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Red Bull Air Race 2019: last time in Kazan. What do you remember about the race?

Air races Red Bull Air Race come to Kazan for the third time, but, alas, for the last. In May, the organizers announced the closure of the championships. That is why this weekend's race was so special. The hum of motors, incredible shows and demonstrations, the experiences of spectators and commentators - all this was visible to everyone who was interested in what was happening in the capital of Tatarstan. However, in addition to this, there were technical problems in the planes, and real tests for the organizers, and the well-coordinated work of a huge number of people. We will tell you what happens where the spectators cannot penetrate - in the kitchen of the main air slalom competitions.

By the way, the discipline of air slalom originated precisely thanks to Red Bull Air Race. This is high-speed piloting with the passage of a difficult air route with obstacles. This is how it looks from the outside.

On land

The pilots are experiencing incredible overloads, which are controlled both from the inside by the onboard computer and from the outside - from the Flight Control Center, whose sensors allow to calculate the problem with the plane even before the pilot knows about it. In addition, the MCC closely monitor the passage of the route and examine the route in detail for violations of the rules.

There are quite a few of these rules, by the way. The judges monitor the overload indicators, the amount of smoke, the level and degree of passage through the gate, the correctness of the aerobatic maneuvers and, of course, the speed. For errors, penalties are charged (+2 seconds and +6 seconds to the total flight time). Not all of them are set automatically, for example, the degree of deflection of the plane from the horizontal or vertical when passing the gate is determined by the judges manually. By the way, the judge's decision cannot be contested, but the testimony of the on-board computer is accepted as arguments for the appeal.

On the water

During the flight, the pilot will quickly pass through pairs of specially designed pylons called gates. Individual, specially trained people are also responsible for their functioning. They ply around Kazanka on a boat in order to instantly replace damaged elements with new ones in the event of an aircraft collision with the pylon.

The materials from which the pylon is made have different properties. White - the lower tier of the pylon is a dense, tear-resistant fabric that can withstand heavy loads and high pressure inside the structure. The fabric for the red and yellow tier is much lighter than printing paper, but it is much superior in strength. It resembles the one from which the parachute is made, but with one difference: if the bird breaks through the parachute, the cut will not go further. PIt is also almost impossible to tear this material, but if the wing of the aircraft collides with the pylon, the cut, on the contrary, will instantly spread further to avoid damage to the aircraft.

In order to quickly replace the damaged element, the pylon consists of several pieces of fabric fastened together by a zipper. However, there is no doggie familiar to us on such a castle. As the designers explain, due to the fact that any flickering metal part at a speed of 300 km / h turns into a bullet.

In the air

The best thing about what happens in the cockpit aircraft, of course, the pilot himself knows. One of the finalists of the race, the representative of the Czech Republic Martin Sonka , said that his first flight in his life took place at the age of 17 at an airport near his hometown.

Martin fell in love with the sky, and it never let go of him. He conquered him over and over again. As on this day, at the Red Bull Air Race 2019. He managed to outflank almost 11 of his rivals and take third place in the final.

Shonka believes that in order for everything to work out, a good pilot must have patience and calmness, to be responsible and ready to study a lot of theory every day, and for this he, first of all, must love the sky. It is very difficult to get out on the track if you feel that the training flights were not enough. You have to spend years practicing all the elements and pumping those very important skills and qualities in order to feel confident for yourself and your aircraft.

An hour before the flight, I always leave and go to a place where no one will distract me. I warm up, jump, stretch, train my reaction because there are high loads and pressure drops ahead. When I get into the cockpit, I quickly buckle my seat belt, lift my bent arms up and my technician pulls the straps over my shoulders. This is a special ritual and if he is distracted or talks to someone, it briefly confuses me.

Another conqueror of the audience's hearts is Svetlana Kapanina , who amazed everyone with an incredible show of the highest aerobatics in the skies over Kazanka.

Svetlana recalls that she got into aircraft sports from pharmaceuticals quite by accident - I wanted to jump with a parachute, but mixed up the entry. This was the very case that forever changed her fate.

Now Svetlana Kapanina's plane is a place where bad mood evaporates, pain passes and her state of health always changes for the better. So on this day, she does not feel well, but soon she will sit in the cab and forget about everything.

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