HOW TO: Wake Up Early Everyday

Recipe for happiness: how to learn to wake up before the alarm clock?

Hear the sound of an alarm clock, rearrange it several times for five minutes, barely get out of bed and crawl to work and study with a scowl? Or get up with a smile, but early, put your body and spirit in order, have a delicious meal and ride in high spirits on business? Perhaps the second option at first glance seems less realistic, but the heroine of our column is a model and professional trainer in the areas of Mind & Body Anastasia Bystrova told the Championship how to spend an early morning with a smile and benefit.

Previously, Nastya treated the morning in the same way as most students and hard workers: just not to oversleep, not to be late, and if you are lucky, you can have breakfast on the way. But one day she had the opportunity to get to the Good Story Surf camp in Sri Lanka, where the attitude towards such a time of day as morning changed radically. Getting up at six in the morning, yoga by the ocean and a delicious breakfast at the round table - what could be more enjoyable? For the sake of this, you will love to get up early! However, Nastya managed to maintain her mood after returning to Moscow, where for three years she has been starting her morning so that the charge of vigor and positiveness is enough for the whole day.

So, let's figure out what it is - ideal morning?

The perfect morning recipe

My perfect morning starts at around 7:00 (or 7:30). It doesn't matter what time I go to bed, I always do it with the thought that I will get enough sleep, even if I sleep for five or three hours. This is probably the secret of my easy waking up in the morning.

Of course, after I wake up, the first thing I do is drink a couple of glasses of water in order to start all the processes in the body and be energized. Then I wash my face and move on to classes.

I start the morning with Tibetan hormonal gymnastics. It is considered the gymnastics of centenarians. Based on rubbing. We rub our entire body, thereby warming up, improving blood supply and, accordingly, opening all energy meridians.

Then three breathing sessions, and I move on to body flex. This entire ritual takes an average of half an hour. But this is now that I have been doing it regularly for 2-3 years. There are, of course, moments when I do nothing and give myself some rest, but then I feel a little uncomfortable during the day, because it seems that something very important is missing.

Recipe for happiness: how to learn to wake up before the alarm clock?

Photo: Polina Inozemtseva

How to motivate yourself to get up early if you are not used to it?

В first of all, you need to ask yourself what you really dream about, what you would like to do, but you really do not have enough time for this. In any case, everyone has some desires for which there is a sorely lack of time. And in fact, the excuse for not having enough time is just an excuse, because you can just cut your sleep a little or go to bed early and, accordingly, get up.

You need to start small. If a person wakes up at nine in the morning, I advise him to first get up at8:30, then try to translate the alarm a little more. And most importantly - to fall asleep not with the thought I have only five hours to sleep ... but with the thought for five hours! I will definitely get some sleep. This helps a lot. By the way, pay attention: on an important day we get up before the alarm clock, joyfully start the morning. Therefore, every day you need to try to wake up with this attitude. Even if it's an ordinary day.

Most often, repeating Groundhog Day every day, we forget the important thing: every day is unique, we have the opportunity to change everything. Getting up early and, for example, doing exercises for the first time in the morning is something new. And then you can add breakfast cooking to charging - another plus. So there can be a million motivations.

Recipe for happiness: how to learn to wake up before the alarm clock?

Photo: Polina Inozemtseva

Breathing, gymnastics , body flex: we put body and mind in order

It's one thing to seriously engage in sports - not every person will have the time and opportunity for this, but do yoga or breathing practices in the morning, just getting out of bed, having a rug and mood - it's much easier and less time consuming. Therefore, breathing exercises, yoga, stretching are no longer a sport, but a Mind & Body program. That is, the practices that just allow you to synchronize the mind with the body. I think this is generally ideal for women. But, of course, I also encourage men.

When you live in a metropolis, you should have a quiet corner where you will be calm. You will not find such a place outside, it is inside you. And at least these half an hour of classes in the morning will create a mood that you will maintain throughout the day and thanks to which you will understand that everything is cool with you.

Everything that is connected with stretching, breathing, concentration brings us up , disciplines and makes you look a little deeper.

Recipe for happiness: how to learn to wake up before the alarm clock?

Photo: Polina Inozemtseva

Proper breakfast : what is it like?

Breakfast should be the best! I have my own definition: breakfast is a ritual every morning.

Nutritious and satisfying omelet

I pour a thin layer of coconut oil into a frying pan (only it does not release carcinogens at high temperatures). I cut zucchini and zucchini into rings. I fry all this a little. I beat a couple of eggs, but do not add regular milk there. I either add a little water, or some kind of vegetable milk, that is, oatmeal, coconut or almond, but also a little. For the taste, coconut is very cool.

My secret of a delicious omelet is a lot of spices, but just herbal ones. That is, it can be Italian herbs, cilantro, basil, hops-suneli, curry, turmeric (it is very useful, a natural antibiotic) for color - whatever. I make all kinds of crazy mixes.

I shake it all up. Pour half of the mixture over the courgettes and zucchini. I put tomatoes and spinach on top, spinach - it's great. Then I pour out the rest.

Quick inotovlenie, but no less tasty porridge

You can quickly cook oatmeal. But not the one that is cooked for a minute, namely rolled oats (15 minutes). Or, if there is such an opportunity, you can cook buckwheat for yourself in the evening, warm it up in the morning, pour milk and cut there, for example, a peach, strawberry, raspberry - whatever you want. You can add carob powder for sweetness, a spoonful of honey, or agave syrup as a sugar substitute. You can put dates, pumpkin seeds there.

Buckwheat is very useful, even healthier than oatmeal. And it won't take long to prepare it. Now there is buckwheat in bags: you stop boiling it, and while you are getting ready, dressing, brushing your teeth, you have everything ready. Then you fill it with milk, throw in the fruit - and that's it, you're happy.

By the way, now in almost any good supermarket you can find all kinds of such organic products for cooking.

Recipe for happiness: how to learn to wake up before the alarm clock?

Photo: Polina Inozemtseva

What to exclude from your diet

Bread made from wheat flour and yeast. I ruled out yeast altogether. I rarely eat dairy products. Because I noticed that dairy products spoil the skin very much and puffiness appears, since milk, sugar, salt and yeast ferment in the body and contribute to fluid retention. But everyone has a different way.

Also the enemies of any person - everyone knows this - wheat, yeast products, sweets, including cakes, ice cream, marmalade. But I found an alternative. You just drive raw-food desserts on the Internet, and you are given delicious cakes prepared with fresh fruits, vegetable milk, nuts, dried fruits. It's incredibly tasty and not so bad. High in calories, of course, because of sugar, fructose, but it tastes better than the usual fatty cakes that we all love so much.

What can you promise a person who decides to change his life by starting to spend his morning in the same way ?

Happy days in his life will be added. He will leave the house with a smile from ear to ear, and, accordingly, the energy and the world around him will change, because only happy people attract everything that is in them.

Everyone sees the world in his own way. If everything is cool, calm, harmonious with you, you are happy and enjoy every moment. It doesn't matter if you wake up on the ocean shore or in Moscow or Samara. It's one thing when you enter the subway sad, and another thing is when you give everyone a smile and someone will smile back. In any case, if you come to work in high spirits, people around you will notice, appreciate and want to thank you in the same way. And even if they don’t, then you’re not doing it for the sake of gratitude, but for your own sake!

And plus you will have more time for yourself, for your loved ones.

How to Wake Up EARLY & Be Productive! My Healthy Morning Routine!

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