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Rhythmic gymnastics: legendary teletraining with Soviet athletes

They say that there was not a lot of things in the USSR. Indeed, before the fall of the Iron Curtain, most of the new products and trends did not reach the inhabitants of our country. But what the Soviet people definitely had no problems with was sports - athletes performing under the red banner repeatedly won first places and occupied whole pedestals in international competitions.

Love for sports was manifested not only in professional achievements - he was an integral part of everyone's life. Just what is the legendary Rhythmic Gymnastics - a program that has won even the laziest hearts. At the appointed time, not only healthy lifestyle lovers, but also men gathered at the screens to admire the beauties-presenters.

Rhythmic gymnastics: legendary teletraining with Soviet athletes

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12 different aerobics complexes with outstanding Soviet athletes. The episodes were broadcast on central television from 1984 to 1991, but they inspired people for many years to come. Rhythm is more than tele-training, it is part of a whole cultural revolution. We invite you to recall the best presenters of the program and practice to the rhythms of the 80s.

Natalya Linichuk

The first edition of the Rhythm was led by figure skater Natalya Linichuk. Champion of the 1980 Olympics, two-time world and European champion in ice dancing - together with her partner, and in the future her husband, Gennady Karponosov, Linichuk won many awards. She was not only an excellent athlete, but also a charismatic presenter.

After completing their sports career, the couple became coaches. At various times, their pupils were such well-known couples in figure skating as Irina Lobacheva and Ilya Averbukh, Tatiana Navka and Roman Kostomarov, Albena Denkova and Maxim Stavinsky.

Now Natalia lives in the USA, where she continues to work as a trainer and is bringing up a new generation of ice dancers.

Lilia Sabitova

The second rhythm complex was conducted by ballerina Lilia Sabitova. After studying at the Moscow Choreographic School, the artist returned to her native Tashkent and for some time performed in the troupe of the A. Navoi Uzbek Opera and Ballet Theater. However, due to a serious injury, she had to leave the ballet. Only two years later, after long-term treatment, Sabitova was able to return to the stage and joined the Mosconcert.

In 1981 she became a soloist of the Chamber Ballet, created by her husband Stanislav Vlasov. Natural charm, acting talent and amazing plastic made her a favorite of viewers around the world. And when in 1985 Sabitova appearedon Soviet TV screens, no one could remain indifferent either.

Rhythmic gymnastics: legendary teletraining with Soviet athletes

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Elena Bukreeva

The next TV relay was taken by gymnast Elena Bukreeva. She has been engaged in rhythmic gymnastics since childhood and was one of the brightest representatives of the Soviet sports school. Since 1979, she has performed in group exercises - journalists of the newspaper Soviet Sport called her team the magnificent six. The girls confirmed this title twice, having won gold medals at the European Championships in 1982 and at the first Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup in 1983.

The gymnast was one of the brightest and most memorable hosts of Rhythmics - her charm and grace mesmerized audiences of all genders and ages. In addition, in aerobic complexes, Boukreeva also used her own developments - despite the effectiveness, the exercises were quite light, and even housewives who were not used to physical exertion could perform them.

Elena Skorokhodova

Master of Sports in figure skating, film and theater actress, playwright and journalist - Elena Skorokhodova managed to try on many roles. One of them was the role of the leading rhythmic gymnastics.

In her childhood, Elena was professionally engaged in figure skating, in 1983 she successfully graduated from the Shchukin School and joined the troupe of the Moscow Pushkin Theater. Skorokhodova captivated the audience not only with her beautiful figure, but also with her natural charm.

Rhythmic gymnastics: legendary teletraining with Soviet athletes

Photo: Still from a TV show

Elena wrote several plays, and also released an author's collection of love lyrics. In addition, she is now again hosting a TV show about gymnastics - Doing Together. Gymnastics. 35 years later. So loyal fans of the presenter can see her again on the screen.

Rhythmic gymnastics: legendary teletraining with Soviet athletes

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Natalya Efremova

Gymnast Natalya Efremova became the first and only presenter of Rhythm, which was filmed in the program with their children. As the athlete herself jokes, there was simply no one to leave them at home with.

The charming Natalya quickly won the hearts of Soviet TV viewers - letters from fans came to her in sacks, so it was impossible to even skim through everything.
In the 1990s, the gymnast was expecting a third child, leftala to Vancouver and, as a result, stayed there. Efremova was quickly offered the position of the lead coach of the Canadian national rhythmic gymnastics team. She continues to do this to this day.

Today Natalia lives in three cities: Vancouver, Moscow and her native Taganrog. She actively maintains social networks, where she shares her achievements and professional plans with subscribers.

Svetlana Rozhnova

Rhythmic gymnastics coach Svetlana Rozhnova has become the host of several issues of Rhythmic gymnastics. But perhaps the most memorable was the first one - it was called On the Sea, and the shooting really took place on the Black Sea coast, in the Krasnodar Territory.

Today Svetlana lives in the USA. And although her history with professional sports is over, she has not gone far from her beloved gymnastics - the ex-trainer maintains a YouTube channel, where he talks about Pilates exercises and stretching.

Fitness & Workout 80's

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