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Reebok. Become Human: Top 5 Obstacle Course Stages

Last weekend the Championship attended one of the most unusual fitness events of this year. Run Reebok. Become Human is not just a challenge to yourself, it is great team building and a serious test of strength for your team. That is why from year to year the competition is rapidly gaining popularity, expanding its borders and opening new distances throughout Russia. At the start, you will receive a rope along with your numbers. From the first minutes of the start to the finish line, you are a team that runs in one bunch.

Reebok. Become Human: Top 5 Obstacle Course Stages

Photo: Reebok. Become Human

From year to year, the challenges (stages) that you need to go through in the intervals between running on rough terrain change dramatically. It is almost impossible to find information about what awaits the participants at the distance, so each new test becomes a pleasant (or not always) surprise for the team. In total, on the obstacle course this time, 13 absolutely different stages awaited us. In this article, we decided to slightly open the veil of secrecy and tell our readers what the race consists of.

Interesting facts about the race:

Length of the running distance - 7 km;
The average time that the teams were at the distance - 1 hour 10 minutes;
Training - Classic running and cross-fit training will help you prepare for the race.

1. Steps

The very first test, to which we came still vigorous, clean and in a great mood, turned out to be the Steps. To summarize its essence in several sentences, then four team members had to imitate a suspended ladder, and the other participant had to walk along it. Honestly, I personally liked the test, because I was the sixth person in the team who simply followed the process (there would be more such stages, but closer to the finish line).

Reebok. Become Human: Top 5 Obstacle Course Stages

Photo: Reebok. Become Human

What is the difficulty? Four team members are holding boards on which a person steps with all their weight - everything is simple here, the main task is to keep them. The better the walking person's coordination and ability to group, the easier it is for the rest.

Lifehack : in general, if you are reading this article while on an obstacle course (which is very unlikely), then our advice will not help you. But if you're still gearing up for your first cross-country fitness run, be smart about team building. The rules themselves assume different compositions: 2 women and 4 men, 3 women and 3 men, 4 women and 2 men. To complete this stage, it is optimal to have 4 men in the team (who hold the boards) and 2 girls (one of whom moves up the stairs, and the other helps her to keep her balance). In general, this is one of the most optimal layouts: such a composition is convenient for going through not only this stage.

2.Ball for trust

Not surprisingly, all team members liked this test, without exception. The stage itself looked like this: the team gets into a chain, a large inflatable ball is clamped between each pair of people, and the column in this state should overcome about 25 meters, turn around at the desired point and come back.

What is the difficulty? If the team starts to move at different speeds and loses the general pace, the balls will start falling to the ground, which means that the test will have to be completed again.

Lifehack : Using our ideal composition (2 girls and 4 men), we were distributed so that our men were inside, and the girls opened and closed the column. The main task was facing the rear end: he had to put pressure on everyone else, and when the first in the column felt a push from behind, he began to slowly move forward. This tactic allowed us to overcome this stage without difficulty and penalty time.

3. Jumping the rope

As you already understood, most of the exercises performed during the race are aimed at teamwork. The goal of the next challenge was to walk a short distance by jumping over taut ropes, then go back and repeat the same - that is, do two sets.

Reebok. Become Human: Top 5 Obstacle Course Stages

Photo: Reebok. Become Human

What is the difficulty? All team members must jump synchronously, push off and land exclusively on two feet, otherwise the jump will not be counted.

Lifehack : Do not jump too high, it will reduce the load on the knees and legs in general, count out loud, all together, in order to jump synchronously and not redo the jump.

4. Water carriers

It would seem that it’s difficult: you take an inflatable flask with water and carry it forward. Things got more complicated when we learned that each step forward is not just a step, but a lunge that is performed alternately on each leg from a standing position.

Reebok. Become Human: Top 5 Obstacle Course Stages

Photo: Reebok. Become Human

What's the difficulty? Prerequisite: the knee must touch the ground during the lunge. And the water in the flask now and then pours from one end to the other, causing some problems associated with balance and coordination. While one participant goes through the stage, you don't have to get bored: the whole team is in the bar.

Lifehack : Be patient, keep your back straight and look exclusively forward. We agree that the life hack did not work out here, but we did not adhere to any specific tactics when going through this stage.

5. Cross Country Running

Again we go against the rules! Yes, this is not a stage, but in preparation it is very important to focus on this point. At the beginning of the competition, each team receives a rope and runs all 7 kilometers in one bunch.
What is the difficulty? It takes some time to guess a comfortable pace, sosome runners start to run much harder than others. And as soon as it seems to you that the ideal pace has been found and guessed ... you start to get tired, which means that the speed must change again. The second indisputable disadvantage is that, holding on to the rope, you exclude one hand from the running process - due to its unusualness, this can significantly complicate the passage of the distance.

Lifehack : Find a rope and incorporate team running into your workouts before preparing for the race - this will help you feel each other's pace and significantly reduce the possibility of injury on the course.

Reebok. Become Human: Top 5 Obstacle Course Stages

Photo: Reebok. Become a Human

Races will take place in your city very soon, don't miss the chance to become a human:

Kazan - 22 July
Nizhny Novgorod - July 29
St. Petersburg - August 5
Rostov-on-Don - August 19 .

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