Worlds First Double Superpipe Competition

Rider Battle: Surfing or Snowboarding?

Surfing, snowboarding, mountains and waves. Everything seems to be mixed up in my head. But there is one person who is ready to conquer both elements. Mathieu Krepel , multiple world snowboarding champion, took up an extreme challenge and, combining his passion for snowboarding and surfing, set off on a long journey. This is what the movie Shaka is about. This is the first and deepest personal story about finding yourself.

In anticipation of the release of the film, Quiksilver asked trendsetters which of they prefer two sports. Naturally, the popular Instagram users are divided into two camps. Let's tell you what thrill-seekers prefer.

Rider Battle: Surfing or Snowboarding?

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Rider Battle: Surfing or Snowboarding?

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Snowboarder clan

Nancy, stylist

I choose snowboarding! Most likely a minority response. But for me, it is snowboarding that is freedom, freedom to choose where and how to ride, freestyle, free ride or just on the track with cannon views, freedom that you can share with your friends. Snowboarding is a world that gave me love and many wonderful people!

Anastasia Chernenko , graphic designer

I choose snowboarding in the mountains, because it is in these moments that I catch the feeling of absolute freedom and happiness. But surfing will always be on my wish list, because only it has that combination of the frenzied energy of the ocean, the pacification of the elements and the manifestation of character.

Mad Max, photographer, travel blogger

I choose snowboarding because I've been skiing for 9 years already, I love the energy of the mountains, this is definitely my element!
also because I descended from the very top of Elbrus on a snowboard!

Alexander Sokolovsky, actor

I choose snowboarding. For aggression, for speed, for the energy of the mountains, for being close to the elements, for the incomparable feeling of freedom that you experience when you blow up a powder, for the special atmosphere and for the people you meet on the snowboarding path.

Sonya Fedorova, snowboarder

Well, everything is clear here! To be honest, despite the fact that these two directions (elements, style, and indeed lifestyle) are very closely related, I have only surfed a few times in my entire life. It's even somehow ashamedwhen asked how I surf and I have to answer: Nothing.

Rider Battle: Surfing or Snowboarding?

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Anna Orlova, snowboarder

Freeriding for me is a way of self-expression, every line is a part of me, and the mountains are a house in which I feel happy. It's amazing that when I was very young I realized that we were forever connected with the board, and this is where this love has led me now ...

Artyom Sheldr, snowboarder

To be honest, I would not like to choose one thing. Both of these activities are beautiful in their own way and complement each other. Well, it just so happened that I was born near the Urals and since childhood I love snow, so snowboarding is closer to me.

Andrey Moskvin, snowboarder, MTB racer

Nobody asked me, but I choose #snowboarding. Hello everyone from the front.

Surfer Gang

Aiza Anokhina , blogger

I choose, of course, surfing. Because surfing is my most cherished dream. Because the energy of the ocean is what I vitally need. This strong connection and closeness with the elements does not allow me to live peacefully in a metropolis. I choose surfing for the feeling of absolute happiness when you catch a wave or see others doing it!

Kirill Umrikhin, photographer

It just so happens that surfing is the only sport in which I enjoy skating more than photographing it. Well, or the same. But surfing is really cool. And it doesn't matter where: in the cold milky waters of the Black Sea or on the Mauritian coast of the warm Indian Ocean. Surfing helps me to calm down, think and relax. This is meditation and sport at the same time.

Sergey Rasshivaev, surfer, traveler

I choose surfing. There are no questions here, but I'll tell you why. I went snowboarding and started with it. More precisely, continued after the skate. But surfing has turned my whole life and consciousness upside down.

Balancing on the edge

Olya Chablis, blogger

I choose to eat well. Snowboarding or surfing, I am equally distant from both. Rather, I enjoy watching more than participating in this.

Kirill Nagiyev, actor

I choose both! For enthe energy of the mountains and the ocean, for closeness to the elements.

Rider Battle: Surfing or Snowboarding?

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Desislava Kalcheva, blogger

I am, of course, for snowboarding, but surfing also impresses me. I love him for the energy of the ocean, for the strongest connection and closeness with the elements.

Eugene Rong Ivanov, snowboarder

Of course, it all started with me with a snowboard. Living in the far north, I could not think that I would go to the oceans, surf, and more recently also teach surfing ... Now I cannot imagine the endless winter season, I definitely need a reboot, rest and inspiration for the new winter season. Surfing gives me all this.

Olya Raskina, windsurfer

Naturally, I was confused and decided that it was exactly both - surf and snow, that the choice was simply absurd, and then I thought - what is more important for me now ?! Snowboarding is my first love, this is forever, just a lot of different memories are associated with it - the first competitions, injuries, hospitals, mountains, powder and the first lift up - the last down, when there were no obligations yet, just a pure thrill from skiing in the morning until the evening ...

And surfing right now is an endless carousel of joy, the fight against fear, the possibility of growth, development, a better understanding of waves and the ocean. I really want to learn how to ride cool! I know that at 50 and at 70 I will say the same thing, because there are no identical waves and identical descents on the board. And it's not a drug, it's just love, it's so salty and snowy at the same time.

Artyom Garashchenko, kitesurfer

My opinion is that surfing, snowboarding, and all other board sports are interconnected, and in fact differ from each other only in the surface under their feet and in the way of acceleration. While riding one, you can automatically ride the other, and only by riding everything, you can feel the board as much as possible, progress faster and move forward.

What do you choose?

Penken Battle 2018 Snowboard Clip

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