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Relieve tension: massage roller against back pain

Massage Roller (Foam Roller) - 2 in 1 Training Equipment. Roller training combines aerobic exercise and massage, which is suitable for recovery after intense workouts.

Issue price: from 1000 rubles. The average cost of a video is 1500-2000 rubles.

Fascial training with a massage roller is an invention of Dr. Robert Schlaip, head of the Fascia Research Group at the University of Ulm (Germany).

Relieve tension: massage roller against back pain


Benefits of Massage Roller Training

- Fast body recovery after exhausting workouts through a combination of effective exercises that affect not only muscles, but also fascia;

Reference: Fascia is a connective tissue covering organs, vessels, nerves and forming sheaths for muscles.

- The perfect combination of training and self-massage;
- Getting rid of back pain;
- Correcting posture.

Dr. Schlaip's research has proven that healthy fasciae can supply the muscles with the necessary nutrients, thereby recovering the body faster after exercise.

Relieve tension: massage roller against back pain


What kind of massage videos are there?

Choose a size.

It is optimal to choose a foam roller with a length of 65 to 100 cm and a diameter of up to 15 cm.This is the most convenient size in terms of functionality, it can be used for various exercises and it is enough even for men under 2 meters in height .

Choose hardness.

Soft - for beginners, for girls with a little muscle mass. Medium - for beginners and advanced people. With a certain technique, it makes it possible to work out the necessary zones with the necessary effort.

Hard - for the pros. In combination with thorns, it has a very deep effect on tissues. It is very likely that it will bruise in the beginning.

Relieve tension: massage roller against back pain


Selecting the texture.

Directly, the texture does not greatly affect the massage effect, with some exceptions. Please consult your salesperson.

Relieve tension: massage roller against back pain


Workout Exercises at home

Several exercises to help you reduce back pain, correct posture, relieve muscle tension, expand your training range of motion, and reduce your risk of injury.

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