has played for 20 seasons with the Los Angeles Lakers. Kobe is known for his super-productive performance. During his sports career, he won 5 championship titles, twice Olympic gold, 18 times took part in the all-star game, and also, together with Nike, released several pairs of basketball shoes named in his honor.

Now Kobe has received also an Oscar for Dear Basketball as a screenwriter and producer of this film. The cartoon was directed by Glen Keane, who previously worked with the studio Disney.


Amateur cyclist and American director Brian Vogel conceived to make a film about doping and show by his own example how it affects on the results of the athlete. Vogel was looking for experts for his picture, and so he met the main character of his tape - ex-head of the Moscow Anti-Doping Laboratory and WADA informant Grigory Rodchenkov.

It can be assumed that Icarus is just a video retelling of an interview 2016 to the New York Times, in which Rodchenkov accused the Russian authorities of creating a system for the use of doping by athletes. Based on these testimonies, the WADA independent commission presented two reports and almost left the Russians without the 2016 Olympics in Rio and the 2018 Olympics in Pyeongchang, where our team went under a neutral flag.

Previously, the tape was awarded the Orwell Prize and Audience Choice Award at the Sundance Film Festival. In his speech at the ceremony, Oscar Vogel said that he was dedicating the victory to the fearless informant Grigory Rodchenkov, and added: We hope that the film “Icarus” will open the eyes of the world to what is happening in Russia and to the fact that it is necessary to tell the truth, and today is more important than when -or.

Among the nominees for the film award was another sports drama - Tonya against everyone . Allison Jenny, who played the formidable mother of American figure skater Tony Harding, won the Best Supporting Actress statuette.

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