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Riders say: Alpine skiing and surfing is freedom

Finn Bilous came to Sochi from New Zealand itself. For those who are not very friendly with geography, this is near Australia, if it is simpler - very far from Russia. Finn is a rider of the international Quiksilver team with a special unique style. He has been skiing since childhood and simply lives in extreme sports. The pro-rider of the Quiksilver Russia team, the famous snowboarder Yevgeny Zhun Ivanov , gave him a real interrogation. In our article, two pros talk about sports, the Olympics, the love of surfing, skiing and travel.

Skiing as a lifestyle

Rong: All your family members go downhill skiing ... How did it all start for you?
Finn: I started skiing at two years old, very early, like everyone in my family, including my father, for whose skiing is work. My brother also goes skiing, we often ski on the slope. As for me, somehow I started jumping, doing tricks ... and, apparently, because of this I am here now ( laughs ).

Rong: For you Is skiing a hobby or a lifestyle?
Finn: For me, skiing is my favorite sport, it shaped me. They unite my whole family. We all ride, and perhaps because of this there is a real connection and understanding between us.

Rong: You drive up to the springboard, jump - fly, and what do you think about in the air?
Finn: It's like autopilot. At this time, I think only about the trick that I now have to perform. From the very beginning of the ascent until I move to another zone, I am as concentrated as possible, all thoughts in my head are only about the trick.

Rong: What do you like most - jibing, halfpipe or bigair?
Finn: I love the combination of everything that happens during my rental. The hallmark of a good skier is that he can jump and slide equally well.

Rong: Your father is an avalanche safety instructor. You are probably an expert in this area?
Finn: Yes, I have a big background in this regard. It really helps, because no matter who you are or what you have achieved, you can always be in the wrong place at the wrong time. It is very important to know how to deal with such situations correctly, and I have similar experience.

Rong: Were there any dangerous situations?
Finn: Nothing serious. It happened that it was a little covered with snow, but nothing risky. My father had a case when an avalanche covered him completely, but he is fine, so everything is fine.

Rong: Tell us about the most dangerous incident that you had on the slope?
Finn: I was lucky, I didn't have any serious and dangerous injuries. But when I was eight years old, I decided to try the big jump. He seemed very big to me then, because I was very small and weighed him tooleg. I accelerated, leaning back in front of the kicker, and part of my clothes caught on the skis, apparently on the bindings. I fly off the springboard and can not do anything, because I am attached. The landing left a lot to be desired - it was epic. It's good that I didn't break all the bones.

Rong: If you have a day off tomorrow and you definitely don't need to ski, what will you do?
Finn : I like to do different kinds of sports. I really love surfing and mountain biking. I like to be active.

Rong: What do you usually do at home in New Zealand?
Finn: I'm lucky, I live in a beautiful location. I have everything I need: good mountains, parks and tracks. I always go in for sports and in New Zealand, at my home, there are all conditions for this.

Poles, skis, jumping and surfing

Rong: What do you think of ski poles? Do you need them in modern freestyle?
Finn: Most of the time I ride with them, but sometimes without them. You have to ride without them from time to time, because there are tricks that are easier to perfect without them. For example, grabbing is easier without sticks.

Rong: Is it stylish to ride with or without sticks?
Finn: I think it's more depends on your preferences. Someone thinks that it is stylish ... for me, convenience and speed are in the foreground. When I ride without sticks, it slows down a lot. It is more convenient for me to ride with sticks, because they help a lot in freeriding.

Rong: What is the most important thing for you in your jumps?
Finn: Make everything beautiful. Nice, amplitude and style. So that you think that it came to me very easily. When I jump, I am very focused. Also, of course, I don't want to fall, so a smooth landing is also one of the important things.

Rong: You said you love surfing, what does it have to do with skiing?
Finn: The freedom you have when you play sports. Nobody tells you how to conquer the wave. Just like no one tells you how to get down the mountain. This is the creative aspect and this is what the two sports have in common.

Rong: Describe your ideal skiing day.
Finn: For me, the ideal day is to get up not too late or early, at about 7-8 in the morning. Then have a good breakfast, tasty and satisfying - necessarily scrambled eggs, bacon and something else. And immediately go to the mountains with my friends. I like to ride in spring - it's a great time of the year.

For the first time in Russia

Rong: How do you like at Quiksilver New Star Camp?
Finn: It's really cool here! During the day I ride. The slopes are great, the park is very steep and there is a lot of snow. There is always something to do in the evening, but at night there are awesome parties. You Russians know how to light.

Rong: Is it your first time in Russia and Sochi? How was your experience?
Finn: RossIa is amazing. I didn't even know what to expect when I drove here. I read the news in different media and at the same time was nervous and very excited before the trip. I had no idea how it would be. A trip around Sochi along the seashore, a flight, a trip through the mountains - it was amazing, I really liked it.

Rong: I agree that we have the most beautiful girls?
Finn: They are good. But here it is difficult to talk to everyone, because few people know English well. It's even a little funny. You start talking to girls in English and they look at you like you're crazy ( laughs ).

Olympics and new goals

Rong: This year you got to the Olympics, has it always been your dream?
Finn: Yes, it's a childhood dream. I first saw the Olympics when I started skating. Then freestyle was not yet included in the Olympics program. For the last six years I dreamed of being there and did my best, because this is a very cool event. The Olympics grab everyone's attention to sports, it's a big and important thing, so I'm glad to be a part of it.

Rong: Was it difficult to get to the Games?
Finn: It happened pretty easy for me. I didn’t have to prepare myself and change myself in some way. I just passed the selection and went to the Games.

Rong: Unfortunately, you didn't make it to the final, in the top 12 at the Olympics. You lacked less than a point. Badly upset?
Finn: Yes, of course, I was insanely upset. I failed the first attempt - I fell. On the second attempt, he showed a good level, got almost 85 points, which is usually enough to get to the final. But the level of other skiers was very high, because this is the Olympics. I just sat there and watched them push me further and further after my rental. As a result, the guy from Canada became 12th, and I flew past the final. I learn from my mistakes, I get motivation for the next competition. Of course it was tough, but I'm using this experience to get stronger.

Rong: Will you go to the next Olympics?
Finn: Surely, I still have unfinished business there. I want revenge ( smiles ).

Rong: What's the coolest thing you've seen in the Olympic Village?
Finn: Equipment of the park. We went to check the track and everything was just perfect. The slopes and jumps looked like you were in a video game. It was very hard to believe what we saw.

Rong: What else impressed you?
Finn: The whole structure of the Games: Olympic Village, the shape and the fact that we represented our country was the most important thing for me. I realized that the Olympics are very different from ordinary competitions, at the Olympics you represent something more than yourself.

Rong: The Olympics are over, what is the next goal?
Finn: I want to improve my skills, learn new tricks, I have a few in mind. I want to develop, win competitions and shoot new videos.

Rong: Will there be any new projects where you can be seen?
Finn: I will not promise anything yet. I would love to do a project in New Zealand. Show what local riders are made of, how we ride, how we live and spend our time. In my homeland, you can shoot a lot of good material, this is a great way to show what I do, to show my country from the inside. This is important to me.

Rong: Why is ski better than snowboard?
Finn: I think they are very different. I don’t know, I just prefer skiing, this is what I have been doing my whole life. And besides, I didn't snowboard much, so which is cooler is a difficult question.

Rong: There are so many different types of skis: water, cross-country, on wheels ... Whatever you are wanted to try? Maybe water skiing?
Finn: I would like to ride all kinds of skis. By the way, I rode on water at home - very fun.

Rong : Do you know the main rule of a skier? Don't eat yellow snow! Do you use it?
Finn: Yes! ( Laughs. ) Of course we use it.

Rong: What do you want to say to everyone who reads us?
Finn: I just want to say thank you to Russia and all the guys from Quiksilver New Star Camp! I will be glad to come back here, I really liked your place.

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