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Reebok. Become human: is it worth it to be afraid if you haven't participated before?

Become Human for me 2018 is the first test race of this kind. Somewhat similar to the fun starts that were at school, but the loads are much more serious. I cannot say that I am not a sports person, since childhood I have been engaged in dancing, volleyball and athletics. But preparation for the World Cup, constant travel on business trips and routine office work have made their own adjustments to sports. Largely because I missed physical activity, I decided to take part in the race this year as part of the Championship team.

Reebok. Become human: is it worth it to be afraid if you haven't participated before?

Photo: Reebok

Preparing for the race

As I mentioned above, the race involves serious tests for the body. So it is very important to properly prepare yourself, know and feel your body. There are several options.

  • First - workouts from Reebok. The company created a weekly training cycle specifically for the Become Human race. You could choose a place for training that was convenient for your location. You just need to sign up in the personal account of the Reebok Parks project. Under the supervision of professional trainers, you can feel your body, how it behaves when running or doing weight exercises.
  • The second way is a video lesson with a trainer in the participant's personal account on the website. It has a basic set of exercises to help you tidy up before your run, including warm-ups and stretching.
  • Third option from personal experience. Every day I started with a morning run. Getting up an hour early and paying attention to yourself is not that difficult. In addition to running, I did stretching, knowing the dance routine, doing standard abs and dumbbell squats at home.

A few tips

  • Since the weather in May decided to please us, the race took place in the open sun and a temperature of 22 degrees Celsius (although at times it seemed that it was even more). Therefore, one of the top tips is to not forget about hats and sunscreen.
  • Before starting, be sure to do a team warm-up. Try to run with a rope to figure out how to align your forces correctly.
Life hack: if your team consists of four men and two girls, put three men at the very beginning and one at the end. This will make it easier for the girls to run and recover between stages.

Difficulties of the race

There are several challenges that have caused particular difficulties for the Championship team. What were the mistakes and how to avoid them, I will describe further. It will also help save you time.

Stage # 3

The main load in this test goes to the arms and abs. It is impossible to call this stage super difficult, rather concentration and teamwork are important.
Task: lie down in pairs on the mattresses, tear the body and legs off the ground, and in this position, without touching the mattress with parts of the body,four times there and back pancakes weighing from 5 to 25 kilograms. The penalty for breaking the rule is squatting.

Reebok. Become human: is it worth it to be afraid if you haven't participated before?

Photo: Reebok

Error : team members are far apart on mattresses. Because of this, the whole team received 24 additional squats, which affected the performance of the following tasks.
How to fix: do not rush to do the exercise, carefully check how far you are from each other, try to simulate the transfer of pancakes to your teammate. Only after that, indicate to the volunteer that you are ready to complete the stage.

Stage №4

At the previous stage, we created a problem for ourselves, because of which some of the guys got hammered legs and they jump or squat were not able to. And the main load in the test falls on the leg muscles.
Task: to jump a distance with a fitball overhead from a sitting position back and forth, while the team squats 10 times with a rope overhead.

Reebok. Become human: is it worth it to be afraid if you haven't participated before?

Photo: Reebok

Error: Jumping out with a fitball pointing only upwards. This did not allow jumping forward to cover the distance.
How to fix: while jumping hold the fitball above you, but directing it forward. This will make your long jump much easier and save you time.
Life: do not forget to shake and lightly massage your leg muscles when you have a free minute.

Stage 13

Pull-up bar and rings - at the end of the entire distance - this is a very powerful load. Here you need to endure with all your might. The qualities of real fighters are manifested.
Objective: Participants should pull up 60 times on the rings from a prone position. While one is doing pull-ups, the others hang on the bar.

Reebok. Become human: is it worth it to be afraid if you haven't participated before?

Photo: Reebok

Error: wet hands!
How to fix: there are two types of horizontal bars on the test. Those that are lower - without bandages, higher with bandages. It is better to put a person with wet hands on a horizontal bar rewound with a bandage so that the person falls less often.

Life hack: take gloves with you, they will help not only when passing this test, but also not get your hands dirty during the entire race.

In general, I advise everyone to try their hand and run the race Become human. This is not only a sport, but also a fun time with friends or colleagues. Songs and charges are heard at a distance, and the teams even sometimes help each other by encouraging. Challenge yourself and trust you will not regret it!

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