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Riders Answer: How to Choose the Perfect Snowboard?

While winter spoils us with snow, we do not miss the opportunity not only to stand in endless traffic jams, but also to slide down the mountain on a snowboard with a breeze. This requires a lot of equipment, you need to take into account both the temperature regime and comfort, but still the most important element is the board itself. Moreover, the main snowboarding festival Quiksilver New Star Camp will take place soon at the Rosa Khutor resort in Sochi.

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To choose the right snowboard, you first need to decide on the style of riding.


This style is chosen by fans of various tricks, jumps and riding on the halfpipe ... The boards are soft and short for him. The length is chosen according to the formula, the height is 8-10 cm. With a small weight, we subtract another 5 cm, with an impressive build, on the contrary, we add.
The ends of the freestyle snowboard are symmetrical, due to this, after jumping, you can continue to ride both with your face and with your back forward.
Another important parameter is deflection. For freestyle, the rocker option is suitable. The central part of this snowboard touches the ground, and the ends are curved upward. The board becomes more obedient and easier to control.


Freeride is suitable for those who want to combine skiing downhill with some extreme elements. The freeride snowboard should be 10 cm shorter than your height. The previous formula with weight also applies here. The whole center of gravity for such a board is slightly from the rear
Ideal deflections for freeriding are already known to us rocker and zero deflection, in which the central part of the snowboard is absolutely flat, and the ends are slightly raised above the ground.

Evgeny Joon Ivanov , rider of the Quiksilver team: This season I chose the Gnu Head Space snowboard for park riding - this is a real classic: a twin-type camber with moderate rigidity and unreal design!
I choose Gnu Riders Choice as a versatile board - thanks to its lightweight construction and hybrid deflection, this board is suitable for both park and freeride. This season I have already skated on this snowboard in Siberia, Japan and the Alps.

Riders Answer: How to Choose the Perfect Snowboard?

Evgeny Joon Ivanov


The shorter the board, the faster you spin around your axis. The longer, the more stable you will land. Most beginner jibbers take soft boards, which are easier to learn. When the level gets higher, then for a more confident exit from the kicker, as well as a clear hit on the rail, you can switch to medium hard camber

Riders Answer: How to Choose the Perfect Snowboard?

Artem Pichkhadze, professional snowboarder: Usually, the railing board is shorter than the others in the callsection. With my height of 186 and a weight of 75, I use the following sizes: 151 jibb, 156 park, 158 pipes and jumps, 159 backcountry, freestyle, 162 freeride and carving


Po the shape of the carving snowboard is narrower and longer, and the bindings are located at an acute angle. The rigid board is ideal for the steep downhill slopes of this style. Choose boards with a classic (raised center) deflection. In terms of size, such a snowboard should be 15 cm shorter than your height.

Often, snowboard manufacturers have special tables in which you can find your height and weight and find out which board length you should choose. It can be found on the website or even on the snowboard itself.

The main characteristic of a karwa board is grip in turns, and it can be achieved in different ways:

  • a rigid narrow board, with plastic boots and a special type of attachment, where both feet stand at about + 45º (such boards are also used for slalom and boardcross). Due to the narrow board and a special platform - an inflated boot, the leverage on the board is greater and it is cut deeper into the snow, and due to the angle and platform, the boots do not touch the track in a sharp turn;
  • board with extended base and soft bracing: directional boards, dovetail, short and long. They are well suited for freeriding and can be a great carve-shell in spring snow, but on an icy track they will lose a lot to all other boards

Artyom Pichkhadze, professional snowboarder: On classical geometry, for carving, it is better to choose a long board. At low speed, a short board with a combined deflection can cling very well to spring snow, making it possible to snap jumps right out of the carve arc.

Riders Answer: How to Choose the Perfect Snowboard?

But the defining parameters are not limited to the length and stiffness of the board. What else should you pay attention to?


According to this parameter, snowboards are divided into narrow (up to 250 mm at the waist), standard (250-260 mm at the waist, ends up to 300 mm ), medium (250-260 mm, from 300 mm at the ends) and wide (waist from 260 mm).

It is better to select the width according to the size of the leg. For feet over size 44, medium and wide options are suitable.

Riders Answer: How to Choose the Perfect Snowboard?


As a rule, the core or core of the snowboard is made from wood (beech, ash, poplar, oak, spruce, pine). But with the addition of various materials, it acquires additional properties. For example, foam makes snowboards lighter and cheaper. And thanks to carbon and aluminum, stiffness is added.

The sliding surface can be made of extruded and sintered polyethylene. The first option will cost you less, but it requires special care and expensive repairs.


The two main options are cap and sandwich. In the first, the core is closed with a lid on top, and a chip from belowgripping surface. In order to understand if this is your sport, such a board is ideal, but for frequent riding it is not the most durable option - it can easily split.

The sandwich will be stronger and more expensive. It consists of several layers, as you can guess from the name. However, in the event of a breakdown, it will be more difficult to fix it.
Snowboards often combine both options.

Riders Answer: How to Choose the Perfect Snowboard?


The most convenient and common options are Strap-in and Step-in. In the first case, you need to unfasten two straps, insert your leg and fasten the straps, in the second, just step on the mount. Step in is not very suitable for beginners, since boots for them must be stiffer and rougher, it will be quite difficult to handle them.

When choosing a snowboard, you should understand that all these parameters are important for professionals or at least for those who is already confidently standing on the board. For the first rides, it is enough to use the rental services, especially in Moscow it will cost you an average of 500 rubles per day. This will not only save your budget, but also time.

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