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Recovered 25 kg twice: the story of the transformation of fitness mom Stephanie Sanzo

When we hear about powerlifters, we secretly imagine people with huge and not always beautiful muscles. Most athletes look like this. But, as elsewhere, there are exceptions. Here's the story of Stephanie Sanzo from Australia, who avoided the gym until she was 19 and is now one of the most popular female powerlifters in the world.

Recovered 25 kg twice: the story of the transformation of fitness mom Stephanie Sanzo

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Twice put on 25 kg

As a teenager, Stephanie was not interested in regular visits to the gym. The girl was far from a healthy lifestyle: she skipped physical education classes and ate fast food. But soon her life changed dramatically.

At the age of 19, Stephanie gave birth to a son and gained a lot of weight. Before pregnancy, Sanzo's scales regularly showed 47 kg. I was amazed when I saw my weight. After the birth of the child, the girl recovered greatly - the scales showed a record 72 kg.

Soon, Stephanie, armed with dumbbells from the nearest sports store, began to train at home. The girl quit her job and devoted all her free time to transforming the body. Stephanie also took courses and trained as a coach. She was sure she would definitely need it in the future.

Recovered 25 kg twice: the story of the transformation of fitness mom Stephanie Sanzo

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Stephanie made a daily run. Sometimes she was carried away and did not notice how she ran 10 km. Soon Sanzo lost weight, and a few months later she became pregnant a second time. All efforts to transform the body were in vain. Nine months later, Stephanie had a baby girl. But during childbirth, pelvic prolapse occurred, so for an indefinite time I had to say goodbye to running exercises. Stephanie switched to strength training. Like a year ago, she started with dumbbells. Soon, Sanzo noticed that she was able to gain muscle mass quite easily, Stephanie bought a gym membership and her training took a new level.

Debut competition and runner-up

Since home training, Stephanie has dreamed of competing. For this, the Australian hired a professional coach.

In 2012, Stephanie began preparing for the first competition. For this, one had to sacrifice health: everyday diets and grueling workouts depleted the young athlete. As a result: second place and a silver medal at the debut regionaltournament.

Sanzo competed in all sorts of competitions for the next three years and then took a break. The girl confessed: regular diets destroyed her body.

Now Stephanie had enough free time. The young mother remembered that she was finishing the courses and became a personal trainer. She has coached clients and shared helpful advice from a competitive past. Sanzo also changed his training style: strength training was complemented by powerlifting.

Recovered 25 kg twice: the story of the transformation of fitness mom Stephanie Sanzo

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Unexpected popularity on the network

The girl decided to share photos of clients from the gym on social networks. The image was complemented by a brief history of each of the charges about the desire to transform the body. Suddenly, Stephanie became popular. On the Internet, the girl began to be called Steph Fit Mama. She now uses this pseudonym on social media.

Stephanie intends to continue doing fitness and delight subscribers with unique author's workouts. She now has 1.9 million followers on Instagram.

How does a powerlifter train?

Stephanie loves to alternate between strength training and powerlifting.
A girl regularly performs 8-12 repetitions for each workout. Sanzo doesn't believe that a lot of reps with light weight will help build muscle.

By the way, the girl excludes cardio during her diet. But if she needs to lose weight, she does twenty-minute runs on a treadmill 4 times a week.

One of Stephanie's favorite exercises is the sumo squat. According to the girl, this is the best exercise for developing the gluteal muscles. The Sanzo exercise is done slowly, which contributes to proper muscle contraction.

Stephanie has a proven program workouts.

Monday - exercises aimed at the chest and triceps.
Tuesday - exercises for gluteal muscles, calves and abs.
Wednesday - exercises for the back and biceps.
Thursday - exercises for calves and abs.
Friday - strengthening hamstrings and exercises on the shoulders.
Saturday - rest.
Sunday is rest.

Protein focus

Stephanie's daily food intake is 1,800 calories per day. But if a girl feels that she lacks nutrients, she can calmly get them with additional calories. Sanzo maintains the correct balance of fat, protein and carbohydrates. The emphasis is on protein intake, so she can easily gain muscle mass.

Recovered 25 kg twice: the story of the transformation of fitness mom Stephanie Sanzo

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Stephanie also strongly disagrees that carbohydrates have a negative effect on the body. According to the girl, they do not make a person fat. But the extra calories happily cope with this task. The powerlifter has also given up alcohol due to its sugar content, but can afford one chocolate bar a day.

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